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Who’s The Sucker? Clegg or Farage?

Clegg and FarageJUDGING BY THE COMMENTS, it seems that Nigel Farage is being tipped to ‘wipe the floor’ with Nick Clegg, when they both go head-to-head in a live debate over Britain leaving the European Union; but it seems that the National Press are not prepared to publish the strategy, agreed by all three major parties, that lies behind the Lib Dems leader’s Trojan horse.

The Deputy Prime Minister made this dramatic offer on his weekly LBC radio phone-in show, broadcast yesterday:-

‘If Nigel Farage is either listening or looking at this programme, I hope he would take up my challenge to debate once and for all, publicly, should we be in the European Union - which I believe means that we have more people in work, we keep ourselves safer because we can go after cross border crimes and terrorism, it means we can look after the environment in a way that we can't on our own – or do we want what Ukip want, which is to pull ourselves out of the European Union and so jeopardise millions of jobs in this country?

‘That's the choice, let's have the debate out in the open and I'm very happy and very keen to debate that with Nigel Farage directly.’

Readers should study the devious Clegg’s words very carefully indeed…

People read into what they read, what they want to read – and the politicians know that only too well. That is why they do not talk like normal people; but prefer to speak in broad questions that, in the same sentence, they then answer themselves. It is a psychological trick, designed to prevent the interviewer from asking a similar question, and to abandon any others they might be considering on a similar topic.

The National Press have been reporting that the ‘debate’ will be about Britain leaving the EU; but it won’t. Clegg has already specified its parameters and summarized all that he has to say on the matter. The only opportunity he affords Nigel Farage is to dispute that millions of jobs would be jeopardised by us leaving. So how much air time can any broadcaster possibly devote to having both parties state their preferred figures? There is no debate to be had here, no arguments to be made in favour of one set of figures or the other. Listeners either believe Farage or Clegg. It is as simple as that – and Clegg knows it. Similarly, there is no debate to be had over cross border crime, in which all National Police Forces have historically cooperated without being forced to; and the environment question is a simple ‘Do you believe in Global Warming, or not?’

Total program time: five-minutes.

The real reason that Clegg has encouraged Farage to join him in a publicly aired debate lies in a previous story, which has been largely ignored in the pages of the National Press because of the exceptional coverage devoted to the UK’s floods and the political response that accompanied them. It concerned the new strategy being adopted by the LibDems to appeal to the immigrant vote as a means of replacing those supporters they have lost to UKIP and to Labour.

Clegg aims to revive the racist slurs, which UKIP has only recently been able to rebut entirely, by attempting to place a clear dividing line between his ‘party of open immigration’ and the other’s controlled borders policy. In addition, he aims to use his attacks on UKIP as a mirror attack on the Conservative Party that is now trying to address the immigration problem that UKIP’s surge has forced them to address.

Clegg is realigning the LibDems as the Nation’s immigrant party, and his message is clear: ‘If you are a foreign national, living in the UK, and wish to preserve your access to the UK’s labour market and benefit system, you must claim your right to vote – and cast it for me!’

Clegg has correctly identified that this new strategy will appeal to Labour’s far left, while UKIP makes further inroads into that party’s working-class vote. Moreover, as the Conservative Party continues to collapse, its Europhile voters might also be drawn into the Lib Dem’s new camp because of its firm cooperation credentials.

It is a powerful strategy, designed to mobilise the immigrant vote against UKIP, by having millions of transient EU citizens support his party in May. If Clegg is successful, he could scupper any chance of UKIP obtaining the outright victory that Nigel Farage has predicted – and the tactic’s beauty is that Clegg does not have to win the ‘debate.’ Indeed, if Farage does, as anticipated, ‘wipe the floor with Clegg,’ it will only serve to strengthen the Lib Dem’s appeal to the nation’s immigrants further.

Clegg has seen the writing on the political wall, and is now frantically trying to realign his party in an effort not to be wiped-out at May’s Euro Elections, and the subsequent Parliamentary Elections next year. By choosing to confront Farage on the nation’s air-waves, he does not expect to attract UKIP supporters; but to haemorrhage Labour’s immigrant vote to prevent the destruction of his party – and get his new message across.

The tactic is specifically designed to produce a Labour/LibDem coalition in 2015, assist the Conservative Party’s demise, and confine UKIP’s appeal to the English vote by comparing the party to a right-wing SNP.

Neither David Cameron, nor Ed Miliband, will agree to take part in what has already been planned as a private two-party debate. Ed is not prepared to be drawn into discussing a referendum – and Dave is too busy cleaning his wellies, watching TV crime dramas, and running the country to have any time to spare. He just hopes that his partner in crime can score enough points to discredit UKIP’s stance on job losses as a result of withdrawing from the EU to send previous Conservative voters back to his fold, as well as undermining Labour’s migrant support in time for 2015.

The debate will centre upon immigration, and there will be enough there for the establishment press to quote, out of context, to launch a comprehensive attack upon UKIP in time for May’s Euro Election postal votes if a TV broadcaster is permitted to construct a studio audience to enhance its viewer ratings.

Clegg’s ‘debate’ is nothing more than an ingenious political stunt, and Nigel Farage would be wise to ensure that this Pandora’s box remains under the astute control of Nick Ferrari and LBC.

08/03/2014: Let migrants' grandparents in UK too, say Lib Dems in bid to water down immigration reforms.

05/04/2014: Nick Clegg vows to make staying in the EU a 'personal priority'

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