Saturday, 17 February 2018

666 Explained and Revelation Unveiled

SO, THERE IT IS. A complete explanation of the Ancient Druid Science that forms the basis of Judeo-Christianity, and the way in which the Romans purposely corrupted its teachings by banning the language in which they were written; ruthlessly persecuting those who taught them; and slyly reinterpreting the ancient knowledge to form a perverted religion in the shape of the Roman Catholic Church.

It's all there.

The Truth will eventually out.

I've written many articles during my lifetime, conducted many investigations and dutifully illustrated most with my camera. Back in the day, I also wrote a book explaining how to parse user-input in real-time; implement multiple threads; and provide independent software windows by hacking the program's stack. (C User-Interface Library, from Sigma Press, was published the same month that Microsoft launched its first Windows Operating System - and soon went out-of-print). I am cursed with an all-consuming curiosity that leaves me excessively bored once it has been satisfied, and the main reason that Blood and the Holy Grail weighs 2lb 4ozs and runs to 692 pages of Times Roman 12-point is that I have no intention of writing a follow-up. (It would be pointless and not add to The Record in any meaningful way).

Blood and the Holy Grail is certainly the longest piece I have ever written, and it is the first time I have ever adopted the novelist style to tell a story. I was minded of the obstacles that A.E.Waite had encountered when publishing his criticisms of Catholicism and his Tarot, of course, and chose to conduct a similar strategy to ensure its eventual publication. I reasoned that a novel would be the best way of holding the reader's attention during the course of presenting numerous connected facts, and also provide a memory-map for those wishing to investigate further that which I initially chose to publish. It was constructed to entertain, just like any other novel, but it was also designed to leave the reader wondering if it contained any fiction at all.

I published the first version as an e-book, via Smashwords in the US, after carefully floating free PDF versions on the Dark Web and the Surface. There was no Book Two, detailing the Revelation corruptions, because I had not conducted that exercise at the time. My main aim was to encourage other sources, with knowledge of the subject, to contact me 'under the radar,' and, as with all serious investigations, gaining their trust, confirming their information and verifying its validity took time.

So many offered pieces of the jigsaw; but none were willing to provide everything that they knew. It was not until I completed the Revelation exercise and placed the draft of Book Two on my Cloud Space for their examination that they finally relented and the full-version was born.

I revised the Smashwords version to include Book Two and finally placed it in the Religion/Theology category for which it had been destined all along. Then I set about producing the final version, carefully reviewing all that I had written, in light of the detailed knowledge that I had been made privy to, and making sure that everything was there.

It is, by any measure, a remarkable story that easily slots into the International Crime category, as well as its intended section. Had it not been for Book Two, that would most likely have been its resting place. And, no: I do not regret adding those fictional events in Book One that some have said detract from a serious investigative study. Without them, no reader is going to spend their valuable time wading through a lengthy series of historical facts and arcane symbolism to arrive at Revelation and what it actually contains. Those few fictional events that I have added serve to lubricate the otherwise dry content of the narrative to hold the reader's interest and keep the pages turning. Writing is a craft in which the primary objective is to have the reader consider every word - and style is the means by which that objective is accomplished. What would you have me do? Write a dry academic treatise for which its only audience would be a smattering of Greek scholars; modern Philosophers; Vicars and Catholic Priests? (We can discount all Imams. The majority cannot read their own language, let alone English - and none possess the relevant IQ).

I don't think so, and there it is.

So, my curiosity has finally been satisfied - and I thank all those who contributed and patiently waited while I fed it. Now I have returned to being utterly bored, so it's time to pack my bags, fuel-up the roadster, and take that long vacation which Blood and the Holy Grail interrupted. (And I'll try not to forget a Pay-As-You-Go mobile this time)..

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