Saturday, 20 February 2016

So, How Will You Vote? With Your Emotions, Or With Your Head?

YOU WILL NOTICE that there is already a strong distinction to be drawn between the pro and anti European Union campaigns. Others have already coined the term 'Project Fear' to denote the Europhile argument, while the Eurosceptic campaign might equally be assigned a term of its own: 'Project Data.' The first will direct its statements to the emotional side of your brain, whilst the second will seek to engage your rational, right-hand brain, in order to convince you to vote in their favour. The distinction does not mean that one side is right, or that the other is wrong: it just means that both sides have adopted different strategies in order to influence your behaviour.

Appealing to your emotions, or to your logic, are just the means by which all arguments are conducted; but, if you want to win an argument: don't use logic to sway the audience - you will always be beaten by your opponent's emotional appeals...

This is the type of argument you can expect to encounter from the IN campaign, and if you can steel yourself long enough to remain objective whilst reading the article, you will notice one thing in particular: it is not only devoid of facts, it actually instructs you to forget any that you might be considering and replaces them with pure conjecture.

It is a winning strategy. First, shock your audience into a receptive state for what you have to say...

Stage hypnotists misdirect their subjects by sitting them comfortably on a chair, and then they suddenly thrust their heads downward and forward whilst they begin rocking them, like infants, from side to side. Timothy cannot do that, so instead he resorts, in four crisp sentences, to predict the apocalyptic downfall of two Unions in his first paragraph (as though they were inextricably linked) to achieve a similar effect.

It is pure conjecture of course, but, because of the way it is introduced, readers are encouraged to accept it as fact. It's not; and Timothy does not attempt to promote it as such; he quickly moves on to befriend you, by suggesting he is patriotic (just like you) and giving you some easily verified facts that will gain your trust, so you will unquestionably accept what he has to say later.

Can you remember what that was?...

Check it out. I've written about this style of writing before.

Make no mistake, it is a winning strategy. Like others of his ilk, Timothy has not lied to you once; he has just not addressed any facts. He has used his words to engage your emotional brain, made you feel warm and secure with the idea that there never was anything to renegotiate, so there is nothing to get upset about, and nothing to fear (provided you vote to remain).

Timothy's 'article' is pure advertising copy. Copywriters are paid vast sums to write shit like that all the time; but it ain't Jounalism! It's applying Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques that are proven to influence our behaviour (without us ever being aware).

'Details of a tortured Brussels deal are not crucial when the fate of both Europe and the UK are at stake,' is the strap to Timothy's piece. It takes advantage of the fact that all data is boring (unless you are a nerd, like me) and helps put you in the right frame of mind to agree with something that does not make use of it.

Thinking takes effort, and all humans (especially me) are inherently lazy. Our natural instinct is to always flee from pain, or that which is difficult, and run to pleasure - or let others do our thinking for us. Few would choose to settle down with a copy of McNae's Essential Law for Journalists, when the latest Stephen King novel is an alternative - and Timothy's piece is just that. A novel, to be read and enjoyed for the way in which it transports the reader to a world of his making. Away to a world in which there is no other financial crisis lurking on the horizon; where we are not denied the freedom to fish our own waters; where wages are not compressed by unlimited immigration that our politicians refuse to address; where there is no threat from Islamic terrorists, burrowed into the fabric of our Muslim ghettos in which Sharia Law rules and remains unpoliced; where the European Arrest Warrant does not undermine the fundamental right for every Brit to be assumed innocent until proven guilty; where our laws are not made by unelected Brussels bureaucrats devoted to creating a Federal State of Europe (no matter what the cost); and where we are not denied the right to free speech, the means to defend ourselves and our families from those whom would harm us, or the ability to deport foreign criminals whom abuse our hospitality.

Now, that would be a pretty nice world to inhabit, wouldn't it? A world in which we could elect our own politicians and hold them to account for their actions? A world in which we might elect others to repeal acts that we agree are a burden? A world in which our children could be properly educated to think for themselves? A world in which they would be taught facts, and not conjecture, in their schools? A world in which our children, and their children could live safely - and free to debate whatever they wished, rationally - without being threatened or manipulated by those who they elect to represent THEM?

A world in which we would all live in a Sovereign Nation, free to determine our own future, and, more importantly, permitting our children to determine theirs?..

Sure, that would be a great world to live in. But that's not what Timothy is selling. He's selling you the opposite, which is why, like any salesman, he purposely omits addressing the facts.

If Scotland wishes to leave the UK, that is their choice. Why should we prevent them? They are not our enemies, they just have different political views. They have not always been part of the Union; but have often fought alongside us, just the same. In such a future, they might even decide to re-join us. Who knows?..

Don't be a chump. Don't let others seduce you into believing there is any choice but to consider the facts. Don't let others manipulate you by their clever writing styles, honed by the advertising agencies. We all need to face reality, fully consider the alternatives, and accept full responsibility for our individual vote.

The 23rd of June is the only chance we will get to decide our future - and either permit, or deny, our children the ability to do the same...

It is not just our futures that we must consider on the June 23rd, it is our children's freedom that we will be weighing in the balance - it will be their futures that we will hold in our hands...

Will you choose to gamble their lives on the words of a polished salesman, trained in Public Relations and NLP techniques?..

I'd like to think that my descendants, and theirs, will look back upon the 23rd June, 2016 and my faded photograph with pride.

'Let's not forget,' they will say. 'That's the day when it all began. That's the day when our ancestors finally realised what they had allowed to happen - and that's when they rose-up, united, to take OUR freedom back...

'God bless them for making the right choice!..'

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