Saturday, 20 February 2016

So, How Will You Vote? With Your Emotions, Or With Your Head?

YOU WILL NOTICE that there is already a strong distinction to be drawn between the pro and anti European Union campaigns. Others have already coined the term 'Project Fear' to denote the Europhile argument, while the Eurosceptic campaign might equally be assigned a term of its own: 'Project Data.' The first will direct its statements to the emotional side of your brain, whilst the second will seek to engage your rational, right-hand brain, in order to convince you to vote in their favour. The distinction does not mean that one side is right, or that the other is wrong: it just means that both sides have adopted different strategies in order to influence your behaviour.

Appealing to your emotions, or to your logic, are just the means by which all arguments are conducted; but, if you want to win an argument: don't use logic to sway the audience - you will always be beaten by your opponent's emotional appeals...