Friday, 25 April 2014

UKIP To Form New British Government in 2015?

Party LeadersANYONE READING THE NEWS this week will be hard put to dismiss this post’s title as suggesting the impossible. Neither, I would suggest, is such an outcome either improbable – or even unlikely.

Unless LibLabCon can put their heads in gear and start talking about alternatives to the solutions proposed by UKIP, we of the swivel-eyed loons’ brigade may not be rioting in 2015; but popping champagne corks and celebrating instead.

Ed Miliband has been exceptionally quiet for the past several days conferring with his new political guru, David Axelrod (acknowledged as the force behind Obama’s Presidential success in the USA); but it seems that the new Labour strategist can only suggest that Miliband do a Cameron – and steal UKIP’s clothes.

Last week, the Daily Express ran: '”We'll tackle scandalous zero hour contracts”, says Farage in pitch for working class vote’; and today the Daily Mail announced: ‘Miliband promises crackdown on 'epidemic' of zero hours contracts but will it lead to a rise in unemployment?’

Shortly afterwards, the remaining Nationals had taken up the DM’s report and blown it into a major story.

Had Miliband made his announcement just a day earlier, Nigel Farage might have been able to use it as a further example of how UKIP is setting the political agenda, in his column today (and ask Ed, directly, why he had not opposed such contracts before).

It is now perfectly clear that, devoid of arguments, and any ideas, the Conservatives, and now Labour, are being forced to steal UKIP’s clothes in order to retain their dwindling supporters. It is the same old story from the two old parties, whom have never had an idea between them since Maggie Thatcher was forced to resign. Rather than think, they rely upon focus groups and political polls in order to make themselves electable – rehashing the same old, failed policies that have led to our current demise – and they still think that they can rely upon such methods for 2015. But there is now a major difference: both major parties are stealing UKIP’s new clothes because the public are voicing the same concerns as UKIP.

Every announcement that mimics UKIP ideas is just a further admission that the old parties are playing catch-up in a desperate attempt to retain their lucrative posts.

Previously, the established parties stole ideas from each other, leading to the position we have now in which the two main parties look, and are, the same. Moreover, by adhering to their old policy forming ways, all but the Liberal Democrats are now becoming to look more and more like UKIP – and that makes it more and more difficult for Miliband or Cameron to oppose Farage on policy matters. (It is that very fact which lies behind their ill considered smear campaign aimed at taking the public’s attention off the ball, while they play those whom possess it).

However, there is something else that the establishment’s political commentators are failing to observe, and which Miliband’s new guru has apparently spotted. If Scotland votes ‘Yes’ and leaves the Union: what then for Labour’s chances in 2015?

If Scotland votes to leave the Union, and that is looking more and more likely, Labour will have no Scottish MPs with which to guarantee an overall majority next year. That is good news for Cameron, and if he and Miliband continue stealing UKIP’s ideas: we could see a situation in which their and UKIP’s policies are so alike that the political playing field will not appear to have changed. That will also be good news, for Cameron and Miliband; because 2015 will then become an election that is just like any other: dependant upon the tribal loyalties the parties have engendered in their supporters over many years.

‘If you can’t beat ‘em: join ‘em,’ the adage goes; and that is precisely what Cameron and Miliband have decided to do; but will their tribal supporters buy it?

While the political commentators continue to analyse the polls and look to history as a means of mathematically predicting who will win the Euro Elections next month, and the General Election the year after, they are missing a simple truth: no one can predict the future; but it is easy to smell the air of change if you are prepared to venture outside your windowless office.

Next year, it seems that the public will have to decide whether to vote for the organ grinder – or waste their vote upon one of his two mimicking monkeys.

Personally: I can’t wait…

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