Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Entitlement Of Ashley Wakeling

WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT to read is an under-story. That’s the term I like to use to describe a piece that encapsulates a specific aspect of modern society to which everyone can relate. Unlike a human-interest story, used by journalists to highlight society’s injustice, this particular form just presents a sequence of unfolding events.

Under-stories don’t get published; because there is nothing ‘newsworthy’ in what they contain. They simply relate an aspect of modern society that its potential readers are already aware of – and willingly prepared to tolerate.

There is no clear angle to be developed in an under-story; no kudos to be obtained by its author for applying his intellect to resolving the situation in his final paragraphs. What he writes is just left hanging in the air with a post-it-note reading: ‘more work needed.’

You are not going to learn anything from what follows, so why on earth would you choose to read more?..

I’ll confess to being pretty right-wing. I’m a strong believer in the right of all citizens to bear sensible arms for their own protection in conjunction with strict training and licensing controls; so it should come as no surprise that, following the San Bernardino massacre (in a state with some of the nation’s toughest gun laws), my Twitter feed began focusing upon the US Primaries and Trump, I had expected the leading Republican candidate to address the issue – but then I was stunned into some ten minutes of silence while I sought a journalist’s Twitter account to RT, which contained the remarks I had actually heard.

Michael Wilner, as usual, did not disappoint. While everyone else was expressing their ‘shock’ and ‘horror’ at Trump’s ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the US’ phrase in the precious 141 characters that the network allows, Wilner confined his tweet to the facts and reported Trump’s full sentence: ‘… until Congress can figure-out what is going on.’

I RTd Wilner, carefully reviewing my Hearts and Diamonds for any unidentified Clubs, and nodded my agreement to TweetDeck’s Notification column in which I had just received Bill Sharp’s comment to it. ‘And he is probably correct in his suggestion,’ Bill had said.

Later, in response to Trump’s out-of-context quote going viral, I would tweet: “What if Trump had said, ‘Sorry Muslims, but until we can ensure your, and our own safety, you won’t be allowed into the US.’ Same policy.”

Bill responded to that too, expanding upon his previous comment, while others RTd and did likewise.

Some days later I got DMd. ‘Hear about Bill?’ my follower asked. ‘Council officers are formally investigating him for inciting racial hatred and Islamophobia. Seems the Swansea guy tweeted a complaint.’


What ‘Swansea guy’?

It was not difficult to uncover the events from Bill’s timeline.

His first remark, in response to my Wilner RT, had led to an engagement by Matt Reason, a local reporter. He had opened with a closed question, "’Shurrly you mean “racist”.. not “correct”?

On the face of it, that opening could have led to some amusing banter, for which Castle Point’s well-respected, and continually re-elected, Conservative Councillor is renowned – and perhaps an interesting story that Matt might have had in mind. But we will never know, because ‘Trump’ and ‘racist’ were trending, and the mindless nobodies that sought to make political capital from the misquoting were out in force.

No. I meant what I said,’ said Bill – seeking to lead the conversation further.


From out of the depths of cyberspace, up-pops Ashley J Wakeling, a kitchen assistant from Swansea who aims to be elected to the Welsh National Assembly, and of whom few would have ever heard.

Matt,’ he tweets. ‘I hope to see this in the East Anglian Times if possible? Thank you.’

A shocked Matt responds with: ‘Oh dear! What’s the emoji for “head in hands”?’ and then returns to his thread. ‘Are you saying all Muslims should be kept out of the UK as well?’ he continues.


Genuinely shocked that an elected Tory councillor can act in a way so in line with BritainFirst/UKIP/BNP,’ says the now transparent interloper, applying his final touch; and, while Matt and Bill try to figure-out what the hell all that was about, Mr Entitled makes himself busy taking an out-of-context screen shot with which to request, of Castle Point Borough Council, ‘a formal apology to the Islamic Community in Castle Point.’

What ‘Islamic community’? We don’t have one, here in Castle Point. Ours is a proud English Community, of which our proud Muslim neighbours form an equally significant part!

So who is this Mr Entitled, who instructs local reporters what to write? Who is this Mr Entitled who can readily activate the expensive and time consuming investigatory process (that its residents must pay for) of a remote, democratic, hamlet that he despises as ‘one of the most majoritively[sic] white British areas of the UK (96.8%) yet attracts the most disgusting racist tories[sic]’?

Well, Mr Entitled is the spawn of our career politicians, who he seeks to emulate. He is the child of all those that have long since abandoned any sense of a moral compass in the favour of permitting a free-for-all culture in which payment is never due. A culture that enshrines the rights of minorities to be protected, while the majority are forced to shoulder the risks.

He is the child that has been sold the lie of his parents and teachers: that everyone is entitled to have what others have achieved by paying the cost. The lie that sustains his rose-coloured spectacles, until the world forces him to take them off.

He is an anti-British, ISIS apologist – and, until he comes to his senses, a fertile Da’eshbag recruit…

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