Friday, 20 February 2015

“What’s Going On?” – The Chelsea Supporter Stitch Up

FramesWE ARE ALL FILM PRODUCERS NOW. Ordinarily, I would have sated my journalistic curiosity by attempting to contact the individuals shown in the clips I provide here, to document their sides of the story – but I really cannot be bothered.

I really cannot be bothered pursuing an innocent bunch of Chelsea supporters, who just restrained their young colleague from over-reacting to a black male’s provocations. Nor am I willing to track down that latter individual to ask him where he learned his English, where he actually resides, and what his relationship is to the anonymous individual who posted the heavily edited mobile footage on YouTube that the Main Stream Media so gladly fell upon in an effort to discredit Nigel Farage and his party.

I am beyond all that now…

I have previously written, on this Blog, about the establishment’s use of military PsyOps techniques; the way certain journalists construct articles using NLP forms to implant ideas into their readers’ subconscious and modify their behaviours. I have even shown how the Conservative Party introduced subliminal images on their posters during their European Election Campaign; and pointed-out that we could all expect to see much more of those particular methods employed upon us as the General Election approached.

No one should need to be reminded that Social Media is now being used, by all the political parties, to ‘reach-out’ to the public in an attempt to gain their votes.

Funny how all those LibLabCon councillors and party activists have suddenly appeared in our Twitter Followers column in the last few weeks, isn’t it? Or don’t you take the time to check them out? There we all are, casually tweeting what we have been reading on the MSM sites to our friends and colleagues, appending our own personal take, expressing our fury over the fact that western security services have stolen the encryption keys to many of the chips that are used in our mobile phones – whilst, at the same time, permitting the establishment’s trolls to discover the way in which we will all be voting, and mapping all our relationships so as to determine all the ‘subversive cells’ they might target with their carefully crafted political propaganda and lies.

How dumb can we all be?..

How dumb are we when we actually pay for an App that promises to provide us more followers – in return for full access to our Twitter account?

Just sign up here with your bank details.

We are all pretty dumb, as it turns out, and judging from the reaction that this particular video stirred-up on Twitter and the MSM sites: pretty damn stupid to boot.

Oh my! What racists! What malcontents!

But the video has actually been heavily edited and constructed along those same NLP lines that I have previously described.

Did you notice the five cuts?..

No. Of course you didn’t. And I bet you didn’t spot that the crowd scene was actually filmed before the black man tried to force his way into the carriage, did you?

AND, I bet, you did not realise that the same event had been repeated three times – and that the football chanting had been laid over the original sound track after the events had been filmed.

How does that make you feel?

Angry? Bitter? Used? Manipulated?..

Then you better get used to it!

Here are the cuts. All I have done is to split the original into its respective segments to create five new files so that they can be viewed separately and in context.

As you will see, the original's timeline has been reversed to put you in a receptive mood. It is not natural, as anyone who has ever waited for a train should have discovered – had they taken the trouble to look.

Your brain is trying to make sense of how the carriages are apparently unloading their occupants in the second segment, when it has been prepared to accept an empty platform in the first. That’s when you go blank and begin to absorb the rest of the footage directly into your subconscious whilst your thinking brain is forced into a loop, trying to figure the anomaly out. The editor has even modified the last segment’s frame rate, and timed it to further deepen your hypnotic state,

That last modification neatly ensures you won’t remember how many times those segments have been repeated, and the sudden slowing down of the frame rate imparts a physical feeling of sickness that you will then trigger as a response to any similar event or description. In particular the ‘Chel-seee’ chant.

How do you feel, Chelsea supporters?..


Well, now you know why.

Segment One

Segment Two

Segment Three

Segment Four

Segment Five

If you watch and listen closely to the first segment, it is evident that the black man’s attempts to enter the carriage results in a Hillsborough-type wave that forces others to exit the connected carriage to ask “What the fuck is going on?” The train is stationary, waiting for the doors to close, after all its passengers requiring that station have disembarked, and those that remain wait patiently for the train to move on – but the black guy is purposely holding things up.

There’s no room; he has already been informed of that fact; but he persists – aggressively and with force.

It is obvious that the coach is packed full of passengers, with Chelsea supporters at the door, unable to move further inside. The young guy’s “Chelsea, Chelsea,’ chant is no more than youthful expression of the support he has for his team – as any football supporter might do in a group of his fellows. It is not directed at the black man – it is directed over the latter’s shoulder – and the youngster is hastily moved back into the safety of the carriage by the much larger gentleman when the black man starts to provoke an incident.

Paris is no safe city, and anyone travelling on the Metro in the light of recent events are obviously going to be on the alert. Sure, a large group of football fans can appear intimidating when they are hyped up with the prospect, or the result, of their team playing a competitor – and they naturally show their vociferous support. But, under the present circumstances, it is no wonder that they are quick to respond to any threats made by others in order to protect their group – especially after having seen all the armed police and soldiers patrolling the city’s streets above them.

But the important point to note here is that there is no violence or aggression from Chelsea fans. There are no racial slurs; no shouts of ‘Nigger,’ ‘Sambo,’ ‘Golliwog’ or the like. All the aggression comes from the black man, determined to enter the carriage despite there being no room. The large gentleman might well be a professional night-club bouncer as he gently urges the black man to desist from trying to create another Hillsborough; and his subsequent physical push, when the other persists in trying to squash those inside, is just as gentle.

In response to his own physical aggression: the black man is just eased away, without even being denied his physical balance. Perfect judgement by the gentleman that obviously likes his beer.

The supporters are magnificently self-restrained – and the chanting that you hear on the sound track is not emanating from those inside the carriages, where all the supporters are. Check it out. Look closely at the mouths and remember the environment. That chanting is supposed to be taking place inside an underground Metro tunnel, from inside carriages encased in metal, wood, and glass! The only reason you are made to think that the supporters are to blame is because of the cameraman’s lucky shot that caught the young lad, again, with his mouth open – just as one might be caught when uttering ‘Oooo,’ to denigrate the actions of another – or express admiration at a passing female form when the doors open to reveal her frame; but we will never know because the camera angle does not show what his remark is directed at. You just infer it is the black man because that was the first segment you were shown – even though the timeline proves that he arrived much later – when the train was about to depart.

OK. I’m speculating; but the ‘evidence,’ whatever it might have shown had it been gathered by a competent journalist, has been thoroughly contaminated by extensive tampering. And for Chelsea to apparently ban some of its supporters as a result of this video is truly appalling. So is the behaviour of so called professional journalists, and the police, who have not asked any obvious questions and simply accepted the footage at face value – just because it was trending on bloody Twitter!

No doubt the fans involved will now be subject to a European Arrest Warrant, and carted off to France, where they will then have to PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE and be denied their birth right of being innocent until proven guilty, judged impartially – and ‘beyond all reasonable doubt,’

That is why I am so pissed-off, why I am not going to waste my time trying to prove the obvious, and why I am now totally beyond words.

Are we all really this dumb?…

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