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As Above, So Below: Your Questions Answered

NUMEROUS Blood and the Holy Grail readers have posed the following questions; so, for the benefit of others tempted to ask the same, I provide their answers here.

Q1: "Why did you not provide more detail regarding the effects of the 2013 Winter cycle?"

A1: In brief: because I wanted to keep it simple; but another reason was to avoid the allegation of having waited until 2017 before publishing the work in order to pass-off what had actually occurred in the previous four years as a prediction. Also, as the dialogue makes clear, the predictions are made for the Stonehenge region, and just how far those ripples extend from that epicentre is open to question. All I could discover was that they extend furthest in Summer and least in Winter (according to the 'weight' of Air). Moreover, as the dialogue also makes clear, in order to predict the future: you need to be fully conversant with the past 'tides' - since it is they that will be primarily effected.

As I write this, 5 days of snow from the Beast of the East is now just a memory; but if you had chosen to predict the weather on this day some months or even years ago: you would totally miss the impact of the melt, black ice, and subsequent flooding that your observations were opposing or enhancing. Remember: it is the past that determines the future, which restricts what can happen in the now.

Q2: "Why did you not comment on the Autumn of 2066?"

A2: Because it is just a computer projection of the planetary locations at the time, and since mathematics cannot be relied upon to retrospectively compute the precession or place the planets in those positions that were historically observed and recorded by our ancestors, there is no reason to believe that those predicted positions will be any more accurate. (I won't be around, of course, but I am trusting that my book will be; so, the main reason I included the chart was for future generations to conclude just how accurate it was - and to provide present readers with an exercise in determining the forces that arrangement presents for themselves).

Q3: "How accurate do a chart's observations need to be?"

A3: Apparently to the nearest degree; but don't forget that, to all intents and purposes, you can safely ignore those planets that are not retrograde. The effects of those that are can then be 'weighed' in terms of where they are in that period (weak as they enter, becoming stronger until they reach full alignment, then waning as they leave it). Those that you ignore will only effect those you have not if they are retrograde in relation to one or more of your key planets (so the algorithm is recursive). In essence, it is all about weighing all those retrograde forces upon a suitable scale to locate their centre of gravity. The House in which that centre occurs will be most effected - for good or for bad, according to those forces and the position of its ruling planet.

Given Revelation, I personally doubt that our ancestors conducted such an in-depth analysis - confining their attention to Earth alignments - but the question was about accuracy and it is logical to assume that all retrograde positions are part of the whole equation. However, time and synchronisation are equally important factors, and it could be that those distant retrogrades are simply peripheral and too weak to influence the forces directed at Earth because of their distance. (If the alignment is oblique, ignore it; but if it is an Earth/Key Planet conjunction - particularly a solar eclipse - do not).

Q4: "Is all Darkness evil?"

A4: 'Good,' and 'evil,' are both emotional adjectives that inhibit understanding. Their meaning depends upon the personal interpretation of each individual using them. Islam teaches its followers that it is good to destroy any individual or civilisation that does not submit to its slavery or questions the teachings of its unholy prophet, because both are evil. On the other hand, Catholicism teaches that anyone taking another's life is evil and that it is good to forgive those who seek to enslave or destroy us. Islam teaches that subjugation is good, whilst Catholicism teaches that submission is the road to heaven. Both religions insist they are good; but the fact is that both share the same Dark Roman objectives that employed 'Islam' to motivate its legions and Catholicism to pacify those that its empire enslaved.

Unfortunately, the terms good and bad are often used in the context of a legal or cultural behavioural model in which evil acts attract communal retribution, and all good acts are given a free pass as a means of moulding citizens into loyal production units. What is bad for those systems' leaders is then termed evil and 'lawfully' punished; but the good are never rewarded for their pains. Their just rewards are appropriated by the law-makers through taxes - in 'reward' for setting the rules.

Modern slavery is alive and well, enforced by our career politicians in the name of Justice.

In order to understand the Wheel, you need to dispense with emotional words; compare opposing Houses; and remember that: for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. That is the Universal Truth upon which the Ten Commandments were based (although, as you can easily determine for yourself, four have been added by the Jews' religious leaders to reflect their own societal aims. There are actually three male, and three female.)

Most, it seems, struggle over the Libra/Aries pair and the, 'thou shalt not kill' of the Old Testament; but you need only ask any soldier what they think, after being forced to kill another in battle. The Light experiences guilt and is forced to negotiate its way back to Aries, whereas Darkness finds itself a home in Libra, where it is constantly forced to defend itself from the forces it has set in motion until it is overcome.

'Thou shalt not kill' is a pretty-good rule to set for both Libra and Aries; but it does not take into account that, in order to survive, Aries will eventually have to bear the guilt of defending itself, and killing Libra, because it has no choice in the matter. That is because the Darkness that threatens Aries is a creation of the Light. Were it not for the marriage of Taurus and Leo, that gave birth to Aquarius: there would have been no Autumn to threaten Spring - and the guilt that Aries must eventually experience is the guilt of having assisted in Autumn's creation. Hence, the circle will eventually be completed. (Karma, or the re-balancing of the Wheel, is the key to understanding why we each are what we are, and how we each bear the cross of our parents to atone for, or benefit from, their choices as part of a Perfect Creation).

Q5: "Is it really so easy to categorise individuals into 12 different Houses?"

A5: You haven't read what I wrote. The Wheel does not divide humanity into 12 different types of individuals, it divides them into 6; each with two different options: to evolve in the Light or devolve in the Darkness. (Six days of 'Creation,' and a Seventh in which the Life-Cycle is completed before Judgement is faced. Hence: on the Seventh Day, 'He Rested').

The Houses do not represent unchanging individuals, they represent those that have chosen to live in that House; but the Wheel does teach that our options are limited (by the actions and behaviours we adopted in our past).

The Fool can choose to become a Hierophant, just as a Hierophant can choose to become a Fool (in each case by behaving like the other). In essence we are each just a bunch of disparate atoms, glued together by our past personality, which then becomes our consciousness as our ruling planet awakes us to the World by making us aware of the presence of other Houses, reflected through our parents and peers. Our ruling planet offers each of us a glimpse of other Houses as it revolves around the Wheel, and we are all free to accept or reject what is offered to strengthen, or weaken, our personalities.

We cannot change our ruling planet, for that is what we have 'earned'. Neither can we change our sex, or our Element. If we adopt the behaviour of an Element that is opposed to our own, it makes us weaker; just as neutering ourselves destroys any willpower we may have left to seek our Light House and overcome the Dark Forces we have chosen to attract.

Life is a series of choices that we can either accept or reject. If we adopt a Dark behaviour, we will inevitably be drawn towards our Dark House - and the opposite is also true. What your conception chart enables you to do is determine your two options, together with your inherent strengths and weaknesses (reflected in the planetary arrangements and, in particular, the position of your ruling planet) in order to negotiate the path towards your goal.

Take a look in the mirror. The only Saviour is you.

Q6: "Can you explain the term 'As above, so below' for us?"

A6: Well, let's examine that phrase in terms of networks, one step at a time...

Creation is our solar system, a network of planets influencing our Earth 'node'. Those influences affect our weather that is another network (below Creation) and the weather, in turn, influences all life forms via their own bodily sensors that are networks consisting of nerves connected to their brains.

As above, so below.

Creation is composed of Air, Fire and Water - and so are we. All life forms are created in Creation's own image.

Air is our 'soul' that mediates between our left (logic) and right (intuition) brains that senses Creation's influences and decides between the two 'options' presented to us. (To follow our logic or our intuition).

Logic is Water - it is immortal and we can liken it here to the TRUTH. Intuition is Fire - it is mortal and can be likened to emotion. Emotion 'consumes' the soul, raising its temperature in order to transmit its heat to Water and evaporate the latter to release its 'lies'.

As the soul is consumed it becomes detached from Water, feeding Fire, until Fire meets Water and is finally extinguished. Then life dies.

All life is a purification process. Its purpose is to purify Water.

Love and hate are not emotions (they we can control). Love is the physical experience of enlightenment that accompanies the realisation of TRUTH. (Metaphorical Heaven).

Hate is the physical experience that accompanies the recognition of one's opposite nature - along with the overwhelming desire to destroy its external manifestations and purge it from one's soul. (Metaphorical Hell). It occurs when the soul is equally divided and a choice must be made (for better or for worse) between Fire and Water.

All life forms experience love and attach themselves to others that reflect their true natures; and all life forms have the capacity to hate what they fear. It is Creation's division mechanism that permits us all to evolve for the better and leave the worst behind.

Creation does not unite - it divides. It divides everything into what will evolve, and what will devolve. Between that which will continue to live (go to Heaven), and that which will be destroyed (go to Hell).

It is through division that we become united and directly opposed to that which we have chosen to cast out.

We do not create a brave new world for our children, we present them with what we have chosen to leave behind.

We unite with our soul-mate and leave our children to purify themselves through our teaching. If they listen, we will see them again if they choose.

Simples, huh? You all know it - but you fail to understand how perfect Creation is because you choose to follow others, their 'interpretations' and their promises, rather than yourselves and what you have learned and know to be true.

The WWW is not dangerous. It is just a network of 'plants' populated by virtual libraries, cinemas, discos, and stores that users can visit. (Sure, viruses, but by adhering to logic we can all overcome those 'bugs').

However, Emotional Advertising, Social Media, and particularly Twitter are dangerous because their immediacy invites strong emotion that is easily manipulated to infect the young whose brains and souls are still developing.

Twitter is particularly dangerous because it purports to be a news platform and its users cannot distinguish between other users, bots, and sockpuppets; because they are subliminally encouraged to believe that prestige is measured in terms of followers or blue ticks, and that those with the biggest followings are more trustworthy than those with none.

Young voices are not heard on Twitter, because they have few followers - and those who have been on the network longest (or purchased large followings for cash) delight in shouting them down.

Twitter reflects modern political science - an invention of  WW2 Nazism that is employed by career politicians to undermine our natural Left and Right 'wing' seasonal tendencies to create an impossible 'centre ground' from which they hope to exercise control (but only division exists in the centre, and seeking it out leads to Hell). Its adherents spin lies around Truth's body in their quest for votes and wealth - sucking its blood until it is no more than a lifeless corpse - to leave only chaos from which to weave their own twisted world in which to dominate us all for their own material benefit.
Excerpt from The Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft, a plan devised in Berlin, 1942, to slowly usurp each nation's sovereignty in order to create a pan-European dictatorship.

That cannot happen in the real world. Creation does not permit it. Civil Wars have been fought over much less. But Twitter (and other social media that uses public 'likes', 'followers', or other 'currencies' to artificially make one user wealthier than another) is particularly infectious and its emotions leak into the real world, upsetting its seasons and creating real conflict that should not exist.

As above, so below.

The TRUTH is everywhere.

You just have to slow down, look for yourselves, and compare what you feel with what you know to be true.

You have to learn, for yourself, what is TRUE and what is FALSE (what is RIGHT and what is WRONG).

Your sanity depends upon it, especially now - so chill out and carefully choose...

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