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The Ancient Art of Prophecy - Fiction or Fact?

AS WE HURTLE towards completing the Pentacle's third leg on 5th October 2018, it seems increasingly obvious that all its predictions are becoming true - upon an English 'macro' level, and also at the 'micro' levels of those individuals influenced by the cycle.

England Winter Solstice 21/12/2013 (Stonehenge epicentre)
It is particularly interesting to note how, since the cycle began on the 2013 Winter Solstice, it's 'spirit' has accurately encapsulated that of the English people and their division between wishing to remain, or leave, the European Union; but of special note is the current leg of Piscean corruption directed at October's Libra destination (accurately reflected in the UK Government's Brexit negotiations and the Skripal and Douma affairs).

Few anticipated that the Leave campaign would win the Brexit referendum, and few would have predicted such a small majority - but the Pentacle accurately predicted both. Moreover, few would have believed that a UK government could ever contemplate restricting free-speech, engage in old-style Soviet Propaganda, or actively manufacture and disseminate Fake News about the activities of the new Russian Federation as a means of scaring voters away from their Brexit decision. Such political corruption could not be imagined; but the Pentacle accurately predicted it nonetheless (with the overt corruption appearing just when it said it would - between 4th March 2017 and 5th October this year). The dates are important to note, because it is that feature which sets the Druid Science apart from all other attempts at prophecy. It does not just reveal the dominant forces that will surface at a specific geographic location - it reveals just when, and for how long, each of those forces will occur. Furthermore, it also reveals just what - and who - will be most affected (providing an early warning system for those with the skill to interpret its wisdom accurately).

We are all in Learning Mode, of course. Never before has everyone had the opportunity to thoroughly investigate the ancient Druid Science that the Roman Catholic Church has sought to suppress. Neither has there been an opportunity to see how the European Union selects important dates in its calendar that correspond to the Pentacle's strongest influences to enhance its political will. Like Merlin, they use the knowledge of Creation to harvest its forces for their own ends - just as Hitler's advisers consulted the Wheel for the best time to employ Blitzkrieg, and formulate how the ancient science could be used politically to achieve their Catholic aims of a new world order by pursuing the theories of Friedrich List at the end of the WW2. Complicit in that conspiracy is the Vatican, which assisted Hitler's rise to power and actively assisted many Nazis to escape allied arrest at the end of WW2, and whose control is still exercised today over EU, US, and UK politicians via the confessional. (You don't need an army of spies when you just have to listen - and who needs blackmail when you can specify just what your wayward parishioner must do to atone?).

I don't profess to be a prophet; I am learning, just like you; but the one thing that I have discovered is that Creation's Forces unfold on a much greater timescale than a single year and its own short seasons upon which we all normally focus. As I make clear in my book, it is the past that determines the future, which restricts our freedom in the present - and a clear example of that is provided in the way, in the UK, we have no right of recall over our members of Parliament or local councils. (It was promised to us by the coalition government of 2010 - and 2015 - if you remember; but never materialised, of course). In other words, there is no means for you, or I, to influence the outcome of the Brexit negotiations that will occur from our having elected those in power by the votes we cast in the past. Furthermore, the idea that the Conservatives will be compelled not to keep us in the EU because 70% of its voters are Brexiteers who might abandon them at the next General Election (due 5th May 2022) is preposterous - because it matters not one jot. It would only matter if those voters had an alternative party to vote for, but they do not.

Those despised Tory Brexiteer voters will divide along the lines of those that will not vote again (in disgust) and those that will still vote Tory in order to keep Labour out. (What do you think all the planted political stories about Corbyn's incompetence, his party's anti-semitism and his supposed alliance with Russia and the fake news about that Federation's manipulation of our elections and the Brexit referendum using social media are all about?). It doesn't matter if a new party like Britain First appears, or UKIP returns - they will simply split the vote further. Potential supporters would be better advised to infiltrate and 'correct' the direction that the Tories are taking (but since party members no longer have the ability to elect their own candidate: that option is now a closed door).

Career politicians are not worried about maximising their votes. They are only concerned with manipulating the electorate to ensure they receive most votes from those still willing to visit the polls - within the constituent boundaries that they themselves impose. It is not about votes - it is about seats - and the Tory spin for the 2022 (or earlier) election is now clear. 'Vote Tory to retain a close alliance with the EU and its military; intelligence; and cyberwarfare capabilities to combat Russian aggression - or submit to Labour and its policy of uncontrolled immigration, anti-semitism, and Russian Marxism through the back door.' What we won't hear is any mention of the fact that the Russian Federation abandoned the Leninist social development model in 1991, converting to Capitalism - and that the so called 'Russian influence' over social media is conducted from EU and Nazi friendly Ukraine. Similarly, there will be no mention of the fact that uncontrolled immigration, and its associated grooming gangs and FGM, has not been tackled by the Tories - in any way at all.

This should concern anyone with just a basic knowledge of the events leading up to the second-world-war and Hitler's ambition to expand Germany's borders and provide the country with 'room to breathe.' The EU finds itself in a similar situation facing Brexit, in which it will inevitably lose a great deal of our current annual contributions (whatever happens). A Nazi invasion of Poland in September 1939 could well be repeated in Ukraine under the guise of Russian push-back - and it goes without saying that the UK government's failure to tackle Islamic immigration and its ghettos provides the ideal springboard from which to create such civil unrest as to necessitate armed forces (under Brussels control) to be deployed upon our streets. Make no mistake: the conditions are being created whereby the electorate will eventually be forced to vote for the party that will 'bring back order and control' (despite all main parties having intentionally created the disorder in the first place). We are all being groomed to accept our own Kristallnacht, of course (throughout the EU) - and its 'final solution' is the Fourth Reich that all those old Nazis and their offspring have committed themselves to since 1945. (The same Nazis to which the Vatican provided new passports, and new identities, to escape at the end of the second-world-war).

Think about it. Why else would a government continue to sacrifice its citizens and young girls to the Islamic culture - and withdraw police protection - if it were not to encourage dissent and a civil war that can then, finally, be put down (and subsequently have its survivors accept the 'new EU government' as their enduring saviours?).

Sure worked for Hitler, right?

Indeed, it is particularly worrying to think how the EU and its Vatican masters are interpreting the conclusion to this first Winter Pentacle in 2021...

The fourth leg of the Pentacle (from 5 Oct 2018 to 13 May 2020) now seems clear, although I repeat: I am just learning, like you. Libra's regret is carried to Taurus, seemingly indicating Brexit's defeat and turning the defeated Bull's strength upon Sagittarius (and Theresa May) whose 2013 destruction was aimed at the Lion and which began the Babylon cycle. (Perhaps a vote of no confidence or early election motion).

What goes around, comes around. It was the Devil's House that began this present eight-year cycle, and it will be that House's spiritual familiars (its inhabitants) that receive their due 'reward' when it ends. Future's dye has already been cast, and there is no sanctuary in Gemini for them.

It is the 20/21 return leg that is not so easily interpreted. I have always been clear that the destruction occurs in the Devil's House, Sagittarius, corresponding to the first defeat of May 'types' and her 'party' (further Pentacles will obviously follow); but, as I tweeted over Easter following the disclosure of those EU calendar dates, it may also coincide with a complete mental derangement of Winter's Darkness. As I said then (before going into 'pulpit mode' to make my point clear :-) ) the Fools might well be interpreting the final leg as resulting in their ludicrous Armageddon. Unfortunately, that idea need not be so ludicrous if they believe their own propaganda and have the means to bring it about.

Like I said earlier, the Pentacle provides an early warning system for those able to interpret its wisdom accurately.

Madness, as explained in my book, is an integral component of Winter. It is the Fool's Wormwood that infests both Winter and Autumn and which we can now clearly see manifest throughout our manipulated societies as the first of those Venusian seasons unfold. If you are deranged, as many Imams and Catholic leaders are in their belief that the Apocalypse is upon us and that 'God' is served by assisting the world's destruction: you might just interpret that end to the return leg as being the perfect moment to release those nuclear warheads and retire to your bunkers - empowering 'God' to cleanse the planet of 'evil' and subsequently emerge into a brand new paradise that 'He' has created for you and your followers. Rather than interpreting the return leg as the first in a series of spiritual 'destructions' that will cleanse Sagittarius - you might very well choose to interpret it as signifying the Apocalypse and the destruction of the Devil in which you believe wholeheartedly.

You might even announce the return of the Saviour, born of a Virgin, and being cared for by an Italian Nunnery until His Time Comes.

It is a worrying thought that the world's nuclear deterrent systems are controlled by governments and not military personnel - and that the military conduct their operations based only upon their own intelligence - or the contrived intelligence (as we saw in Iraq) constructed by their political masters. Fake news might eventually be proved false by the Press or actual witnesses on social media; but it takes time to fully investigate the original lies - and there is no time to conduct a detailed examination of political commands in a military environment.

I hope I am wrong; but the UK and EU Governments' increasing control of the news cycle and our own government resorting to a DSMA to prevent the Press from fully investigating the Skripal incident and, despite the collapse of their Douma narrative, the further pressing of both those fake news stories as fact to implement the EU's expansionist dreams should cause us all to be very concerned.

As I 'preached' in that Twitter 'Easter sermon' - the best way to prevent a nuclear war is not to destroy the weapons; but to destroy all the bunkers that have been built to preserve the lives of the mad bastards who might consider launching them.

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