Friday, 21 February 2014

Who’s The Sucker? Clegg or Farage?

Clegg and FarageJUDGING BY THE COMMENTS, it seems that Nigel Farage is being tipped to ‘wipe the floor’ with Nick Clegg, when they both go head-to-head in a live debate over Britain leaving the European Union; but it seems that the National Press are not prepared to publish the strategy, agreed by all three major parties, that lies behind the Lib Dems leader’s Trojan horse.

The Deputy Prime Minister made this dramatic offer on his weekly LBC radio phone-in show, broadcast yesterday:-

‘If Nigel Farage is either listening or looking at this programme, I hope he would take up my challenge to debate once and for all, publicly, should we be in the European Union - which I believe means that we have more people in work, we keep ourselves safer because we can go after cross border crimes and terrorism, it means we can look after the environment in a way that we can't on our own – or do we want what Ukip want, which is to pull ourselves out of the European Union and so jeopardise millions of jobs in this country?

‘That's the choice, let's have the debate out in the open and I'm very happy and very keen to debate that with Nigel Farage directly.’

Readers should study the devious Clegg’s words very carefully indeed…