Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Entitlement Of Ashley Wakeling

WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT to read is an under-story. That’s the term I like to use to describe a piece that encapsulates a specific aspect of modern society to which everyone can relate. Unlike a human-interest story, used by journalists to highlight society’s injustice, this particular form just presents a sequence of unfolding events.

Under-stories don’t get published; because there is nothing ‘newsworthy’ in what they contain. They simply relate an aspect of modern society that its potential readers are already aware of – and willingly prepared to tolerate.

There is no clear angle to be developed in an under-story; no kudos to be obtained by its author for applying his intellect to resolving the situation in his final paragraphs. What he writes is just left hanging in the air with a post-it-note reading: ‘more work needed.’

You are not going to learn anything from what follows, so why on earth would you choose to read more?..

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Da’eshbags, Spies, Sleepers – And Kids Who Won’t Grow Up

CaptureWHAT A SPECTACULAR FAIL! Brussels is forced into an emergency lock-down; 16 are reportedly arrested – but no weapons or explosives are found! Moreover, the main target of the military operation eludes capture!

Tellingly, the whole operation was seemingly instigated on the basis of foreign Western Intelligence. (That’d be SIGINT – raw Spec Op Signals Intelligence, collated and analysed by Special Intelligence at GCHQ, and Langley in the US).

On the face of it, a spectacular fail – although it remains to be seen if the information gleaned from those arrested will compensate the allies from revealing what they knew.


Prepare to engage brain – and think…

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Data Mining And Twitter – How To Uncover The Truth

I AM AN AVID CONSPIRACY FAN, and I’m not ashamed to say that their theories fascinate me; although I’ve yet to discover a single one that can withstand detailed scrutiny. However, in a similar vein, I’ve yet to find any that do not contain one or more truthful, verifiable elements – elements that can, in most cases, be easily confirmed so that the lies surrounding them might also be taken as facts.

I’ve spent most of my life investigating conspiracy theories, in one way or another: from deconstructing subversive enemy propaganda to determine what hostile intelligence agencies had learned, in the military, to subsequently using those skills in a journalistic environment to uncover the truth for my readers. I must also admit to often ‘aiding and abetting’ the disseminators of those untruths by supplying them with further tittle-tattle, which they could then include to add weight to their arguments (and assist me to map their network).

We conduct our lives amid an information war. which, if conducted responsibly, can ensure that the truth is upheld and society can evolve, unhindered – but it only works with a free press cooperating with a transparent government…

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

“I’ve Given Up.” Is TalkTalk’s X-IronPort “Protection” Really This Vulnerable?

CaptureHERE’S A TRICK. If you ever need to inform all your contacts that you are discarding an old email address in favour of another: just enter your new address in the ‘Reply to’ field of your old account before you spam them. It permits your contacts to reply to your new address and quickly update their records (which is a particularly nice feature – if you use it).

Of course, you’re not a spammer – and neither am I; but my primary e-mail address is now receiving that onerous reputation as a result of someone using a similar method…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angry – as I write this post I’m trying my best not to laugh. It seems that a Russian University has come across an old post of mine (since removed) regarding David Cameron’s Porn Filter and TalkTalk’s X-IronPort sniffer that accompanied it. I was furious that it was sniffing incoming and outgoing emails of all TalkTalk and old Tiscali customers, without providing them the ability to turn it off – and, to prove my point, I included a great deal of personal information in the form of email headers…

Friday, 20 February 2015

“What’s Going On?” – The Chelsea Supporter Stitch Up

FramesWE ARE ALL FILM PRODUCERS NOW. Ordinarily, I would have sated my journalistic curiosity by attempting to contact the individuals shown in the clips I provide here, to document their sides of the story – but I really cannot be bothered.

I really cannot be bothered pursuing an innocent bunch of Chelsea supporters, who just restrained their young colleague from over-reacting to a black male’s provocations. Nor am I willing to track down that latter individual to ask him where he learned his English, where he actually resides, and what his relationship is to the anonymous individual who posted the heavily edited mobile footage on YouTube that the Main Stream Media so gladly fell upon in an effort to discredit Nigel Farage and his party.

I am beyond all that now…

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Pacing And Leading: How Your Minds Are Being Systematically Controlled

B67Cv2JIMAAXfCNHAVE YOU EVER BEEN HYPNOTISED? Have you ever been entranced? You would have been if you had read either of these Guardian articles yesterday.

Don’t click on either of those links just yet, instead, just for a moment, take the time to think about your first reactions to those first Charlie Hebdo reports as the Press just provided the facts.

Make a note of how you felt, and grade your first emotional response on a scale of zero to ten; where zero indicates no sympathy for those murdered and ten indicates total outrage.

Now read those articles, come back, and note how you feel on that same numerical scale…