Monday, 7 April 2014

The Eleventh Hour And How LibLabCon Lie Whilst Telling The Absolute Truth

WHAT A WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE by Nick Clegg in his confrontation with that stupid conspiracy theorist, Nigel Farage. And what superbly unbiased chairmanship of the debate by the BBC’s renowned arbitrator of free speech, David Dimbleby, who persistently ensured that Farage’s repeated attempts to interrupt and shout down his opponent were prevented.

Time after time, like some pathetic reincarnation of W.G.Grace, Farage furiously bowled lie after lie at the Deputy Prime Minister, only to see them all easily dismissed by a simple defensive stroke from the batsman’s orchestrating hands.

There was no need for Nick to defend Britain’s political union with the EU member states. All that hard work, which he had been so dutifully engaged upon to ensure that he had all the true facts regarding our continuing membership, were never needed for him to make his case. All he had to do was ensure that the Great British Public were properly informed about Farage’s persistent lies.

Oh, really Mr Farage: when will you finally begin to master the English Language in the way that only an Old Etonian or schooled politician can possibly manage. No Etonian would ever make the plebbish error of incorrectly distinguishing between tenses.

Mr Farage, you said: ‘[The EU] wants an Air Force, an Army, a Navy; and wants the military to intervene…’

What utter rubbish!

As Mr Clegg so accurately pointed out: ‘This is a dangerous fantasy. The idea that there is going to be a European Air Force, a European Army, is completely not true.’

The British public know that the EU already has an Army, an Air Force, and a Navy. To even suggest that this is a future ambition, is simply absurd.

Don’t UKIP ever heed the news?

Now, after you have studied the above video, which, like the above news, Nick was not given time to bring to the public’s attention; other Euro-sceptics and swivelled-eyed loons might like to read the EU’s historic founding principles, established in 1942, and which have always been available to anyone whom cared to look for them.

It really is a bit late for UKIP to start complaining now. Especially since the vast majority have always returned LibLabCon as the true representatives of their ambitions.

Just because the rest of you don’t have the basic intelligence to correctly spell The Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft, let alone have the patience to read it: does not mean others of Nick Cleg’s [sic] superior intellect should be forced to explain it all to you.

So, let this be the last word on the matter:-

EWG by Ted Pugh

If you are British: you know that there is only one way our ancestors would have encouraged you to vote.

So please: make sure you do so…

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