Thursday, 2 November 2017

Blood and the Holy Grail

YES, THERE IS A HOLY GRAIL, and it is the key to life that the Vatican has suppressed for over 2,000 years. It is the key to life that our Druid ancestors employed to create a disease-free society and beautiful, healthy, intelligent children by studying Creation’s Womb.

Yes, there is a Holy Grail, and it is the Cup of Life - providing humanity with the means to prophesy its future, and heal itself of all conflict and disease. It is the Holy Language of Creation, comprising the Names and Numbers of God in which the Attic Scriptures were written, and which were then corrupted and perverted by the Romans to form the basis of their Catholic creed.

Yes, there is a Holy Grail, and its main components were first published by the Christian Mystic, Arthur Edward Waite, as a fully illustrated Tarot Deck in 1909.

This is the book that the Pope and his inner circle of Catholic Globalists do not want you to read. It tells the true story of Christianity and how its followers were persecuted by the Roman Empire - and how the Roman State then set about perverting their teachings to create a diverse religion through which to establish a permanent world order through organised religious zealotry and fear. It reveals the truth about Christianity and the ancient Druid Science that forms the basis of the Jewish Scriptures; and, for the first time in over 2,000 years, provides full details of the Real Holy Grail that the Catholic Church has ruthlessly employed to manipulate Creation's forces for their own material ends.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Truth! Revelation Restored

I PRESENT THIS RESTORATION for the benefit of those teaching the Revelation Scripture and Bible reading skills. A detailed chart can be constructed by following the author's instructions, and the imagery fully understood by reading in the Names and Numbers of God. (I have preserved the original Semitic Greek in the three instances it is required).

The author makes considerable use of the limb, senses, and organ correpondances of the Sepher Yetzirah - so, it is an excellent exercise.

The Scripture remains remarkably intact (although it had been sliced and diced, and the two conceptions removed by its perverters).

The Vatican dates their 'original' to 30CE; but it may be earlier. (Those attempting to date the planetary positions should begin with 3BC - when the name Patmos was first given to the island where the author's community was obviously based). The perversions were probably inserted around 330CE, when the earlier Attic texts were translated into the Koine dialect.

Many thanks to those who contributed to restoring my rusty Koine...

Friday, 16 June 2017

Winter's Tale

Winter's Broken Seal
AS NOTED IN CHAPTER 34, each Seal (or pillar) illustrates the forces that conspire to produce a specific season. In each arrangement, the twelve Houses are arranged in three sets of four - corresponding to the Element that they share - and, in each set, opposite Houses each share a diagonal.

In each Seal, the central set is composed of Air (energised by the Sun); whilst the upper set of the female seasons consist of Fire (fuelled by Jupiter) - and the male seasons are headed by Water (driven by Saturn).

As explained in my book, each Seal's stability derives from its bottom element, which is slowly strengthened as the season develops through the establishing Minor Cards

For the benefit of those readers whom have not quite grasped the Seals' significance, I will now use Winter (for obvious reasons) as an example to illustrate how they are read...

Winter's freeze, contained in the Ace of Pentacles, establishes itself through the actions of the narcissistic Fool and the divisive Devil, who seek to impose their will; but they are opposed by Venus and Mercury that, although weakened by the powers of Darkness, are still able to draw forth Knaves of Wands and Cups to bring about an eventual thaw. However, Darkness is assisted by Pentacle's confusion - made possible by freezing the rapid response of Air - and it is that central component that provides Winter with the means to ruthlessly impose itself through the Hanged Man and the Tower - scorning the World; sickening that which was valued; and draining the Light's Strength until it is finally discarded.

The conditions are then ripe for the Moon and Mars to draw what remains of Light and warmth from the Emperor and the High Priestess until they are eventually frozen; and the Queen of Pentacles and King of Swords are fully established as rulers of Winter's icy, Dark season.

The Emperor is finally humiliated by the Lovers; the High Priestess is corrupted by Justice - and both are finally abandoned - leaving only the surviving Knights of Wands, and Pages of Cups, to preserve the Light necessary to return Woman's Summer - divided and lowered.

Each Seal, reading top to bottom, is divided into the three sets of Elements illustrating: resistance, acquiescence, and conquest - and what they all teach us is that each season is inevitable, should we choose to give it birth.
'Our ancestors would not have welcomed all Venusian gifts so readily.'

Sunday, 28 May 2017

The Delphic Oracle

IT SEEMS A NUMBER of Blood and the Holy Grail readers have been spooked by this - but you shouldn't be. The Number Cards are derived from the Wheel; but, in isolation, their images can be interpreted in any way you wish. The point is that their circular sequence, which you can define as beginning anywhere, describes a discrete sequence of different outcomes, arranged in Creation's Order - which is the order in which they will occur.

If you have every employed statistical probability analysis to determine, numerically, what a likely outcome will be: you will note that the result depends upon the individual probabilities that you assign to each possible outcome. In other words, if the probabilities are wrong (and there is no way of determining if they are right) the result you calculate is no more likely than you having chosen the correct probabilities. No matter how you dress it up, no matter how you 'fine-tune' your probabilities from historical observations, for any number of finite possible outcomes over two: you are always more likely to be wrong in your mathematical predictions (particularly if you fail to include another possible outcome).

Probability analysis is just a means of giving weight to a hypothesis that has no basis in fact. Its proponents seek to convince us that they are right - by choosing what probabilities they assign to their mathematical formulae (and never declaring what those probabilities are).

The Delphic Oracle, on the other hand, is constructed in such a way as to make each outcome equally likely; and arrange the result of each individual outcome's success or failure in opposition to each other - so that the whole problem might be 'weighed.' Employing it forces you to analyse the problem you are trying to resolve, and ensures you do not omit possibilities.

The key lies in 'personalising' the number cards - in the same way that our ancestors assigned each god a character as a means of explaining the forces they represented. You won't get anywhere by treating them as real entities, and calling upon them to give you their power (unless you wish to be institutionalised) - just treat them in the same way as you did your childhood dolls and toy soldiers, assigning them a specific personality as a means of understanding how they react to each other.

Assign those personalities logically; use your right-brain to assign the most appropriate antonyms in the circumstances - and your left-brain to ensure it all fits. Imagine the problem as being located in the centre, with all the possible outcomes surrounding it.

If you wish, you can then transpose those personalised labels to the Wheel and examine your problem in relation to Creation's current 'mood;' and determine, by means of rotating the Wheel's rim and its pentacle, how it will naturally resolve.

There's no 'magic' here; in fact, the whole process is entirely logical if you subscribe to the 'wheels within wheels,' or 'as above so below' philosophies.

And, yes. So far, all the feedback from my readers is that it definitely works (and that's probably because it forces you to use both sides of your brain equally)..