Sunday, 12 October 2014

How To Finally Defeat UKIP

Sad liblabconWITH JUST SEVEN MONTHS to go to the General Election in May, it seems that the three major parties are in disarray following the Clacton and Heywood & Middleton by-elections. UKIP has shown that it poses a major threat to all three parties in seats they once took for granted, and the latest Survation poll, conducted for the Mail on Sunday, puts them on 25% – within just six points of the Tory and Labour joint-leaders. That figure could give the fruitcake party around 128 parliamentary seats in next year’s elections and see them easily hold the balance of power.

But there are another seven-months of political campaigning still to go.

Of course, no sane person would predict, from just one poll, that UKIP might actually form the next government; but that is exactly what the three other parties are privately fearing as they struggle to promise to address the issues that the majority of their previous supporters believe only the impertinent party can resolve – given the fact that all three promised to address those issues in their last manifestos; but chose to renege on those promises as soon as they achieved power.

It is difficult to regain the public’s trust when you have been proven to be serial liars; but those same skills can be usefully employed in another way to defeat the impudent Farage and his party…

The secret weapon that LibLabCon has chosen to deploy is the same weapon that they have been taught to wield in Press interviews: do not answer awkward questions. They have long since taught their media flunkies to only ask those questions that will elicit a reply, and the evidence is that their pollster allies are now firmly on message as well.

Get this…

Ashcroft polls

You may have to squint; but they are from the results of the latest Lord Ashcroft poll, apparently trying to discover the effect of the political parties’ conferences on previous voting intentions. Interestingly, his respondents are categorised into Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP voters; but the latter are denied the ability to respond ‘UKIP’ to any of the questions he poses. But what makes the polls misinformation even more interesting is that, buried in the sample’s data, is a 21% current support for UKIP that has been significantly diluted in the raw data to construct the conclusions that are later inferred.

Ashcroft sample

All that number-crunching: for what?..

The Telegraph chose ICM to construct a similar story here. It is a particularly imaginative piece of what now passes for journalism, in which respondents are asked to guess what the composition of the next parliament might be, and who they wish to be the next prime minister (given the choice between Miliband and Cameron). The rejection of both the latter’s possible responses by 42% of men, and 43% of women, just gets a passing mention.

We are all about to be re-educated, peeps; just as we have been since 1968 when the party machines were deployed by the new career politicians, employing the new political science with its manifestos and brands, to manipulate us all into electing them as the new UK Ltd.'s board members.

We are to be told that UKIP presents no threat to the political establishment, and that real change can only be brought about by those whom have been born to govern us. And that message will be hammered home by a flurry of apparently reliable polls supporting those conclusions.

Labour will prove, with statistical accuracy, that only it can defeat the Conservatives; the Conservatives will prove that only they can defeat Labour. We will be told that our only choice is to vote for the party that can keep the other one out – and their messages will all be based upon deceit and bare-faced lies.

I will be voting UKIP, at every opportunity; but, if a Conservative pollster asks me my voting intentions I will firmly reply Conservative – and, if a Labour pollster asks me a similar question: I will respond Labour, with a smile.

Let’s have some real fun in the run-up to May’s General Elections – before we all vote UKIP with our hearts and minds next year…

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