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Ambition Before Duty - That Is The LibLabCon Way

B3yMi6YCIAAV444HAVE YOU DONATED YET?.. It seems that all the UK political parties are conducting detailed academic surveys of their members views in the run-up to next year’s general election as a result of the UKIP threat. Place that alongside the fact that all the established parties have been stealing UKIP policies and dressing themselves in their clothes since the latter’s landslide victory in the 2014 European Elections, and it becomes increasingly clear that the LibLabCon Alliance has now abandoned any pretence it might once have claimed for integrity or the moral high ground.

Some might say that this latest development is to be welcomed; that, at last, the political leaders are finally consulting their members about their views; but it is not the act of consultation that we should be focusing our attention upon: it is the what and why of this latest exercise that has been specifically designed to provide the information they need to retain power.

Ever since ‘Political Science’ was added to the curriculum, and the term UK PLC first entered the English vocabulary, the new breed of career politician that emerged from our educational establishments was permitted by all the main parties to take control of their internal administration and engineer their political success. Politics was not about belief or vision anymore; it was not concerned with quaint old British values of right or wrong, common justice, or the common values upon which all democracy is based. It was just concerned with gaining power so that the new elite could rewrite all the rules.

There is no morality in Political Science, nor in its hand-maiden: the Dismal Science of Economics. Both subjects teach their students how power might be gained and exercised over the many, by the few – so it is no wonder that another science, Psychology, reveals that those graduating from such courses and rising to the top of their chosen profession all exhibit psychopathic traits.

Most psychologists believe that psychopaths are not born that way; but are bred as a result of their upbringing and early environment. Parents, they say, are largely to blame; but, ever since the Second World War, the state has increasingly been responsible for bringing up all our children (and denying parents any major role).

Child molesters, serial killers, rapists – they are all psychopaths, and overwhelmingly identifiable in the ranks of ISIS and the Muslim religion that successfully breeds them, Islam: a set of beliefs compiled by a rapist, serial killer, and child molester that are ingrained into all his followers while they are impressionably young. Their parents abandon their children to the imam; because their society gives them no choice – and we abandon our children to the state, because, unless we are fortunate, we are denied the right to educate our own children too.

British children do not think like their parents. They have been taught not to in our schools. Their values are not those of the generation that produced them – and to believe that we all held left-wing views when we were growing-up, and that we abandoned them when we became older is a myth. We simply grew up to find that what we were taught in our schools was divisive and blatantly untrue.

The truth is that we are now ruled by psychopaths, who have seen to it that more and more of their kind are generated in our schools and universities. Peaceful communities are formed of successive generations, sharing common values and aspiring towards a common purpose in which all its members can thrive; but those once common aims have been purposely disrupted by successive British Governments applying the proven strategy of military commanders that is to divide to rule.

No one speaks of it these days; but there was a time when the common purpose to which communities aspired was to overcome the need to work. Parents wished for their children to have more free time to spend with their own families and enjoy what the world had to offer; not to be committed to a seventy or eighty hour week as they had been forced to do. The ultimate freedom is to spend the majority of your time with those you love – not with those whose sole purpose is to exploit you.

The industrial revolution, the birth of the World Wide Web, mechanisation, robots – all those advances were given birth here, in England (and developed in the United States). Once upon a time, the BBC broadcasted Tomorrow's World; Star Trek graced our TV screens; and we all stayed-up to watch the Apollo moon landing – confirming that our dreams might truly be possible. The BBC inspired us; but now the broadcasters feed our inquiring minds with soap operas promoting the worst of human behaviour, and dismal political promises for a world that will reproduce that studio life as the best that can be achieved. Documentaries have given way to docufictions – the cinematographic technique so beloved of the Charity Appeal Industry (because, especially where money is concerned, no one likes inconvenient facts to get in the way of an emotional appeal – that once used to be illegal).

No wonder our impressionable children disappear into their bedrooms, lock the door, and take out their PlayStations. No wonder they search for online porn when their curiosity has been stoked by their teachers. And no wonder that they act out what they have seen, are easily influenced by those who prey upon their emotions to control them – and no wonder they seek out answers for themselves and subsequently adopt archaic, primitive beliefs. They have been taught that all religions are equal; that everyone should be treated equally – and that all beliefs are to be respected. Ergo: there is no right or wrong.

To try and teach any moral standards after indoctrinating them first in that fashion is futile. No wonder mental illness and suicide is so prevalent among the young. Without any moral guidance with which to arrange opposing ideas so that both sides can be examined in context, young minds rebel and seek other ways to determine the truth that remains untold and unseen.

As a race we are devolving, forced backwards by those we have elected to represent us, consuming what our political leaders feed us – and gorging on their rot.

Bribing voters was once classed as a criminal offense. So was stealing from one person in order to pay another. Treason was a criminal offence, punishable by hanging, and purposely lying would ensure that you would never be believed again – even if you had served your sentence in prison.

Changing the rules has ensured that the psychopaths leading the main political parties can never be accused of lying when the promises they make are never forthcoming. Manifestos, they have announced, are not a contract with those whom elect them. So why do they continue making promises in an effort to win votes? What is a person’s word if, like a psychopath's, it can never be relied upon? Why do the establishment’s press and academics pore over the details of each announcement in an effort to make the predictions stand-up, when any such exercise is pointless? Have we not yet learned that none of their previous forecasts have ever proved to be right?..

And what do their words and actions say to our children, whom are forced to abide by their laws?

Actually, those of a certain age, like me, most certainly remember all those old manifestos and the chaos their policies caused; but the younger generation does not possess our hindsight – and the politicians are careful not to let historical facts get in the way of our children’s education. That is why the older generation is dismissed as racist, homophobic, out-of-touch, and living in the past; and why Ed Miliband, in line with his northern counterparts, is now pledging to reduce the voting age to 16 years old if they gain power – and Westminster is turning to our youngsters to provide them with political ideas..

The psychopaths that run the political state have engineered a position in which they have become our children’s proxy parents – and used that position to drive an ideological wedge between our generations in their consistent strategy of divide and rule. Now pensions are re-categorised as benefits; pensioners are a drain on the National Health Service; pension funds are raided; and the economy is reengineered to disadvantage savers in favour of borrowers to financially enslave the young.

Thanks to successive LabCon Governments, and the present Coalition: Britain now pays over £51 billion in debt interest each year and over £20 billion to the EU in membership fees. Our primary schools are inundated with immigrant children that do not speak English; our towns and cities are rapidly turning into third-world conclaves where our young white girls are preyed upon by our paedophile celebrity, priest, and politician’s Muslim friends; Our National Health Service is at breaking point – and would be unable to treat all the immigrants demanding free health care were it not for all the immigrant doctors and nurses we have been forced to employ to accommodate them; our children can no longer afford to buy their own homes because they are priced out of the market by rich politicians, celebrities, and their Arab Muslim friends; we spend over £11 billion each year of our taxes in foreign aid (more than the U.S., France or Italy) to prop-up institutionalised corruption in countries whose governments share our own leaders’ psychopathic traits; our Police Force is directed at ensuring our ‘Free’ Press cannot print anything that is not approved by the state or themselves – and lying on one’s CV to obtain a job is apparently just something that everyone does to gain employment.

It is from that background that our main political parties have finally been forced to consult their member’s views; but it has nothing whatsoever to do with actually addressing those latter’s concerns. Those expensive surveys are no more than a means of gathering another set of numbers to devise a strategy for 2015.

Indirectly, members are being consulted to determine how many of their party’s core voters will desert them if they adopt UKIP’s policies. Those figures will then be compared with national polling revealing how many non members might vote for them if they adopt UKIP clothes. ‘How many will we get?’ those parties are asking themselves, ‘and how many might we lose?’.

For psychopaths, it is all about the numbers – and considering the odds. Are they likely to get away with what they intend; or are they more likely to be caught?

We are approaching the manifesto season, the cold heart of winter in which the main political parties will be forced to devise a plan by which they can survive. In the New Year we will be presented with those manifestos (you remember, those electoral contracts with the British public that, the politicians have stated, actually mean nothing at all).

Like those pretentious CVs, which prospective employees are now encouraged to produce in the hope of getting a job, the political manifestos will be examined in great detail by the establishment press without once vetting the detail that they supposedly draw upon. Their inspiration will come from the political parties’ press releases, favouring those that they support, and thousands of words will be devoted to what the political psychopaths have chosen to say in an effort to buy our votes. Not a single sentence will be devoted to acknowledging what is wrong with our society, or imagining how it might be put right.

The political pages will be full of numbers, projections, possible downsides, and pledges to achieve budgets and targets that have been magically set. They will tell how the numbers will be rectified by adopting their policies, insist that only their predictions are achievable and that other parties’ efforts contain black holes that make no sense. ‘Where will they get the money?’ they will ask – as if every problem can be resolved by examining a spread sheet.

‘It’s the economy, stupid,’ they will shout. Just like they always have in the past; but the truth is that the problems which Britain faces today, and which will continue to grow until the election is called in May next year, has nothing at all to do with the economy. Instead, it has everything to do with society: that quaint British concept which Maggie Thatcher dismissed – and for which they have no answers at all.

The following politician believes that her election resulted in her promotion to the board of UK PLC. She has apparently been empowered to decide what to do, to encourage people to change their behaviour as she determines, to persuade businesses to create further businesses to create more jobs, and to persuade those whom do not have a job to go out and get one.

Listen carefully to what she has to say, and then ask yourself from where she obtained her extraordinary beliefs.

More to the point, consider what she is actually revealing: that the purpose of modern politicians, like her, is to fundamentally enslave her constituents in a lifetime of work, engineered by the state, to justify her own existence.

Not once did she mention her constituents, nor that she was elected to serve them.

And if that does not frighten you: perhaps you should be examining what you have been taught to believe – and questioning the motives of those who taught you…

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