Monday, 9 June 2014

Oh What A Lovely Farce: Gove Orders All Schools To ‘Uphold Fundamental British Values!’

London rioterIT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING; but the cat is finally out of the bag, and the LibLabCon are flying in all directions. Despite the left’s attempts to play the issue down, whilst still trying to wring from it the maximum political capital, the main stream press has finally been able to cast its light upon the foreign subversion that has been allowed to infest the UK’s establishments unopposed since it was first brought to the attention of Conservative PM John Major.

Oh what a wonderful farce. Ever since the fall of Maggie Thatcher, the LibLabCon have consistently undermined the education system by indoctrinating our children with their latest fashionable beliefs in unproven Climate Change Theory; Gay Marriage; Sexual Promiscuity and the anti-democratic belief that minorities should be given the right to express themselves freely, despite the majority’s view. They have taught our children that everyone is equal; destroyed their ability to communicate effectively by banning words from our common language; fed them halal meat on a national scale; and taught them how to supplicate themselves to Allah.

Yesterday, even the Vatican’s public address system wailed to the sounds of Islamic Prayer and readings from the Koran as the scatty Pope nodded his satisfaction and provided the final link, if anyone needed it, confirming the Catholic catechism’s approval of the close associations formed by Catholic faith schools with their brother’s religious mosques, which give legitimacy to the jihad conducted against Christians.

It is not as though the schools at the heart of the Ofsted report have done anything that has not been eagerly encouraged by our politicians. They serve local catchment areas that are overwhelmingly Muslim, and correctly reflect that majority in their board of governors. Moreover, their catchment areas do consist of largely British (Muslim) Nationals; and, as far as they are concerned, the school’s syllabus does reflect (their) fundamental British beliefs.

It is fundamental British values now being toted by Gove (not traditional, if you notice).

I hate to confront these latest revelations as much as anyone else; but, like the vast majority of the British public – especially those whom have been forced to flee such areas in search of a traditional British education for their children – we have all been aware of these developments for the past fifteen years, whilst our politicians have only exhibited hubris.

Summer is approaching, and these reports could not have come at a worse time. We now have the weakest government that Britain has ever had, confronting an emboldened enemy that is used to having its way in a society that it despises. The rhetoric is already beginning, and if history is anything to go by; there will soon be full blown riots on our streets as the weather becomes even warmer…

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