Friday, 13 June 2014

Do We Become Muslim By Eating Halal?

halal slaughterREPORTEDLY, Mohammed said: ‘The non-believers will become Muslims when, amongst other things, they eat the meat that we have slaughtered,’ and it turns-out he may have had a point…

I will not eat Halal; and that is not because I fiercely object to having my money support global jihad and enshrine the right of Muslims to cause senseless suffering to animals when they are slaughtered – I just don’t like the taste and the texture. The fact is that all meat produced from halal abattoirs tastes bitter, and is much tougher than that produced by traditional methods.

I like my roast beef to be sweet, tender, and bloody; to complement the roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and Brussels sprouts. And I want a rich, full bodied gravy to accompany the dish; prepared from the meat’s juices and thickened with a little flour and butter. I want my Sunday’s main course to be easily digestible – so I still have room for the apple pie and ice cream desert. I do not want to sit there, endlessly chewing, to separate the fibres of tasteless, rubberlike meat. Furthermore, I do not want to have to wash down my meal with Gaviscon and be forced to supplement my diet with iron tablets to replace the vitamins I have been denied…

Blood is full of nutrients; and before anyone points-out that it also contains waste products (as if they are toxic and should not be consumed): waste products in blood are harmless for those with a healthy immune system, and may even help to strengthen it (in a similar manner to vaccination).

However, it is not so much what one is denied through eating halal, it is more about what one is forced to consume: large quantities of epinephrine injected into the muscles, flesh, and nervous system of the animal in response to its inhumane slaughter. It does not matter if the animal has been previously stunned, which may leave it numb to some pain; because its reflex system will still produce vast quantities of the kidney-based chemical when its throat is cut, and its body ignominiously hung upside down for its blood to be drained before it is finally allowed to die.

Epinephrine, more commonly referred to as adrenaline in the UK, is the chemical responsible for initiating a ‘fight or flight’ response in all living creatures when they are threatened, and it is that chemical which causes their muscles and sinews to contract – rendering its dead meat tough and rubbery. Even when stunned, the creature thrashes around throughout the many painful minutes it is forced to endure during the religious ritual, before its heart has no more blood to pump, and blessed death finally arrives.

Traditional abattoirs take each animal’s life quickly and humanely. The creature is separated from its herd and conducted into a pen, the same way it has often been conducted before. The atmosphere is calm, no smell of blood and death, no cries of those suffering on the hooks or the incomprehensible chanting and frenzied prayers of those soaked in the life fluid of its compatriots. It stops as the gate prevents its movement – and that is the last thing it remembers.

I have often been struck how Muslims so consistently exhibit that ‘fight or flight’ aspect in their behaviours; and it was reinforced yesterday when press reports carried the news that the Iraqi army had fled the advances of ISIS, leaving all their US supplied hardware and weapons behind for the use of their enemy. It was the same response they had exhibited when faced by US forces during the Libyan fiasco. ‘Fight or flight’ defines the Muslim character more accurately than any other, it seems to me. I watched BBC Question Time last night, to see the unapologetic Salma Yaqoob fighting to defend her position in the face of confronting the truth – and was unsurprised to find that she would not address it. Her comments were exactly like those of adrenaline fuelled junkies, so fearful of being proved to be wrong that they are unable to think and resort to confused, childlike denial.

Salma YaqoobThat is not understanding that you see in Yaqoob’s face; that is not concern for others. It is the adrenalin rush her body produces when confronted by an opposing opinion: the tense neck, the fearful eyes that open wide to detect the danger, the blushing cheeks – and the snarling lips that precede her reply to the questioner. Her hatred is evident for everyone to see, despite her struggling attempts at composure. Such expressions often precede tears in other females as they consider what has been said, accept that they are wrong, and say ‘sorry.’ But I have yet to meet a devout Muslim who has chosen to make that word part of their adopted vocabulary.

‘Sorry’ does not seem to form part of many people’s vocabulary any more – especially our politicians. ‘Resolve’ and ‘strength’ are also words, and qualities, that they lack. Perhaps it is the halal that they have inadvertently eaten while purposely feeding it to us without our knowledge, and the draconian laws used to ensure that any natural adrenaline response that our bodies produce is always met by the indoctrinated choice for flight that they instil in all our youngsters.

Looks like Mohammed may have had a point. There is more than one way to own a kāfir

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