Friday, 6 July 2018

Truth, Character, Trust - and Metronomes

CONFUSED? Depressed to discover that Brexit is not going to happen? Angry at the politicians you elected for deceiving you? Tired of trying to express what you feel within the confines of the restricted speech that you never thought a Conservative government would impose? Disgusted at LGBTQ being encouraged in our primary schools? Fuming at the Government imposed secrecy of Muslim rape gangs targeting our young girls, their treatment of Tommy Robinson, and their protection of those involved in organised paedophilia? Appalled by their Russian propaganda? Worried about your own children's future now that you are awakening to what is really going-on? Praying to God that there was some kind of solution to what you fear for your descendants?

Wow. That's some list, huh? How come you didn't do something about it when you realised that all career politicians are trained in the art of deception?..

Was it because you believed you didn't have a choice? Did you think your vote was worthless? Were you convinced that there was no point in visiting the polls because all the main candidates were the same - and that Indy candidate didn't stand a chance?

You were right, of course; and you are right to be confused, angry, tired, disgusted, fuming, worried, and appalled - but praying isn't going to work. The only magic that is going to turn the situation around is learning how to identify those whom you can trust.

Why did you vote for those deceivers? Was it because you believed what they said, or did you just support them because that's what others (whom you trusted) persuaded you to do? Did you believe you had to cast your vote because it was your duty, closed your eyes, and looked to fate to place your cross?

I've been there; done just that; and have the t-shirt to prove it. I also tried convincing myself that, as a journalist, I was being paid to observe - so it was probably better not to vote in case I upset the will of the people and the real story that should have been told. (You may laugh; but these days the turnout is so low in local elections that just one vote can make the difference).

Of course, the main problem with our 'democracy' is that we are encouraged to vote for a party, rather than an individual, and the parties use our fear of the 'other party' achieving power to have us ignore the fact that they are just as bad, with the exact same aims - just phrased differently. Moreover, the local press have largely abandoned their duty to fully profile and conduct interviews of each candidate for the public's benefit; the EU has introduced 'the right to be forgotten rule' that candidates use to ensure their voters never get to know of their previous lies and misdeeds (notice how often they stand in areas to which they have no personal connection) and each party's PR team acts as information gatekeepers to ensure only the candidate's 'authorised' CV makes it way to Wikipedia and the Surface Web.

That wasn't always the case, I can remember a time when it was the local political party that selected its own candidate to stand in a General Election; but, these days, they have passed that power to their National Executive who impose a candidate selected by them. Moreover, when a position on the National Executive becomes vacant: it is the National Executive that conducts the election for a replacement which, somehow, always produces a result that benefits them.

Democracy was not subverted by the quislings we have been forced to elect - it was willingly surrendered by local political party members in the false belief that bigger is better and that investing their trust and power in fewer people would lead to better decision making. It didn't of course. It never does. It just weakens the bond between those whose power has been surrendered - and those that are given their authority employ it solely to benefit themselves.

All power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Who would have thought?..

What to do, huh?.

Well, the local political parties could take their power back from their National Executives by refusing to support the candidates that are imposed upon them, and instead field a local candidate from their own ranks. In addition, they could actually contract that candidate (just as any other organisation contracts suitable individuals to perform a needed role). Moreover, if the government is not prepared to provide local electorates with the Right to Recall a deviant MP, there is no reason why local parties cannot exercise that control via a suitable legal agreement).

But what if there were a 'trick' to cutting through all the lies and misdirection to identify those who cannot be trusted? What if there were a means of predicting how individuals would behave when faced with a choice over which way to vote? How can you check that your 'reformed' local party has indeed fielded a trustworthy individual?

You know what I'm going to say now, right? Focus upon the candidate's birth date - it is the only piece of 'true' information they are obliged to share (and it is all you need to 'calculate' if the individual is trustworthy - or not).

It really is that simple; but there are also a couple of caveats that need to be explained before you start doing it.

Sure, if the birthdate is false, we're back to trusting our own intuition and what information we can dig-up - but you will be surprised how accurate the method is.

By now you will have learnt that we are all born to Light or to Darkness; but you will also have learnt that, irrespective of the House we were conceived in, we can all use our willpower to leave that House for its opposite. If you are born to Darkness it takes willpower (often a great deal) to 'cross-over' - but if you are born to the Light: it is a lack of willpower that will draw you towards your Dark House. Air is volatile. Fire is driven by Emotion. Water only changes direction to overcome obstacles in its path. Moreover, it is our ruling planet that presents us with choices and conducts the course of our lives. When a ruling planet is in Darkness it draws weak-willed individuals in its Light House towards its opposite. When it is in the Light, it further empowers strong-willed individuals in its Dark House to cross-over into the Light. The Light is blessed with will-power; Darkness is cursed with a lack of it.

Now, I am not suggesting that all voters need to become 'prophets' in order to select a suitable candidate; but I am suggesting that you take the time to learn the basics for yourselves. Indeed, the reason I am publishing this post now, rather than waiting for an election, is so you can apply the technique upon family members and colleagues (whom you trusted to ask how to vote, perhaps). The results may surprise those of Air and Fire (Water probably not). Make it a game for your children (and discover just how quick and accurate they are when they awaken their senses). Very soon you will be able to recognise the characters, without having to discover their dates of birth. It will become as easy as distinguishing between a bird, fish, cat, or dog.

So, how do you 'calculate' that an individual can be trusted or not - and what's the point?

Well, provided the birth date is accurate, and it was an uncomplicated natural birth, the first part is relatively easy. Just add three to the month of birth to arrive at the month of conception (the previous year) and plug that into something like Winstars to produce a detailed chart. Do use an ASTRONOMY program - and not any Astrology site or App (which do not account for precession).

The Sun's location provides you with the conception House - and the location of its ruling planet is a good guide to the 'level' of will-power bestowed. (You can glean a lot more from the other planetary locations and the position of Venus in her Pentacle's Season regarding the 'soil' in which the 'seed' was planted by applying the science -  but the 'seed' would have made choices and matured by the time you do the chart - so it's basically meaningless without fully researching the candidate's background, associates, and individual behaviour).

Dark House? Not to be trusted. (Sure, there might be the some exceptions whose ruling planet is in a Light House - but who wants to take the risk?)

Light House with ruling planet in Darkness? Not to be trusted either (particularly if the ruling planet is in its own Dark House).

You get the idea; but what's the point?..

Well, the objective is to elect a Parliament of Light, irrespective of political allegiance, to produce a Metronome effect. (Yes, there are some strong Light characters in Parliament at the moment, but it is the overwhelming Darkness that is setting the tune).

Don't think it can't be done, because that is what has been done to us by our enemy - ensuring that the majorities in Parliament and the House of Lords are of Darkness to have its vibrations disrupt the forces of Light. Our enemies have ensured that Darkness conducts the tune; that is their only weakness - and that is why they are so tight-lipped over the Druid Science.

If we refuse to elect candidates of Darkness, they can no longer set Parliament's tune - and the same is true of all our other institutions that they have infected.

All their careful planning can be undermined by refusing to elect or appoint their chosen candidates - and because they are using the Druid Science to select them - we can equally identify who their preferred candidates are.

What have you got to lose? You don't have to fully believe the Druid Science - nor do you have to fully accept that the Pope and his Catholic globalist colleagues are using it to eradicate our race and conquer our lands. You know it doesn't matter who you vote for, because their particular parties' leaders will whip them into towing the government's line. But the point is that they won't be able to whip those of Light's Water; those inflamed by Light's Fire - and those of Light's Air that find themselves amongst their own kind.

You don't have to believe me. All I ask is that you give it a try. (Rather than just abstaining or tossing a coin).

With few exceptions, I loathe all politicians. I'm more of a non-Jesuit-Guy-Fawkes kinda guy - but, failing a military coup, electing only candidates of Light (and not voting if one is not available) is the only other means of taking back control.

DO NOT VOTE if you cannot find a suitable candidate: SPOIL YOUR BALLOT PAPER INSTEAD (to ensure it is counted). Then, when those returned candidates stand to speak in Parliament, their opposers can direct them to the fact that they were elected upon spoilt ballots - and have no right to speak for the majority of their constituents in the House.

We can continue to suffer; batten down the hatches and wait for Summer - or we can hasten Autumn by giving Creation a hand.

Let's give it a try, huh? Nothing to lose; but everything to gain.

If it works, we will have learnt something that will defeat the Darkness in all our governments and institutions, once and for all.

If it doesn't, then all we will have left to turn to is Fate - and Her particular coin...

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