Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What A Wheeze! David Cameron To Hold Pre-Election By-Election In Rochester & Strood To Defeat UKIP

Laughing CameronYOU HAVE TO GIVE THE CONSERVATIVE’S THEIR DUE, their latest ruse to maximise the party’s vote in the Rochester & Strood by-election, to be held on 20th November, is worthy of a gold medal in political skulduggery.

Presented in the form of a Local Primary, all those entitled to vote in the upcoming by-election have today received a personal letter from David Cameron to nominate the Conservative candidate that they wish to defeat the UKIP insurgency by postal ballot. Under the guise of finally responding to calls for open primaries by its activists, the Conservatives have apparently invested some £40,000 to conduct their own poll of voting intentions and fine-tune their electioneering to target the female vote, which previous results have suggested are UKIP’s Achilles-heel.

The choice is between two female candidates, drawn from the pool of Conservative Party local councillors (one presented as working-class, and the other of a middle-class background).

The strategy is particularly interesting, because neither candidate is presented as supporting the Tory Party manifesto or the policies it has pursued in government…

Sunday, 12 October 2014

How To Finally Defeat UKIP

Sad liblabconWITH JUST SEVEN MONTHS to go to the General Election in May, it seems that the three major parties are in disarray following the Clacton and Heywood & Middleton by-elections. UKIP has shown that it poses a major threat to all three parties in seats they once took for granted, and the latest Survation poll, conducted for the Mail on Sunday, puts them on 25% – within just six points of the Tory and Labour joint-leaders. That figure could give the fruitcake party around 128 parliamentary seats in next year’s elections and see them easily hold the balance of power.

But there are another seven-months of political campaigning still to go.

Of course, no sane person would predict, from just one poll, that UKIP might actually form the next government; but that is exactly what the three other parties are privately fearing as they struggle to promise to address the issues that the majority of their previous supporters believe only the impertinent party can resolve – given the fact that all three promised to address those issues in their last manifestos; but chose to renege on those promises as soon as they achieved power.

It is difficult to regain the public’s trust when you have been proven to be serial liars; but those same skills can be usefully employed in another way to defeat the impudent Farage and his party…

Friday, 10 October 2014

Just A Party Of Protest; But UKIP Polled More Votes Than LibLabCon Put Together

Election TurnoutsDID YOU KNOW THAT, prior to 1968, only candidate’s names were printed on ballot papers? There was no mention of the political party they represented. People voted for the candidate – not the party that they represented.

When politics was commercialised through political branding, and career politicians were born, the following generation were confronted by political machines inviting them to vote for the party that would make them financially better off – not by local individuals with whom they could identify and had their communities’ interest at heart.

Politicians began referring to United Kingdom Ltd – not Great Britain – and then set about establishing themselves as the country’s owners through ever restrictive laws. They hid behind political manifestos, promising to make us all richer; because, like Kings of old whom had been born to reign through the Will of God, they had been born to rule our lands through their God Given Visions of managing the economy to provide full employment; jobs for life; free health care and a living wage in our retirements as a just reward. Promises that were based on the post war Dismal Science of trendy economic theories espoused by learned professors who believed that inequality was measured in terms of money – and nothing more…

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Not A Peep From Politicians When Muslims Behead British Nationals On Our Soil; But When They Do It Abroad: Parliament Responds With A Squadron Of Tornadoes!

TheCrusadingChristianOH, WHAT A POLITICAL FARCE! I find myself wondering if we are not all taking part in some badly scripted B Movie, designed to be shown in cinemas across the nation as part of LibLabCons attempts to be re-elected next year. Who on earth sends warplanes against disparate groups of psychopaths, hiding amongst the indigent population or burying themselves underground?..

The answer, of course, is nobody. It is just a token gesture to have us all believe that our political masters are acting in our interests. We are expected to believe that the aging GR4s will destroy all those nasty jihadists that might otherwise return to the UK and bring their primitive skills to our streets. Apparently, they are fair game whilst on foreign soil; but untouchable whilst they are here – aiding their new caliphate with charitable donations from their weekly benefits and assisting its militants’ breeding programme by sending each gang a jihad bride.

The hypocrisy is staggering. The political calls to kill those who would dare to behead its enemies on its own soil, whilst refusing to contemplate that those who commit such crimes here should similarly face the death penalty. It is OK to kill our enemies from a Tornado; but not OK for a Royal Marine to despatch one painlessly to remove the threat he posed.

And what is it about being beheaded that causes such outrage anyway? Provided the victim is despatched with a single stroke, it is as painless as being shot in the back of the head or having your neck broken at the end of a noose. It hardly necessitates a military response.

The fact is that IS does not have the ability to launch a military offensive on the UK. The only threat it offers us is to penetrate our borders and conduct random acts of terrorism, as once the IRA did. To counteract that threat, the obvious response is to beef-up our border controls and destroy the threat that breeds on our own soil; but instead we despatch warplanes to Iraq in a response that can only cause collateral damage and kill innocents along with the guilty.

There are so many different factions forming IS that, left alone, they will just kill each other. There is no good reason for us, or any other western power to become militarily involved. If the Iraqis choose to hand over all their US military hardware to their enemies: that was their choice, and is their problem. Not ours.

Different cultures have different moral standards. We should get over it – and tell the electioneering politicians to go to hell!