Friday, 2 May 2014

Another Week Of Utter Desperation By LibLabCon

ConJobSO HERE WE ARE, less than three weeks away from the European Elections; and the only party debating the issues that confront us is: UKIP.

Today, the Conservatives resorted to subliminal advertising to persuade the grey-haired majority to vote for them by employing a carefully designed poster triangulating the Union flag with an aged, arthritic right-hand delivering its ballot vote, to ensure the poster’s bold text message was hypnotically linked and embedded in the viewer’s subconscious.

When lies fail: only chicanery is a viable option…

This week, Channel 4 was encouraged to ensure that its license was safe under LibLabCon by broadcasting an interview conducted with an inebriated UKIP donor, whose only connection to the party was that he classed its chief fundraiser as a ‘personal friend.’

In their broadcast, they permitted UKIP’s Neil Hamilton to respond to their accusation that the donor was a typical UKIP member, and a typical UKIP supporter; but they did not permit that particular sequence to be shown alongside the interview that Kevin Rawlinson cut for their Web Site and then promoted as a ‘shocking’ C4 revelation on Twitter.

The Hamilton interview (that did not go at all well) was buried away on another page, and not linked in their main piece, which drew only upon carefully chosen responses from other sources. Compare that with their treatment of the removed sequence, in which they intimidated Hamilton throughout – and did not even bother writing it up so that Google could index it!

Crick the Slick strikes again.

Meanwhile, while the Coalition has been leaning on the Media and resorting to subliminal messaging, Ed Miliband is still unwilling to mention anything about the EU or our continuing membership – let alone anything concerning a referendum. Even those few unbiased journalists that remain have now given-up trying to ask him.

Ed seems set upon ignoring the European debate entirely, trying to focus on his ‘cost of living crisis’ and Labour’s plans to ‘cap’ every bill by legislating against free market pricing if the electorate are foolish enough to vote for them in 2015. It is not enough to provide free hand-outs to meet those bills; now he wants to limit the bills that his party has committed the State to pay for.

Ever wondered why immigrants have taken so much advantage of the Coalition’s Right To Buy mortgage scheme to fund rented housing for other immigrants, Ed?..

Ed won’t answer of course. He is too busy laughing at Dave and wondering if our lying PM has considered that his latest poster will subliminally appeal to the aged; but that it will also repel all young Europhobes in a similar manner. Linking the Union flag with an arthritic right hand is just simple Freudian confirmation of how the Tory party sees our once great nation.

It is a classic case of political spin doctors being unable to think through their strategy – and revealing their true selves in the process.

Unless, of course, this is just the first Conservative poster in a subliminal campaign – directed at an electorate they believe to be mindless zombies…

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