Saturday, 4 October 2014

Not A Peep From Politicians When Muslims Behead British Nationals On Our Soil; But When They Do It Abroad: Parliament Responds With A Squadron Of Tornadoes!

TheCrusadingChristianOH, WHAT A POLITICAL FARCE! I find myself wondering if we are not all taking part in some badly scripted B Movie, designed to be shown in cinemas across the nation as part of LibLabCons attempts to be re-elected next year. Who on earth sends warplanes against disparate groups of psychopaths, hiding amongst the indigent population or burying themselves underground?..

The answer, of course, is nobody. It is just a token gesture to have us all believe that our political masters are acting in our interests. We are expected to believe that the aging GR4s will destroy all those nasty jihadists that might otherwise return to the UK and bring their primitive skills to our streets. Apparently, they are fair game whilst on foreign soil; but untouchable whilst they are here – aiding their new caliphate with charitable donations from their weekly benefits and assisting its militants’ breeding programme by sending each gang a jihad bride.

The hypocrisy is staggering. The political calls to kill those who would dare to behead its enemies on its own soil, whilst refusing to contemplate that those who commit such crimes here should similarly face the death penalty. It is OK to kill our enemies from a Tornado; but not OK for a Royal Marine to despatch one painlessly to remove the threat he posed.

And what is it about being beheaded that causes such outrage anyway? Provided the victim is despatched with a single stroke, it is as painless as being shot in the back of the head or having your neck broken at the end of a noose. It hardly necessitates a military response.

The fact is that IS does not have the ability to launch a military offensive on the UK. The only threat it offers us is to penetrate our borders and conduct random acts of terrorism, as once the IRA did. To counteract that threat, the obvious response is to beef-up our border controls and destroy the threat that breeds on our own soil; but instead we despatch warplanes to Iraq in a response that can only cause collateral damage and kill innocents along with the guilty.

There are so many different factions forming IS that, left alone, they will just kill each other. There is no good reason for us, or any other western power to become militarily involved. If the Iraqis choose to hand over all their US military hardware to their enemies: that was their choice, and is their problem. Not ours.

Different cultures have different moral standards. We should get over it – and tell the electioneering politicians to go to hell!

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