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Da’eshbags, Spies, Sleepers – And Kids Who Won’t Grow Up

CaptureWHAT A SPECTACULAR FAIL! Brussels is forced into an emergency lock-down; 16 are reportedly arrested – but no weapons or explosives are found! Moreover, the main target of the military operation eludes capture!

Tellingly, the whole operation was seemingly instigated on the basis of foreign Western Intelligence. (That’d be SIGINT – raw Spec Op Signals Intelligence, collated and analysed by Special Intelligence at GCHQ, and Langley in the US).

On the face of it, a spectacular fail – although it remains to be seen if the information gleaned from those arrested will compensate the allies from revealing what they knew.


Prepare to engage brain – and think…

There are three threads paying-out here, and by far the most important of these is the reluctance of politicians to act. Any delay favours the enemy, and all intelligence is only so good as it is timely, and known only to those who need to know. If the enemy suspects that its plans have been compromised, or its forces detected, it is useless.

The Brussels operation was pitiful. Troops began deploying on Friday night, and it wasn’t until Sunday that the city’s 19 separate authorities finally sanctioned the operation – belatedly imploring the press and its citizens not to report their locations on social media, rather than blacking their internet out. Compare that to the French operation, having to contain 7 coordinated attacks – with little or no intelligence – that neatly removed the threat by employing immediate ‘deadly force’.

‘Deadly force.’ That is the phrase that gives rise to the reluctance for politicians to act, and the left’s pacifist tendencies – encouraged by our enemies – to deny any evidence that contradicts their belief that everyone is just like themselves and can be reasoned with.

You cannot reason with those intent upon destroying you, and that is the essence of the second thread. Following the Second World War, and the creation of the EU, all our institutions have been successfully infiltrated by the new political left. Not the old left, whom accurately distinguished between friend and foe and gave their lives in defence of democracy; but a new left, born of the Communist revolutions of China and Russia whom, like the Da’eshbags we now face, took the writings of their holy Marx and Mao Tse-tung as reason to impose a totalitarian state through which they could bask in perpetual riches and glory. Russia is no longer Communist Russia; China has embraced the West; Berlin is no longer divided; and the old Eastern Germany does not exist. But its failed politicians do – still seeking to retain their lucrative positions, and running others’ lives, in the unelected bodies of the EU.

The West is divided. Division breeds weakness. Weakness begets enemies – and a common enemy can heal all divides. It is the repetitive thread weaving its way throughout history, and it is that second thread, which is now beginning to emerge.

However, it is the the third thread that, as it unravels, poses the greatest challenge. It is the thread that was created by the other two, and which has led to their entangling. It is the thread of modern technology, the Web – and how it has changed our lives…

SIGINT isn’t new. The craft existed long before the days of Marconi, and underpinned the safety of all nation states; but its collection then relied upon individuals, spies, who carefully befriended those of influence in a neighbouring state to fully understand their intentions. To all intents and purposes, they were a friend of the target – and every state was a target (friend or foe alike). In those days, society’s leaders put the safety of their citizens above all personal and other considerations – unlike the present case. They followed the adage that it was ‘better to be safe than sorry,’ and that ‘a stitch in time, saves nine.’

You only have to take a brief look at history to recognise that, when those adages are not met, the result is fruitless war and the loss of thousands of lives.

Accurate intelligence, immediately acted upon, is the scalpel that can remove a belligerent cancer before it spreads.

All nation states exist as a result of conflict. That is what traditional borders portray. The fact is that borders only exist to ensure that individual communities can exist side-by-side, in peace, following their own cultures, without impinging upon the freedoms of others who wish to live their lives a different way. Take away the borders, and the result is always war.

Nowhere can that obvious fact be seen more readily, these days, than upon social media. Twitter has shown us just how spiteful, resentful, and entrenched different opinions are. In its own way, Twitter has shown just how incompatible we all are in the absence of borders – and how much more peaceful and informed debates once were within the confines of those old dedicated newsgroups.

We’re all human; but that is the only trait we share, Our beliefs, our needs, and our cultures have, and always will divide us. We are all individuals, and we all possess free-will. If we don’t like what we are, we can change – and move somewhere else where we might be welcomed. A safe-space, where, just like employing Twitter’s blocking feature, we can erect our own borders and pretend that our trolls are no longer there. But they are, and burying our heads in the sand and denying the evidence does not help.

I celebrated my 21st birthday in Northern Ireland, in 1972. I had received a 24-hour notice to move order at the beginning of August the previous year as a result of Operation Demetrius being given the go-ahead, and, unlike most military personnel, served a continuous 15 months in the province.

There had been a sickening number of civilian and military casualties following the abandonment of the political attempt to protect the Catholic community from the angry Protestants, when it became evident that it was the former community that was happily killing us when we formed a human peace line. In essence, the politicians had not believed the intelligence being provided by RUC Special Branch, which Parliament had seriously undermined by the disbandment of the B Specials two years earlier. It had been the B Specials, with their close links to NI communities, that had kept a close watch on the emerging Goulding and Brady IRA factions; but, by consisting almost entirely of Protestants, was foolishly curtailed by mainland politicians seeking to appease its evolving enemies in the hope that the problem would go away.

In a single stroke, in 1969, the politicians destroyed the very human intelligence network that, since the previous troubles, had kept the province’s citizens safe. More recently, they have blindly permitted Muslim communities to establish no-go areas for our own Bobbies on their traditional beats.

The B Specials left for pastures new, rightly fearing for their own lives, and the province went dark as the lathes in the ship yards were employed for more pressing purposes.

In August 1971, it seemed that the mainland politicians had finally woken-up; but the truth is they didn’t know what to do and, as a result, had no choice but to give the military its head. Operation Demetrius introduced internment – not with the main purpose of curtailing the rioting; but with the aim of selectively snatching those individuals who’s interrogation might provide the necessary information to bring about the enemy’s defeat.

Fast forward to Christmas 1971 – and it was all over. Apart from two men and a dog remaining in Ballymurphy, the IRA were either dead or locked-up. Those remaining (mainly Fianna, and too young to arrest) sullenly called for a ceasefire and the streets of Belfast were full of Christmas shoppers laden with seasonal gifts.

I celebrated, along with my colleagues, looking forward to another posting that might offer warmer climes.

I still cannot believe what happened next…

Having shook the cold, white, dead cod-like hand of Willy Whitelaw – congratulating me upon my very small part in a successful outcome, the government that he represented then disbanded Stormont before the dust had even begun to settle down. Those that had been arrested by the Army, they declared, must now be released – because they had not been processed by the police; but interrogated by my Corps.

Let the record show: that was complete bollocks!. The Intelligence Corps NEVER interrogated a single IRA suspect. All INTERVIEWS (and I use block capitals purposely) were undertaken by RUC Special Branch using the intelligence we provided, collated and analysed jointly. To suggest otherwise is an outrageous lie.

The fact is, RUC SPECIAL BRANCH did not need to resort to any form of physical torture to induce those arrested to talk. IRA sympathisers and its combatants were so terrified of having been arrested that, in the vast majority of cases, they willingly gave-up the information they possessed.

Away from their colleagues, they simply sat pissing themselves (literally) while answering all the questions that were put.

Propaganda is an amazing tool.

Hollywood makes too much of IRA freedom fighters. They once existed, during the Irish War of Independence; but, of those who remained after those troubles, none would having anything to do with the ‘new’ IRA of the 60s. In fact, it was those old freedom fighters that had supplied the B Specials with much of what they knew about the aims of Goulding and Brady.

Disbanding Stormont, of course, was another appeasement from mainland politicians, aimed at having the released IRA members refrain from causing further chaos; and that worked-out really well…

Like most riots, NI’s usually began on a Friday night, and anyone that the military snatched could only be held for 24 hours. If the period were to be extended, the province’s governor was the only person to whom you could go for a Detention Order that would provide another 48 hours in which to persuade the prisoner to talk.

Brian Falconer lived in the province, and purposely camped-out in Stormont where he might be easily reached when the occasion demanded; but when Stormont was disbanded, his successor went home on the week-end – back to the mainland where he lived.

In essence, the military were politically stuffed.


By then, of course, most of us had had enough. Releasing known IRA members and sympathisers had, as the term goes, ‘blown our covers,’ ensuring that personnel were quickly switched between Belfast and Londonderry; but it could only ever be a short-term measure. I purchased my discharge, opting to remain until a suitable replacement could be found, whilst most of the guys I had worked with in Special Branch chose to emigrate to Rhodesia – and grow roses for a living.

Sad story. Sad me. But the reason I relate it is because those events accurately capture the way our society has degenerated into what remains of its liberal culture today. Moreover, it predicts the likely response to the situation that is now emerging.

Politicians don’t think through their actions, unlike the military who do. Politicians are only concerned about public relations and their own careers, whilst those who lead are prepared to die for their colleagues, citizens, and what they believe in. Society is divided between the selfless and the selfish – and the latter outweigh the former several times over now.

The old IRA had won their independence. Those Catholics that did not want to live alongside the Protestants had a choice: they could either move south, or stay. Many chose to remain, integrate, and take advantage of what the north had to offer. It was their choice; but as those communities expanded and militant priests preached of hellfire and damnation from following the ways of a more liberal society, and teaching that Catholics were second class citizens in the north, the seed of disunity was once more sown.

Never underestimate the power of preachers, who’s flock has been indoctrinated from birth to believe everything that they say.

We don’t teach our children how to be safe anymore. We don’t teach our communities how to recognise a threat, for fear of offending others; but our enemies have no such qualms and their communities are far stronger than ours, united in a religious belief.

I’m appalled by the way our media has taken to portraying the Paris terrorists as somehow contradicting their Islamic values by attending gay bars and selling drugs – as if it points to their moral depravity. ‘Look,’ it is as though they are trying to say, ‘they’re not real Muslims at all; just sick criminals that you might find anywhere.’

They miss the point entirely (and have never read the Quran); but this has nothing to do with religion per se, other than as a motive; because it is all about strategy and military action – in order to spread their beliefs and establish a Sharia State.

To successfully attack, you need to identify your target’s weak spots; and in order to spy you need to remain invisible.

Throughout history, an individual’s weak-spot has always been their sexuality, because it is the one emotion that is most difficult to control. Sexual arousal, and blackmail, is a honey trap that dates back thousand’s of years – and homosexual and paedophile blackmail still provide levers with which to apply powerful incentives. Gays used their influence within the corridors of power to ensure they could finally ‘come-out’ and be free of such pressures – but they effectively blackmailed those they knew to be of a similar disposition to do so.

The only surprising thing is that it took them so long to recognise the power they held in simply telling the truth.

Influence, leverage, soft power: it is all blackmail at the end of the day. The power resides in knowing something about your adversary that he does not wish his family or colleagues to know. Failing a threat of death, to oneself or one’s loved ones, shame is the next best tool.

Want to be a spy? Want to be able to identify your target’s weaknesses? Then to do so effectively, while remaining invisible, you must portray those weaknesses yourself. That is the essence of ‘going undercover,’ of ‘befriending your enemy’ – whilst planning his demise.

Those terrorists were not common criminals or sexual perverts, they were well trained in their chosen craft, using the same ancient techniques as the French resistance in WW2.

Quisling, or patriot? Until the war was finally over: nobody really knew.

Heath was a quisling. We all know that now, and we are all aware of his sexuality that enabled his manipulation by others; but Heath was a Prime Minister – and those that pulled his strings took full advantage of installing other quislings of their own. The fact is, all our institutions have been infected and we are now mere players in the power struggle between the Vatican and its Wahhabi friends.

Mind-games, intrigue, deception, war, conquest, peace. It is an endless cycle, driven by religion and seductive philosophies like those of Mao and Marx – and the only way to mitigate its human suffering is to recognise it for what it is – and the gay community can help.

Sleepers install themselves ‘under the radar.’ They choose to make friends with those whom are a minority, and are frowned upon by the target society’s majority. Gay bars and clubs are perfect, because they provide quick and easy access to the gay network which, despite gay marriage, still conducts its liaisons discreetly for those unwilling to ‘come-out.’

Gays gossip, drink, use drugs; and gays know a lot about those who wish their own sexual proclivity to remain secret. It is all the information a sleeper needs to plan a way of obtaining other information. Furthermore, gays adopt other gays without question. If you’re gay, and don’t have a bed for the night, none think twice before offering a roof.

Need a safe house? Locate a gay bar and offer yourself up.

Know your target; know their life-styles; adapt – and take advantage.

He’ll appear to be gay. A queen, not too butch. It’s the queens that gossip. He wants to become part of their group and tap into the lucrative information they willingly share. When he has it, he’ll likely move on.

He’s a stranger. First time. Needs convincing to come out. You compare his situation to others you know with similar inhibitions. ‘Perhaps I could speak to them,’ he suggests. ‘What do they do?’

It is just method acting, and it is easy if you have the ability to empathise whilst retaining control of your own persona – so he is unlikely to actually ‘do the deed.’ If pressed, he will likely make some excuse and, if forced, react violently to a direct assault on his mental stability. You won’t bugger him, though you think him a queen – if he succumbs, he’ll always bugger you.

It is all about communities, and being watchful. Small English villages are quick to spot a stranger and suss them out. In NI, the Catholic and Protestant communities were equally quick to detect a stranger, and the word was immediately passed around.

Trouble is, once installed, you won’t detect a sleeper. You will only spot them upon their arrival – and that’s what makes them so dangerous. Once installed, the first thing they will do is establish a legitimate network of others that will vouch for them. The same network that you will use to check them out…

It begins with children, of course, and the type of parenting they either enjoy or endure. The Catholic Church, and Islam, are quick to remove children from their parents at a young age so that their religious indoctrination can begin. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the problem lies in what they are taught – it lies in being taught to believe their religious leaders without question. It matters not what scripture they use – it is the interpretation of those ancient texts that are promoted by their leaders that counts.

We have too many mosques, too many imams, too many madrasas and too much religious freedom that allows them to manipulate young minds into submission. If we were sensible, we would only permit religion to become part of any philosophic syllabus at secondary school (as it once was in my day). I didn’t know what a Bible was, until one was given to me, for discussion, at High-School.

When I returned home to tell my parents, it was only then that they produced theirs.

Primary school taught me to read, write, debate, add, subtract, multiply, divide, play chess, bridge – and think for myself. Moreover, I was never coerced into believing that there was such a thing as ‘British Values’ – the only disciplines instilled in me were to listen, never be spiteful, and always tell the truth.

I wasn’t exposed to politics, religion, or sex until I was 12. And I sure as hell was not taught to accept what my teachers told me. I was always encouraged to compare what I had been told with what others would tell me – and decide for myself who to believe.

I was fortunate to have parents and teachers who allowed my mind to develop before it was challenged; but now the politicians wish all young minds to be shackled into thinking only their way. No wonder so many are rebelling, and disappearing into Cyber Space to discover their own virtual world. So many are now living their games – not experiencing or living life.

It’s a challenge we have yet to confront. With so much attention being given to teaching young immigrant children to communicate and behave responsibly, the needs of our own children are not being met. Their questions are not answered, so they look elsewhere.

Young minds. Just like those ripe for the Sunday Schools and madrassas. And it’s all waiting for them on the internet, before they have even been taught how to distinguish truth from fiction; before they’ve even been told that BlogSpot and Word Press domains can be created by anyone,

It’s on the Internet – so they believe it. Their favourite celebrity said so – it must be true.

They create their own fantasy world – and they believe in it.

This worked out well…

If you know anything at all about Anonymous, you will know that the brand has long been adopted by kids. The fact is, you never know who is behind an Anonymous Twitter account; but the Russians and some Western Intelligence sectors have long since given up on using it to distribute their own propaganda. Wikileaks is a far better tool.

Once upon a time, Anonymous tweets were interesting; now they are just childish and uninspired. The news reports you read consist only of copy-taking – mainly designed as a piss-take by the journalists presenting them, but that angle only encourages other young minds to believe that there really is such an organisation, that they can be part of it, and that they can bring their bedroom gaming to the Internet in some kind of virtual Cyber War.

It’s all bollocks, and would be quite harmless under normal circumstances; but the world is no longer that place. Playing games and hiding your age in an armed conflict can lead to unintended consequences, as some young Catholic children once discovered in NI when, wielding wooden rifles, they once pounced upon an Army patrol late at night.

Playing adult games results in adult consequences, and amateur Cyber Warriors, no matter how well intentioned, simply consume precious intelligence resources and add to the fog of war.

The joke is that those Anonymous Cyber Knights can’t even speak Arabic – and even seem incapable of using an online translator that might give them a clue. If you want to be a spy, you really need to at least be able to speak your enemy’s language as well as they do. As a consequence, Twitter has reportedly given-up on taking any Anonymous reports of Da’eshbag activists using their facilities seriously – the majority turning out to be anti-Da’eshbag activists, journalists, and security personnel when examined by their own Arabic speakers. But, of course, deterring those juvenile actions will not be undertaken by their schools – for fear of offending Muslims.

The newspapers, it seems, are now taking a different angle; but, if you are a kid, those latest articles are likely to be viewed as: ‘Well, they would say that wouldn’t they? Let battle recommence!’

It’s addictive.

Cue parents: it’s up to you…

The fact is that peace is only possible when conquest has been achieved, and it can only exist for as long as politicians heed the warnings of their intelligence communities to excise any new disease in its tracks – because it is easy to deal with an enemy you can identify and isolate; but impossible to eradicate an enemy that spreads itself within a population without harming innocent civilians in the process. Unfortunately, that is the stage we are now at.

The Russians have already come to that conclusion in Syria – as we should have done long before this. Civilian deaths (collateral damage) are the inevitable fate of a population that fails to deal with the cancer in its midst – as Raqqa is now discovering to its cost.

It seems we are incapable of connecting history’s dots. We think in terms of our own lifespans, not those of ourselves, our children, and their children. We abandon responsibility for those to whom we give life, in return for what we can take for ourselves – and that can only bequeath our offspring piles of rubble and dust.

Please God we learn from our mistakes in Northern Ireland, and now let loose the dogs of war…

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