About & Contact

I did my photographic training in the army, saw service in Germany and Northern Ireland during the early seventies, and, like most ex-soldiers, have never really settled down to civilian life.

I prefer fountain pens to biros; Nikon lenses to Canon; and a hand-held light meter to TTL. I prefer the Linux operating system to Windows (but love Word and Photoshop, which, unfortunately, confines me to the latter).

I prefer real ale to carbonated beer; good food accompanied by a suitable wine; and quaint British pubs that are only accessible from narrow winding ‘B’ roads - lined with English oak.

I'm now a retired photo-journalist, although my agent prefers not to acknowledge that fact - and I'm still pursuing stories that interest me.

I drive a brilliant black Mazda MX-5 in homage to the Lotus Elan – and I have no intention of giving-up smoking...

PGP Fingerprint: A7B5 8E48 2B51 9425 F6E4 C5AE 3319 3C58 FB4E 51D0.