Thursday, 24 September 2015

Data Mining And Twitter – How To Uncover The Truth

I AM AN AVID CONSPIRACY FAN, and I’m not ashamed to say that their theories fascinate me; although I’ve yet to discover a single one that can withstand detailed scrutiny. However, in a similar vein, I’ve yet to find any that do not contain one or more truthful, verifiable elements – elements that can, in most cases, be easily confirmed so that the lies surrounding them might also be taken as facts.

I’ve spent most of my life investigating conspiracy theories, in one way or another: from deconstructing subversive enemy propaganda to determine what hostile intelligence agencies had learned, in the military, to subsequently using those skills in a journalistic environment to uncover the truth for my readers. I must also admit to often ‘aiding and abetting’ the disseminators of those untruths by supplying them with further tittle-tattle, which they could then include to add weight to their arguments (and assist me to map their network).

We conduct our lives amid an information war. which, if conducted responsibly, can ensure that the truth is upheld and society can evolve, unhindered – but it only works with a free press cooperating with a transparent government…