Thursday, 2 November 2017

Blood and the Holy Grail

YES, THERE IS A HOLY GRAIL, and it is the key to life that the Vatican has suppressed for over 2,000 years. It is the key to life that our Druid ancestors employed to create a disease-free society and beautiful, healthy, intelligent children by studying Creation’s Womb.

Yes, there is a Holy Grail, and it is the Cup of Life - providing humanity with the means to prophesy its future, and heal itself of all conflict and disease. It is the Holy Language of Creation, comprising the Names and Numbers of God in which the Attic Scriptures were written, and which were then corrupted and perverted by the Romans to form the basis of their Catholic creed.

Yes, there is a Holy Grail, and its main components were first published by the Christian Mystic, Arthur Edward Waite, as a fully illustrated Tarot Deck in 1909.

This is the book that the Pope and his inner circle of Catholic Globalists do not want you to read. It tells the true story of Christianity and how its followers were persecuted by the Roman Empire - and how the Roman State then set about perverting their teachings to create a diverse religion through which to establish a permanent world order through organised religious zealotry and fear. It reveals the truth about Christianity and the ancient Druid Science that forms the basis of the Jewish Scriptures; and, for the first time in over 2,000 years, provides full details of the Real Holy Grail that the Catholic Church has ruthlessly employed to manipulate Creation's forces for their own material ends.

It has been quite a journey; not least because the Catholic web of lies and deceit are now an integral component of England's once independent Church of England; and because the Vatican's anti-Semitism, shared by Islam to which the Catholic Church has aligned itself in its own catechism, are now the daily diet fed to those attending mosques, traditional churches, state-run universities and schools. The West is being prepared to accept its downfall, as Muslim Imams and Christian leaders point to Revelation and a Second Coming as proof of the inevitable - and Western leaders are prevented by their indoctrinated beliefs to resist the forces that the Vatican has set in motion.

It is the Vatican that is the source of all the world's chaos; it is the Pope that willingly sacrifices Christians to Islam's terrorist forces and promotes the absurd Climate Change Theory; and it was the early Catholic Church that perverted Revelation's original Greek to become a prophecy of the End-of-Days (when, in fact, it is nothing of the sort).

Revelation has been perverted, corrupted, and mistranslated by the Vatican for its own ends. It has purposely employed the Holy Grail to divide humanity against itself and create a new world order in which they and their Islamic brothers can share. Islam is their army; Catholicism is their means to ensure humanity submits - and willingly accepts its fate.

Many thousands, over many hundreds of years, have sacrificed their life's blood to preserve the knowledge contained in this book. Others have sought to retain its secrets for themselves by manipulating history, and language, to ferment hate and religious division for their own material gain.

Now is the time for the truth to be revealed.

Blood and the Holy Grail is now available from all leading e-book retailers, including; -
[Update: 1 Feb, 2018] The full version of Blood and the Holy Grail will shortly be available as a printed edition (692 pages of Times Roman 12pt, weighing in at 2lbs 4ozs - phew!) from all bookstores and libraries - and also as a new Kindle edition from Amazon and all e-book retailers. There will also be a sweet deal on the Kindle, from Amazon, for those buying the printed version (to help offset the US/UK retail prices). The existing e-book will remain available until May.

The new Kindle resolves those issues with the formating employed by the previous file conversion process when producing two books in one; and this new edition provides full details of how the Ancient Science was employed to conceive healthy, intelligent children. I've also fixed those slight ambiguities in Book One that readers have usefully pointed-out. (Many thanks for that).

You will be able to find this full version in the Religion/Theology section of your local bookstore or library.

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