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The Seven Days Of Creation - How On Earth Can You Write That Up?

THAT MUST HAVE BEEN the most pressing question facing the Genesis author. How do you describe a three-dimensional process within the confines of a two-dimensional narrative?

Well, 'with some difficulty' is the answer, of course.

Better would have been to draw a diagram; but that would have had the disadvantage of only being understood by those that knew what the author was talking about - so Genesis ended up as a sequence of narratives to explain each dimension separately. Who would have thought that it would then be interpreted as a literal exposition of sequential events? (Well, the author, probably šŸ˜‰).

I've already dealt with Revelation (both on this blog and, in detail, in my book) but I thought it might be useful to use the Wheel and the Table to produce another diagram that, had the Genesis author chosen to provide it, perfectly encapsulates the three-dimensional process of Creation which that Scripture describes.

The idea occurred to me after being asked, 'Why are the days of the week each assigned a planetary correspondence?'

'Because that's the order in which they were created, and the order in which they influence the Earth,' I replied. 'It's in Genesis, if you look.'

The illustration that follows is actually three-illustrations in one. As I am constantly pointing-out: Creation does not unite - it divides. That is made perfectly clear in Genesis - and the primary divisions are those that separate Light from Darkness, and Male from Female. Like this...

OK. So, if you haven't absorbed all the detail in my book, you can now see why the author of Genesis did not include it - but it only appears complicated because it is actually three-diagrams in one.

The first dimension is Air (direction) that emanates from the Sun (Dimanche) and first divides the immortal Waters into Female (Moon, Lundi) and Male (Mars, Mardi); before changing direction again to produce Fire (Motion) in the shape of Mercury (Mercredi) and bestowing the female spirit in Jupiter (Jeudi). We now have the immortal female form conceived in Virgo and, simultaneously, a similar process provides movement (Fire/Venus/Vendredi) to the immortal male form (Water) and bestows the male spirit in Saturn (Samedi).

The 'timeline' is: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (the planetary correspondences are better remembered in the French) and the short version is provided by the Sepher Yetzirah: 'God created Air, from which He created Water, from which He created Fire.' The term 'He' is arbitrary - as is the term 'God' - because language requires a subject, and the author has no other means to separate his 'big bang' from the physical Sun. He might have written, 'Creation created...' but his readers would most likely have stopped there (because how, on Earth, can something 'create' without being first 'created'?). The answer is that it (God, He) is a perpetual cycle that has no beginning and no end. Air (direction) enters Water (form) which 'wills' the latter to divide in opposite directions and Fire (motion) results - which is similarly divided by the now two forms that contain it and Air.

It is a perpetual cycle, driven by Air (direction) and is the essence of Karma and the phrase, 'What goes around, comes around. Air 'willed' Water to move in a new direction and encountered resistance (creating Fire) that provided the movement required to implement Air's 'will' - but, in turn, Air was similarly 'moved' and subsequently divided.

Exactly the same thing is being described in the Table that, for convenience, I also place here...

As above, so below. The forces are the same as those encountered by the cue ball when directed by the cue. What goes around, comes around. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction - and, most importantly: Fire equates to emotion, and Water equates to logic (both are served independently by the two halves of each living creature's brain).

The second dimension is composed of those two yellow triangles. Each is composed of the Three Elements (the Holy Three in One) and each represents an immortal Water form (The High Priestess of Virgo and The Emperor of Aries). It is those yellow triangles that allow us to see how Light's male is composed of male stability, male direction, and female e-motion - whilst Light's female is composed of female stability, female direction, and male e-motion. (Largely as Jung hypothesised - although he did not consider the 'soul' (Air) as a distinctly separate entity - nor that there were dark souls that exhibited opposite characteristics).

Let's talk about race for a moment - specifically the human race. Light is human; Darkness is not. It really is that simple. Darkness does not wish to be human - it wishes to be what humans are not.

That's not 'evil' - it is simply a choice; and their frustration (their Fire) is all due to the fact that they have been conceived to inhabit a human form in which they cannot exhibit their true personality - and that is because their devolving parents chose to conceive them 'out of season.' Their parents, primarily out of ignorance, chose to plant their seed in a season that does not support human life and, in doing so, chose to perpetuate Darkness's cycle - which their children will not do. (They must be permitted to join with Darkness and return the Light - so that Creation can conduct them to the Kingdom that is their own. If they do not, further deformity will ensue).

What goes around, comes around.

The third dimension is composed of the female Summer and the male Spring (both rotating clockwise in the retrograde motion of Venus and its seasons). Their opposites are positioned below for comparison, rotating in the direction of Earth's seasons that give rise to myriad different forms of life and its diverse creatures.

Lastly, the dotted line connecting Saturn and the Sun indicates the path of Light (both male and female, reunited) as it returns to the source and continues the evolutionary cycle. It is dotted, because those that 'fall' are rejected to inhabit Darkness's devolutionary cycle at the bottom of the illustration.

Lastly, I have chosen to label the female's emotional form as Adam, and the male's as Eve - to explain why the Genesis author chose them with which to begin his generational narrative. He did so, of course, because he began his story with humanity's first MOVEMENT.

Together with the Wheel, the Table, and the Four Seals, this latest diagram should help you to see just how Creation 'works' - and why you should not be unduly concerned about the madness of Babylon that has been forced upon us by the EU, the political left, and our politicians. Darkness cannot exist in the Light, and as more and more people become 'woke' to the direction that society is taking: the more Darkness and its degeneracy will be forced to expose itself.

There is a reason why the Teuton birthrate is much lower than it was before, and that is because our race effectively went into lock-down as Winter approached - denying Darkness birth. You should note that the degeneracy of Libra and its rape of Pisces hastens the rebirth of Summer's Hierophant, returns the stolen Light to Cancer, and leaves Libra no means of combating Pisces diseases. You should also note that, like Pisces, Capricorn is also 'in season' during the Venusian Winter - and it will become increasingly difficult for Sagittarius not to join with her 'husband,' return their stolen Light to Virgo - and then consume themselves by destroying their diseased relatives that surround them.

That's how it works; that is what is beginning to happen now; and that is why the NHS is coming under increasing pressure. A combination of disease and uncontrolled rage and anger will destroy Darkness from within. We need do nothing - and just let Creation take its course - providing no refuge, no assistance, and no sanctuary to those who beg us for help.

It's Winter; Babylon is here; and we just need to ensure we have the means to defend ourselves and our loved ones, if necessary. Batten down the hatches; offer no refuge, no assistance, and no sanctuary. We need only shun Darkness - and send it to Coventry where it belongs. Creation will do the rest - just as it has always done.

As above, so below.

What goes around, comes around.

That's me done on the Bible - and assisting Darkness to understand what is obvious to the Light. If you don't get it now - tough! (I have much better things to do with my remaining time)...

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