Friday, 10 October 2014

Just A Party Of Protest; But UKIP Polled More Votes Than LibLabCon Put Together

Election TurnoutsDID YOU KNOW THAT, prior to 1968, only candidate’s names were printed on ballot papers? There was no mention of the political party they represented. People voted for the candidate – not the party that they represented.

When politics was commercialised through political branding, and career politicians were born, the following generation were confronted by political machines inviting them to vote for the party that would make them financially better off – not by local individuals with whom they could identify and had their communities’ interest at heart.

Politicians began referring to United Kingdom Ltd – not Great Britain – and then set about establishing themselves as the country’s owners through ever restrictive laws. They hid behind political manifestos, promising to make us all richer; because, like Kings of old whom had been born to reign through the Will of God, they had been born to rule our lands through their God Given Visions of managing the economy to provide full employment; jobs for life; free health care and a living wage in our retirements as a just reward. Promises that were based on the post war Dismal Science of trendy economic theories espoused by learned professors who believed that inequality was measured in terms of money – and nothing more…

For the last seventy years we have been ruled by political and economic theorists playing Kings for a day; mesmerised by the ease with which they can simply increase our taxes to buy our votes – whilst skimming off the top to remunerate themselves and their supporters. We were encouraged to vote for more golden pounds in our pockets; but the gold has run out – and our pockets contain nothing but stale political air.

Since 55BC, when Celtic Britain was first invaded by Rome, our indigent race has always struggled against – and finally repelled – our land’s invaders; but, since 1945, we have spawned our own invaders whose fifth-column has spread like a virulent cancer, gorging itself on our easy-going nature; fattening itself on our labour; and threatening to destroy our communities and homes. No other country would have permitted its own citizens to treat it in such a fashion; but the three Celtic tribes and their children have always been a benevolent race – much more inclined to watch as others destroy themselves through Nature’s Laws than waste precious drinking time worrying about it.

The Wheel turns, and events serve only to prove its momentum. The time has come for the traitorous politicians and their minions to pay for their round and amuse us all in the process – just as all their predecessors have done before.

Sad liblabconThe next seven months will prove to be enormously entertaining as the political establishment and its loyal press seek to deny the inevitable outcome of their actions and blame each other for their approaching demise. Like any sane person, they will dismiss any idea that Venus stationing herself retrograde for forty days and forty nights on the last Winter Solstice; or that two blood-moons into a tetrad that began on April 15th (and will complete on 28th September 2015) has any bearing on their fate.

Like any sane person, LibLabCon and its adherents will cling to their belief that the Universe revolves around them – and not Stonehenge and its Kindred.

Still, it is an interesting historical correspondence that they might ponder when considering their modern polling methods which had Labour on 50% and UKIP at 31% in the Heywood & Middleton by-election. Survation’s measurements of those particular forces proved widely inaccurate, whereas the Bible records over twenty instances of the Venusian period denoting change – not least in the Devil’s rejection by the Christian’s Saviour. Scholars might also point out that Venus (the Morning Star or Lucifer) was that which hovered retrograde over Bethlehem when Jesus was apparently born – although, if that were the case, the birth would have taken place around 323BC (the last time that event occurred on the Winter Solstice that the Christian’s adopted for their religious festival).

It was John Hagee, of course, the Christian Pastor, that recently pointed out the correspondences between the four blood moons of the past five-hundred years and the historic triumphs over tragedies that they portended; but, of course, correlation is not proof unless you are a Global Warming or Charity lobbyist – seeking government hand-outs in return for political support.

You can prove anything you like these days, provided you convert your facts into a simple numerical spread sheet to produce the graph that you want your audience to see. As everyone knows: it must be true if it has been calculated by a computer.

No one believes in simple observations these days, which is why LibLabCon and their supporters will not look up to examine the heavens – or see what we can in last night’s by-election results…

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