Friday, 20 June 2014

Why Deny ‘British’ Muslims Their Right To Fight For What They Believe In Abroad?

jihadistTWITI WAS SOMEWHAT PERPLEXED THIS WEEK to learn that four Muslim’s have apparently had their British passports withdrawn to prevent them from travelling to Syria and joining-up with their lunatic brothers and sisters waging incoherent jihad against their fellow believers. After all, we did not prevent anyone from this country leaving to join the Spanish Civil War – nor did we prevent them from returning to their homeland afterwards. I firmly believe in the right to take up arms to defend against another’s aggression, and I personally have no objection to anyone killing another when that other attempts to kill them. Personally, I would much rather encourage all our home grown jihadists to go join their chosen foreign faction and give vent to their epinephrine charged emotions upon another’s soil than I would risk them expressing their indoctrinated hatred here.

I am also perplexed to discover that individuals can be permitted to stay in a country that withdraws their passport and, by implication, their nationality. When British mercenaries had their passports removed at our borders, they were prevented from setting their feet upon British soil and were left to seek their own solution to the problem. Why have we forced our own indigenous people to seek refuge in other countries for choosing to fight for a living on foreign soil, yet force Muslim aggressors, who do not recognise any borders or other cultures, to remain in our homeland and fester?

Why not permit those jihadists to leave (with a good fifty-fifty chance that they will not be coming back) and remove their British passports should they successfully return – treating them like the mercenaries they really are?..

It seems to me that the West is in complete denial over the fact that there is another culture, living on our planet, that is totally opposed to its way of life – and wants no part in the liberal values expressed by its institutions. Islam is not a religion – it is a carefully designed cultural structure in which its adherents firmly believe. They are brought-up to share its values, just as we bring-up our own children to respect the values that we espouse – and there is no way that we, or anyone else, are going to change those indoctrinated beliefs that centuries have instilled.

It is about time that our politicians recognised that fact – and, instead of propagandising the latest incoherent mutterings of infantile ISIS jihadists as a means of taking our attention away from the disastrous economic and social conditions we find ourselves in,  and preparing to stimulate the public’s appetite for another military intervention: they should truly start thinking about world peace, and how it might be ensured.

So, a bloodied hand juvenile jihadist calls for Cameron and May to be beheaded, and for his brothers to take-up knives to avenge the stabbing to death of a young Muslim student (whom may well have met her fate from another of her kind). So what? He could well be expressing my similar thoughts when I heard of Lee Rigby’s savage murder on British soil – although mine were tempered by having Cameron and May tried for treason and subsequently hanged (since a guilty verdict, in my mind, was in no doubt). The point is that I, as a Westerner, believe that I need proof before I act, whereas Muslims only believe in their almighty Allah and his misogynist, paedophile prophet’s ‘laws’.

Well now, whilst our LibLabCon politicians all remain in denial, we have all had more than enough proof that there is no such thing as a ‘moderate Muslim.’ If you are a Muslim: you believe in the teachings of Mohammed, you do not criticise those waging jihad in order to restore the Caliphate – you just procrastinate to deflect attention and wait patiently for those you bring-up in your traditions to gain enough influence where you currently reside to bring about the Sharia state that you yearn for. In a strange way, I find it commendable that there is still a genetic race, albeit intrinsically deformed, that remains true to its beliefs and peculiar convictions in this modern age of ours.

Personally, I am not concerned about some 500 primitive, bloodied jihadists returning from their chosen war zone. We know who they are – and they should have their passports removed by the UK’s Border Agency and forced to seek some other country that might take them, if they return. But, of course, I know that is unlikely to happen while we remain in the EU.

What sticks in my craw is LibLabCon’s latest attempts to discourage those in hostile UK areas from carrying a legal knife to defend themselves in the wake of that jihadist’s call to his brothers; and the continuing oppression of the British people by denying them the right to own, and be properly trained to use, handguns. There was a time when it was every Englishman’s right to carry a sword as a last means of protecting his life and his freedom (and, in fact, I am not absolutely sure that that ancient right has ever been taken from us). In those days, it was an offence to draw one’s weapon in public, unless it was in an act of self defence; and I see no reason why such an admirable law should ever have been removed from the statute book. Certainly there is no law that could ever deter me from protecting myself, or my family, using any means at my disposal; and, as events continue to unfold, I suspect many others are of a similar mind. It is not in my nature to run away in the hope of finding a policeman who is unlikely to assist me, or rely upon some passer-by to intervene on my behalf. I believe in direct action, and, if necessary, unreasonable force. I believe in doing what I considered to be right at the time; and facing the consequences with a stiff upper lip should I have to – just as my father, and his father, and his father, throughout my family’s long history have always done before.

The jihadists, of course, have every reason not to be deterred by Britain’s toughened-up knife laws. They have a valid excuse for carrying their illegal blades and meat cleavers, since such ‘tools of the trade’ can easily be shown to be necessary in their chosen line of work by referring to their manual: the Koran. Furthermore, even if a judge should dare to disagree, two years in prison with their colleagues will provide them with further insight upon how to conduct their calling, and better conceal their tools in future; but it nonetheless still seems perfectly reasonable, to me, that others should also be permitted to carry identical implements – if only to provide a means of ensuring that such traditional work is not conducted upon them, or their families.

So what about that ‘world peace’ I mentioned earlier? Well, that’s easy – and it all comes down to establishing firm borders that are strictly controlled. Let the Muslims establish their Caliphate; let them give vent to their blood lust – and eventually sort themselves out. Let us encourage our home-grown jihadists to leave and join the battle, wishing them luck in their quest (on the understanding that they will never be allowed back). Then, when they have finally established their borders, let us assist all their families to join them in the new safe haven for which they have wished, and prayed for, for so long.

In the meantime, let us call any jihadist attacks by British Nationals upon our own soil by its proper name: treason – and reintroduce the death penalty for anyone convicted of that crime, This is not a Muslim Nation: and even the most devout jihadist realises that the British people will only take so much before they finally rise, and resolutely strike back.

Respect is a two-way street; and it is time for our politicians, and all Muslims, to acknowledge that fact.

Fuck Cameron and his ‘British institutions.’ The only values that bind the British is their right to live in peace, and their right to freely express themselves. Unsurprisingly, LibLabCon do not get it – and they never will. That is why they cannot recognise that the Muslims, in their own way, seek the same things; but are just as misguided in believing they can influence other cultures to change through force as Western politicians are to believe they can change theirs by resorting to military action.

The Muslims simply want a land of their own in which they can live the way they want to. Their British ghettos are an expression of that need, and their communities’ aggression to others just a reflection of the global necessity, which they share, for strong borders.

What the hell are we doing, siding with one Muslim group against another, when the only solution lays in the hands of all Muslims – with whom we share no common values? Let them sort their own problems out; and do not interfere. There is nothing so galling as having someone else poke their noses into someone else’s business; and no such action more likely to provoke a temporary truce in the warring factions to ensure that the busybody becomes the new enemy to be destroyed first, so that the warring parties’ can continue battling afterwards to reach an ultimate conclusion.

Butt out Cameron; butt out Obama; butt out the EU – and especially butt out those Muslims too weak to stand-up for what they believe in and who seek the West’s protection from forces they have arrogantly created themselves. Just tend to your own borders and shut the fuck up. The world would be so much more peaceful for it…

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