Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Entitlement Of Ashley Wakeling

WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT to read is an under-story. That’s the term I like to use to describe a piece that encapsulates a specific aspect of modern society to which everyone can relate. Unlike a human-interest story, used by journalists to highlight society’s injustice, this particular form just presents a sequence of unfolding events.

Under-stories don’t get published; because there is nothing ‘newsworthy’ in what they contain. They simply relate an aspect of modern society that its potential readers are already aware of – and willingly prepared to tolerate.

There is no clear angle to be developed in an under-story; no kudos to be obtained by its author for applying his intellect to resolving the situation in his final paragraphs. What he writes is just left hanging in the air with a post-it-note reading: ‘more work needed.’

You are not going to learn anything from what follows, so why on earth would you choose to read more?..