Friday, 25 April 2014

UKIP To Form New British Government in 2015?

Party LeadersANYONE READING THE NEWS this week will be hard put to dismiss this post’s title as suggesting the impossible. Neither, I would suggest, is such an outcome either improbable – or even unlikely.

Unless LibLabCon can put their heads in gear and start talking about alternatives to the solutions proposed by UKIP, we of the swivel-eyed loons’ brigade may not be rioting in 2015; but popping champagne corks and celebrating instead.

Ed Miliband has been exceptionally quiet for the past several days conferring with his new political guru, David Axelrod (acknowledged as the force behind Obama’s Presidential success in the USA); but it seems that the new Labour strategist can only suggest that Miliband do a Cameron – and steal UKIP’s clothes.

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Eleventh Hour And How LibLabCon Lie Whilst Telling The Absolute Truth

WHAT A WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE by Nick Clegg in his confrontation with that stupid conspiracy theorist, Nigel Farage. And what superbly unbiased chairmanship of the debate by the BBC’s renowned arbitrator of free speech, David Dimbleby, who persistently ensured that Farage’s repeated attempts to interrupt and shout down his opponent were prevented.

Time after time, like some pathetic reincarnation of W.G.Grace, Farage furiously bowled lie after lie at the Deputy Prime Minister, only to see them all easily dismissed by a simple defensive stroke from the batsman’s orchestrating hands.