Friday, 9 May 2014

The Biggest LibLabCon Lie That The People’s Army, Led By UKIP, Must Now Expose

UK debtFEW PEOPLE WILL ADMIT TO IT; but the simple truth is that Politics is nothing more than a civilised method of controlling society by the application of fear. Individuals do not choose to support a party because they believe its election will bring about some kind of perfect society in which everyone will be free to determine their own fate; they vote for the party whom they trust to defend their personal interests. In effect, they reject the other parties because they fear they will be worse off if they provide any of them with the power to control their lives.

Everyone debates the effect that promised policies might have if they are introduced by a newly elected government; but, alone in the polling booth, self interest always comes first; and the reason why so many have chosen not to vote, in many years, is because there has not been a party brave enough to tell the truth and defend them…

UK debtIt is important to distinguish between the psychology of fear, which all politicians employ, and the twisting of facts that permit politicians to induce panic in the electoral herd and drive them into their camp. We have seen how the Main Stream Media, since UKIP’s rise, has tried to instil terror of that party in its readership to ensure the status quo is maintained; and, if we are honest with ourselves, we will also admit that UKIP has also promoted alarm of its political opponents; because it is the only means by which it can fight back and make its own voice heard. The political landscape is now firmly divided into two: UKIP and LibLabCon, in which each group is being encouraged to fear the other.

There is nothing wrong with fear. It is a natural emotion that all life forms share in their innate abilities to detect a danger that threatens their survival. Fear focuses our attention upon a growing threat and demands that we investigate it further; but the art of LibLabCon is to ensure that we are not given the time in which to examine what they present as ‘threats’ for ourselves. My last post described how the Conservative Party has resorted to subliminal advertising techniques to influence the OAP vote; but all three main parties have employed psychological techniques to control the electorate for the past forty years.

UK debtThere are always two sides to an argument. For every action there is a reaction; and for every loss there is a gain. For the last forty years, LibLabCon have entrenched their ability to control the electorate by only presenting one side of every argument – and then packaging those one sided arguments into manifestos for the electorate to choose between.

For the last forty years, Parliament has ceased to become a forum for fact-based discussions that fully examine ways in which our society might be improved for everyone: it has become a pseudo-scientific forum that has dispensed with all morality in favour of the Dismal Science. Parliament ceased to represent a Great Britain, shared by the English, the Welsh, the Northern Irish, and the Scots; and adopted the mantle of an imaginary UK Ltd, governed by pseudo intellects whom decided that real wealth could be improved for everyone by abandoning the Gold Standard and printing as much Monopoly paper money as was needed to buy votes instead.

UK debtI make no apology for continuously repeating this graphic; because, whilst immigration, border controls, and sovereignty are crucial issues: only it fully demonstrates how LibLabCon have been able to enslave us by appealing to our natural desire to improve our circumstance, and dumbing down our children’s education to ensure they cannot think for themselves.

UK Debt became a problem in the 1950s; because our nation had been forced to borrow money from the US in order to fight two World Wars; but it is not that debt which has led to the current situation. It is the burden of debt imposed by LibLabCon, since the defeat of Margaret Thatcher, to pursue their personal objective of retaining their lucrative establishment posts.

The LibLabCon will not speak of it; but the fact is they have lied every time they have mentioned the economy. There has been no progress towards making us richer; they have instead continued to pursue their policy of ensuring we all become poorer – and grab as much wealth for themselves as they can.

They have burdened us all with unprecedented financial debt; disarmed us; indoctrinated and misled us for over forty years – and we have all willingly complied in the belief that these self-declared business executives and board members could make us richer and improve our lives.

UK debtBut the graphic only tells the overall story. It does not reveal our politicians’ contempt in selling-off public assets in order to swell the empty coffers of the Bank of England – or permitting foreign companies to buy those firms that are British. The National Wealth is not improved by selling the Royal Mail to British investors – it is just a means of extracting wealth from individuals so that it can be sent abroad to pay interest on the debts that our politicians have created. Only foreign buyers provide additional wealth to the UK when they buy those public shares; but, in return, we present them with part ownership of a British resource and permit them to influence how it is run. It is only through selling goods, and providing services to other nations that our country can become richer; because it is only through trade in goods and services that a financial transaction can take place in which an object’s continued ownership is deemed to be worth less than the money received by selling it.

Goods and services are sold to make a profit; but there is no profit to be made in selling an asset, unless it can no longer fulfil its purpose and its liquidation enables a better asset to be bought to replace it.

The traitorous politicians decided that the UK’s only real assets, its electors and their combined wealth, were worth less than the money they were being offered by foreigners wishing to control our lives. They counted us; weighed us; and determined our worth in terms of their own bank accounts and pensions, into which our futures could be  liquidised to provide them a healthy balance.

UK debtIt is not just plain money that you are looking at in this graphic; because money is just a means of measuring the value of physical assets. What this illustration actually shows is that everything we think we own is nothing more than a mirage. In actual fact, no one in the UK owns anything – and that applies right across the spectrum of British society, from the poorest to the very richest; and the lying politicians themselves.

It is difficult to grasp, is it not? The scale of actual debt and its uninhibited growth is terrifying; and it is that of which we should all be most afraid. How can we possibly repair the damage that LibLabCon has inflicted upon our nation with its treasonous acts of the last forty years? And how long will it take us to recover what those traitors have stolen from us?

Well, the first step is to recognise that fear is just an emotion designed by mother nature to recognise danger when we see it – and to ensure that we act.

UK debtIn essence the solution is simple: we need to trade our way back to the position we once enjoyed before WW1 by selling goods and services abroad – and sacrificing a part of all those profits, through fair taxation, to pay off the enormous debts we owe as the only means of returning ownership of all those physical assets to their rightful owners. We need to return to only buying British goods, to prevent wealth leaving the country; and we need to rebuild our own manufacturing and utility base to prevent further Sterling from being sucked out of our Nation.

Have no doubts: we will need a protectionist trade policy in order to protect ourselves from further dangers as we begin to rebuild our nation; but I do not mean to suggest a protectionist policy designed by politicians or enforced by draconian laws.

This situation would not have occurred had the public been told the facts; and the crisis is of such magnitude that I do not believe it can be rectified by recourse to unproven dismal science theory. I firmly believe that the only way we are going to dig ourselves out of this situation is by teaching everyone that, with each pound they spend, they are voting for, or against, Britain – and those whom inhabit our islands.

UK debtGovernment cannot dictate how its electorate spends its money; but it can, if it wished, publish the facts regarding where our Sterling ends up by choosing to purchase goods from a particular company, or donate to a specific charity. The reason why the UK has been bled of its wealth is not just because successive governments have not bothered to pay back what they have borrowed; they have also borrowed foreign money to invest in schemes that employed foreign companies; foreign labour; and foreign materials to construct them – thereby exacerbating an already untenable situation. In the same way, they have promoted the idea that foreign investment is to be welcomed for the number of British jobs it creates; without mentioning that those British jobs create profits for the foreign country to further its ambitions – and that the British taxpayer is subsidising those jobs with financial ‘incentives’ to encourage foreign businesses to set-up shop on our soil.

In effect: we are all paying foreigners to come here, steal our resources using our own labour force, and therefore impoverish us further. Physical chains have been replaced with financial debt; but slavery is still alive and well in the UK – practised by the traitorous politicians whom have sold us all to their foreign masters.

I would propose that no British Government or Local Authority should be permitted to employ anything other than British companies and British labour to implement any new scheme; and if that means that the scheme cannot be implemented: so be it. Such cases identify a gap in British skills and resources that the Government must then address to ensure that such schemes can be implemented at a later date.

UK debtWe must all be prepared to wait; and, while we are waiting, the Government can use the resources of the internet to ensure we are all given the detailed facts – allowing us to debate the problems and provide additional ideas. Precisely the same process should be required of all local authorities.

It is not difficult. They just need to publish all their reports and discussions online. We need complete transparency from those whom would govern us in our name, and should not be in the position of having to request information by resorting to a Freedom of Information Act or relying upon a biased press and establishment PR machines.

The biggest lie perpetrated by LibLabCon is that the economy is improving and that we are all becoming wealthier. The true fact is that we are all broke; and that they are just giving us more borrowed money to spend which, sooner or later, we will all be forced to repay through subsequent taxation. They have purposely put their own desires above those of the nation – financially enslaving our parents; us; our children; and our children’s children – for many generations to come.

UK debtThey have only told us one half of the economic story, which, like all others has two sides. They have used carefully selected figures and statistics to create an illusion, whilst systematically handing over all our wealth to their foreign backers over the last forty years – and feathered their own nests in the process.

This is what this month’s European Elections are really about; and what the General Election will really be about in 2015. It is not about the economy; it is not about immigration; it is not about the NHS; it is not about zero hour contracts; it is not about foreign investment; it is not about British jobs; it is not about Islamification; it is not about being forced to eat Halal meat or being awakened by alien calls to prayer. They are just symptoms of the genocidal actions of a bunch of traitorous politicians and a conspiring main stream media whom have literally sold the UK’s inhabitants and all their possessions to the lowest bidders in order to benefit themselves.

UK debtWe need to control the amount of paper money that is produced and reintroduce strict controls at our borders to ensure that our nation’s life blood does not leave the country in the form of cash. We must limit the amount of Sterling that may be taken out of the country by individuals; and we must remove the ability of politicians to give away our most precious commodity to other countries in the form of Foreign Aid. We must let individuals decide which cause to support and how much they wish to donate – and not continue with the current situation that sees us borrow even more money from abroad, just to give it away.

All cash must be removed from the benefit system and replaced with a ‘credit’ card whose use must be confined to British companies. If foreigners wish to sell those goods and send the proceeds home to their families abroad, so be it. Let the people decide if they wish to purchase them, and how much they are prepared to pay. Let the foreigners who come here for benefits support low income British families by selling British goods to them at significantly lower prices than can be obtained in the shops.

UK debtOn paper, the solution is not difficult: provided the public are provided with the accurate information they need to make an informed choice; but there is one problem that needs to be resolved before such a solution could be fairly implemented.

Who will be defined as British, and who will be designated as foreign?

What criteria is to be used to distinguish individuals – and companies?

Common sense dictates that language, behaviour, and residency provide the keys to determining both. Irrespective of ethnicity, skin or religion, those whom speak fluent English, have behaved with common British decency and complied with common British law, should be welcomed into the community after having served a probationary period, or be born of a British mother and a British father. Those born with just one British parent should only inherit British nationality once the non British parent meets the common criteria.

The same language, behaviour, and residency test could also be applied to companies, with a simple 51% test applied to its share ownership to determine if it is truly British owned – before it is permitted to declare itself as such to attract British customers.

UK debtWe find ourselves in a situation that is totally unlike any other country, in which it is virtually impossible for any individual to accurately distinguish between British Nationals and those whom are not. It is a problem that will take many years to fully resolve; but which must be tackled if we are to repair the damage that has been inflicted upon our National Health Service, schools, and local services for which we all have paid vast sums of British tax. There are numerous private hospitals, private schools, private charities and private businesses which foreign nationals are free to use when they seek our hospitality; but they should not be allowed to receive free schooling, housing, medical attention, or any other state funded services that have been established by our society for its own benefit.

It is common sense to state that the residency criteria should include a test to ensure that each individual applicant has paid sufficient British tax to permit themselves and their family access to free state services; just as we and our founding generations have had to provide for ourselves and our offspring.

Those that think that such measures are racist are simply not confronting the crisis which Britain is facing – and simply seek to make matters far worse. We will need ID cards and I would also propose that a radical focus upon Nationality, when it comes to crime, could greatly benefit our society.

Lets stop talking about racism, and instead concentrate on what we mean when talking about Nationality and what it means to be British. In essence: the term True Brit is used to describe one who acts and behaves in a British manner: hospitable, fair minded, charitable, democratic and law abiding with a sense of humour. They are qualities of spirit – not of race. But now focus on the one trait within that list which, when not present, denies that individual the right to represent themselves as a True Brit.

It is ‘law abiding’ is it not? Those that persistently break British common law have, in effect, declared that they do not wish to be British. So why do we permit those individuals to retain their claim to British Nationality and still permit them to make use of those services provided free by the British State?

Is Nationality a birth-right that can never be removed? I don’t think so. There was a time when any British Mercenary would have to accept that he would have his British Passport removed, even though he was fighting on foreign soil and presenting no threat to Britain. So why should those, whom persistently prey upon those whom provide them sustenance and shelter not have their British Nationalities removed in a similar manner?

I believe it is time to place Nationality at the heart of the Nation’s judicial system and permit our judges to remove it from a defendant in the same way that other punishments are handed out. Let British charity support them until they can reclaim it; or let them leave the country – and never come back.

It is not the first time that the British Bull Dog has been faced with a crisis for which no other race has had the courage to confront – and it probably won’t be the last. Many have sought to enslave us; many have attempted to rule us; but we have always arisen wiser, stronger, and more determined than ever before. Since 55BC, the indigenous Celts have outwitted and despatched the Romans; the Saxons; the Vikings; the Normans; and the Dutch. We defeated our enemies in two World Wars – and we have never lost a final battle…

I hope that this post might provide some ideas for the People’s Army, and have UKIP promote the facts that lay behind LibLabCon’s persistent economic lies; providing the electorate with sufficient time to prove them for themselves, before the next General Election.

This will be my last post for some time, while I attend to other matters, so here is a ditty for my Blog’s subscribers and my Celtic ancestors, which I hope their children will like.

We Celts laugh and drink with our enemies.
We welcome strangers into our midst.
We watch and observe their behaviours;
While they become increasingly pissed.

We give them public stages and platforms,
In order to hear what they wish to say,
And permit them to entertain us
In their own peculiar ways.

But when their act is over,
And we become increasingly bored,
We despatch those who abuse our hospitality
Or dare to threaten us with their swords.

Those that share our spirit
Have always been welcome to stay;
But those that seek to usurp us
Will soon be on their way.

Time is not a factor
In the way we live our lives.
Others are born to live and die;
But our spirit remains ever alive.

It is we, the Celts, who own the Wheel,
And the secrets Stonehenge contains.
Laugh at us, mock us, abuse us;
But fear most your own God’s name.

See what you have become
By what you have chosen to believe.
Note what God you worship
And fear the tally of your deeds.

What goes around, comes around,
As the eternal Wheel revolves.
So now: pucker up and accept the fate,
You have purchased with your tainted souls.

Here is more inspiration, if you need it: from Rudyard Kipling; Mary Postgate; and, my own personal favourite: G.K.Chesterton.

Enjoy – and don’t forget to smile at those too dumb to see the truth for themselves

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  1. I believe that most people decide upon which party to support by asking
    1) What party do I hate the least?
    2) What party will do the least amount of damage?
    At least Ukip now offers a choice.
    I just wish Farage would raise the topic of the elephant in the room, i.e. islam and
    stop tip toeing around trying to demonstrate his "non racist" credentials.