Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Chin-Chin! Here’s To A Really Amusing New Year

Ching ChingDON’T YOU JUST LOVE IT when that carefully scripted address, delivered by a seriously pretentious stuffed-shirt, and eminently self-serving politician, is met only with raised British eyebrows, turning heads, and the spontaneous pursed lips of each audience member as they turn to their neighbour for assistance in politely suppressing the welling laughter that threatens to overtake them.

If ever there was a generic trait which identified the nature of what it is to be British, it is surely that innate ability to call upon all of one’s willpower with the magnanimous intention of sparing another’s embarrassment. That generic trait, which may not permit us to prevent the tears from forming in our eyes, but which, with the help of a deep breath, permits us to take control of our emotions and reply, if asked about our short loss of composure, that ‘your speech actually moved me to tears.’ Then, as our inquisitor nods wisely, we and those listening can bring out the hankies and turn away, reinforcing those orators’ self-assurance that their skills really do have the ability to sway an audience.

There is nothing more precious to the British soul than preserving all the best jokes, so that they might be fully enjoyed by others – and patting us on the shoulder, whilst we are forced to blow our nose, really does help anchor our behaviour…

Friday, 12 December 2014

Ambition Before Duty - That Is The LibLabCon Way

B3yMi6YCIAAV444HAVE YOU DONATED YET?.. It seems that all the UK political parties are conducting detailed academic surveys of their members views in the run-up to next year’s general election as a result of the UKIP threat. Place that alongside the fact that all the established parties have been stealing UKIP policies and dressing themselves in their clothes since the latter’s landslide victory in the 2014 European Elections, and it becomes increasingly clear that the LibLabCon Alliance has now abandoned any pretence it might once have claimed for integrity or the moral high ground.

Some might say that this latest development is to be welcomed; that, at last, the political leaders are finally consulting their members about their views; but it is not the act of consultation that we should be focusing our attention upon: it is the what and why of this latest exercise that has been specifically designed to provide the information they need to retain power.

Monday, 1 December 2014

LibLabCon’s Unbelievable Incompetence

ONCE UPON A TIME, the United Kingdom faced a problem. Its government had encouraged the population to produce more children to replace those lost in the war years; but the virtual loss of a generation of workers presented a quandary: how to rebuild what had been destroyed while the new generation grew-up.

Fortunately, the Commonwealth was there to assist us, and our friends were only too happy to leave their own lands in order to help. They spoke our language; had fought alongside us during the war; shared our principles; integrated into our society – and became one of us.

‘Oh dear,’ said the government some years later. ‘That solution came at a cost. We have been paying for those workers’ health services, housing, and pensions – and now we are paying them for being out of work.’

Oh, yes. The United Kingdom had been rebuilt with the help of our friends; business was booming, and those whom had not fought in the last two wars but remained at home, profiteering in a thriving black market, had every reason to be grateful.

But they weren’t…

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What A Wheeze! David Cameron To Hold Pre-Election By-Election In Rochester & Strood To Defeat UKIP

Laughing CameronYOU HAVE TO GIVE THE CONSERVATIVE’S THEIR DUE, their latest ruse to maximise the party’s vote in the Rochester & Strood by-election, to be held on 20th November, is worthy of a gold medal in political skulduggery.

Presented in the form of a Local Primary, all those entitled to vote in the upcoming by-election have today received a personal letter from David Cameron to nominate the Conservative candidate that they wish to defeat the UKIP insurgency by postal ballot. Under the guise of finally responding to calls for open primaries by its activists, the Conservatives have apparently invested some £40,000 to conduct their own poll of voting intentions and fine-tune their electioneering to target the female vote, which previous results have suggested are UKIP’s Achilles-heel.

The choice is between two female candidates, drawn from the pool of Conservative Party local councillors (one presented as working-class, and the other of a middle-class background).

The strategy is particularly interesting, because neither candidate is presented as supporting the Tory Party manifesto or the policies it has pursued in government…

Sunday, 12 October 2014

How To Finally Defeat UKIP

Sad liblabconWITH JUST SEVEN MONTHS to go to the General Election in May, it seems that the three major parties are in disarray following the Clacton and Heywood & Middleton by-elections. UKIP has shown that it poses a major threat to all three parties in seats they once took for granted, and the latest Survation poll, conducted for the Mail on Sunday, puts them on 25% – within just six points of the Tory and Labour joint-leaders. That figure could give the fruitcake party around 128 parliamentary seats in next year’s elections and see them easily hold the balance of power.

But there are another seven-months of political campaigning still to go.

Of course, no sane person would predict, from just one poll, that UKIP might actually form the next government; but that is exactly what the three other parties are privately fearing as they struggle to promise to address the issues that the majority of their previous supporters believe only the impertinent party can resolve – given the fact that all three promised to address those issues in their last manifestos; but chose to renege on those promises as soon as they achieved power.

It is difficult to regain the public’s trust when you have been proven to be serial liars; but those same skills can be usefully employed in another way to defeat the impudent Farage and his party…

Friday, 10 October 2014

Just A Party Of Protest; But UKIP Polled More Votes Than LibLabCon Put Together

Election TurnoutsDID YOU KNOW THAT, prior to 1968, only candidate’s names were printed on ballot papers? There was no mention of the political party they represented. People voted for the candidate – not the party that they represented.

When politics was commercialised through political branding, and career politicians were born, the following generation were confronted by political machines inviting them to vote for the party that would make them financially better off – not by local individuals with whom they could identify and had their communities’ interest at heart.

Politicians began referring to United Kingdom Ltd – not Great Britain – and then set about establishing themselves as the country’s owners through ever restrictive laws. They hid behind political manifestos, promising to make us all richer; because, like Kings of old whom had been born to reign through the Will of God, they had been born to rule our lands through their God Given Visions of managing the economy to provide full employment; jobs for life; free health care and a living wage in our retirements as a just reward. Promises that were based on the post war Dismal Science of trendy economic theories espoused by learned professors who believed that inequality was measured in terms of money – and nothing more…

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Not A Peep From Politicians When Muslims Behead British Nationals On Our Soil; But When They Do It Abroad: Parliament Responds With A Squadron Of Tornadoes!

TheCrusadingChristianOH, WHAT A POLITICAL FARCE! I find myself wondering if we are not all taking part in some badly scripted B Movie, designed to be shown in cinemas across the nation as part of LibLabCons attempts to be re-elected next year. Who on earth sends warplanes against disparate groups of psychopaths, hiding amongst the indigent population or burying themselves underground?..

The answer, of course, is nobody. It is just a token gesture to have us all believe that our political masters are acting in our interests. We are expected to believe that the aging GR4s will destroy all those nasty jihadists that might otherwise return to the UK and bring their primitive skills to our streets. Apparently, they are fair game whilst on foreign soil; but untouchable whilst they are here – aiding their new caliphate with charitable donations from their weekly benefits and assisting its militants’ breeding programme by sending each gang a jihad bride.

The hypocrisy is staggering. The political calls to kill those who would dare to behead its enemies on its own soil, whilst refusing to contemplate that those who commit such crimes here should similarly face the death penalty. It is OK to kill our enemies from a Tornado; but not OK for a Royal Marine to despatch one painlessly to remove the threat he posed.

And what is it about being beheaded that causes such outrage anyway? Provided the victim is despatched with a single stroke, it is as painless as being shot in the back of the head or having your neck broken at the end of a noose. It hardly necessitates a military response.

The fact is that IS does not have the ability to launch a military offensive on the UK. The only threat it offers us is to penetrate our borders and conduct random acts of terrorism, as once the IRA did. To counteract that threat, the obvious response is to beef-up our border controls and destroy the threat that breeds on our own soil; but instead we despatch warplanes to Iraq in a response that can only cause collateral damage and kill innocents along with the guilty.

There are so many different factions forming IS that, left alone, they will just kill each other. There is no good reason for us, or any other western power to become militarily involved. If the Iraqis choose to hand over all their US military hardware to their enemies: that was their choice, and is their problem. Not ours.

Different cultures have different moral standards. We should get over it – and tell the electioneering politicians to go to hell!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Why Deny ‘British’ Muslims Their Right To Fight For What They Believe In Abroad?

jihadistTWITI WAS SOMEWHAT PERPLEXED THIS WEEK to learn that four Muslim’s have apparently had their British passports withdrawn to prevent them from travelling to Syria and joining-up with their lunatic brothers and sisters waging incoherent jihad against their fellow believers. After all, we did not prevent anyone from this country leaving to join the Spanish Civil War – nor did we prevent them from returning to their homeland afterwards. I firmly believe in the right to take up arms to defend against another’s aggression, and I personally have no objection to anyone killing another when that other attempts to kill them. Personally, I would much rather encourage all our home grown jihadists to go join their chosen foreign faction and give vent to their epinephrine charged emotions upon another’s soil than I would risk them expressing their indoctrinated hatred here.

I am also perplexed to discover that individuals can be permitted to stay in a country that withdraws their passport and, by implication, their nationality. When British mercenaries had their passports removed at our borders, they were prevented from setting their feet upon British soil and were left to seek their own solution to the problem. Why have we forced our own indigenous people to seek refuge in other countries for choosing to fight for a living on foreign soil, yet force Muslim aggressors, who do not recognise any borders or other cultures, to remain in our homeland and fester?

Why not permit those jihadists to leave (with a good fifty-fifty chance that they will not be coming back) and remove their British passports should they successfully return – treating them like the mercenaries they really are?..

Friday, 13 June 2014

Do We Become Muslim By Eating Halal?

halal slaughterREPORTEDLY, Mohammed said: ‘The non-believers will become Muslims when, amongst other things, they eat the meat that we have slaughtered,’ and it turns-out he may have had a point…

I will not eat Halal; and that is not because I fiercely object to having my money support global jihad and enshrine the right of Muslims to cause senseless suffering to animals when they are slaughtered – I just don’t like the taste and the texture. The fact is that all meat produced from halal abattoirs tastes bitter, and is much tougher than that produced by traditional methods.

I like my roast beef to be sweet, tender, and bloody; to complement the roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and Brussels sprouts. And I want a rich, full bodied gravy to accompany the dish; prepared from the meat’s juices and thickened with a little flour and butter. I want my Sunday’s main course to be easily digestible – so I still have room for the apple pie and ice cream desert. I do not want to sit there, endlessly chewing, to separate the fibres of tasteless, rubberlike meat. Furthermore, I do not want to have to wash down my meal with Gaviscon and be forced to supplement my diet with iron tablets to replace the vitamins I have been denied…

Monday, 9 June 2014

Oh What A Lovely Farce: Gove Orders All Schools To ‘Uphold Fundamental British Values!’

London rioterIT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME COMING; but the cat is finally out of the bag, and the LibLabCon are flying in all directions. Despite the left’s attempts to play the issue down, whilst still trying to wring from it the maximum political capital, the main stream press has finally been able to cast its light upon the foreign subversion that has been allowed to infest the UK’s establishments unopposed since it was first brought to the attention of Conservative PM John Major.

Oh what a wonderful farce. Ever since the fall of Maggie Thatcher, the LibLabCon have consistently undermined the education system by indoctrinating our children with their latest fashionable beliefs in unproven Climate Change Theory; Gay Marriage; Sexual Promiscuity and the anti-democratic belief that minorities should be given the right to express themselves freely, despite the majority’s view. They have taught our children that everyone is equal; destroyed their ability to communicate effectively by banning words from our common language; fed them halal meat on a national scale; and taught them how to supplicate themselves to Allah.

Yesterday, even the Vatican’s public address system wailed to the sounds of Islamic Prayer and readings from the Koran as the scatty Pope nodded his satisfaction and provided the final link, if anyone needed it, confirming the Catholic catechism’s approval of the close associations formed by Catholic faith schools with their brother’s religious mosques, which give legitimacy to the jihad conducted against Christians.

It is not as though the schools at the heart of the Ofsted report have done anything that has not been eagerly encouraged by our politicians. They serve local catchment areas that are overwhelmingly Muslim, and correctly reflect that majority in their board of governors. Moreover, their catchment areas do consist of largely British (Muslim) Nationals; and, as far as they are concerned, the school’s syllabus does reflect (their) fundamental British beliefs.

It is fundamental British values now being toted by Gove (not traditional, if you notice).

I hate to confront these latest revelations as much as anyone else; but, like the vast majority of the British public – especially those whom have been forced to flee such areas in search of a traditional British education for their children – we have all been aware of these developments for the past fifteen years, whilst our politicians have only exhibited hubris.

Summer is approaching, and these reports could not have come at a worse time. We now have the weakest government that Britain has ever had, confronting an emboldened enemy that is used to having its way in a society that it despises. The rhetoric is already beginning, and if history is anything to go by; there will soon be full blown riots on our streets as the weather becomes even warmer…

Friday, 6 June 2014

It Was Woman Who Denied UKIP The Newark Seat

Newark candidatesTHIS MORNING’S BY-ELECTION RESULT had been predicted from the start. The Conservative Party would hold the seat; but with a much smaller majority – and so it was; but it need not have been that way.

UKIP’s fatal error was to field an ex-Conservative, same old, same old candidate in the shape of Roger Helmer; while its membership seeks to create a new, representative political party, unencumbered by those tainted by their past. As soon as millionaire, ex-Conservative Helmer attacked five-times richer Conservative Candidate Robert Jenrick as being unable to connect with normal voters because of his financial status: the election was irredeemably lost.

The fact is: women are much better judges of character than any male can ever hope to be – and they voted, as they always do, using their invaluable intuition to give UKIP a well deserved drubbing. Their choice was between a self-declared, reformed misogynist and a Westminster virgin whose financial status was solely attributable to the rewards bestowed upon him by his successful older wife. Women look to the candidate’s wife and his marriage to judge their favour – and there was simply no contest here.

The final Survation by-election poll found that 36.8% of men supported UKIP while just 16.8% of women supported the party. Nearly half of women (47.6%) were determined to cast their vote in support of the untainted Tory candidate – judging him upon his character’s value, expressed by his wife, and weighing it against Helmer’s vain attempts to distance himself from his past.

It was a by-election; to be refought again next year – by which time I sincerely hope that UKIP can get its act together:-

No ex-Westminster candidates;
No spin;
No deals;
No pacts.
Just honesty and complete transparency, à la its party leader.

Anything less will be a complete betrayal of its membership, and four million plus supporters…

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fact: All Politicians Are Racists.

UKIP on craneONLY A MENTAL RETARD would accuse another of being a racist, and, in the next breath, extoll the virtues of their own particular culture or lineage. Moreover, only one whom despises their own race for being inferior shouts ‘racist’ at another for pointing out that which they already know to be true.

All democracies are based upon racism: the belief [an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof] that all members of each race [a group, especially of people, with particular similar physical characteristics, who are considered as belonging to the same type, or the fact of belonging to such a group] possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior [lower in rank, status, or quality] or superior [higher in rank, status, or quality] to another race or races.

Never, in all my 63 years, have I seen British journalism used to corrupt the English language, from which it was born, in such an organised and concerted manner by systematically abandoning all principle in favour of shutting down democratic debate. The idea that racist views are unacceptable in a democracy is an assault upon Democracy itself. And the very idea that a journalist (not a columnist) may pour scorn upon any individual’s views, cherry-pick facts to slant a reader’s or viewer’s interpretation, or simply spike stories that do not support their own racist opinions is an insult even to Pravda.

Friday, 9 May 2014

The Biggest LibLabCon Lie That The People’s Army, Led By UKIP, Must Now Expose

UK debtFEW PEOPLE WILL ADMIT TO IT; but the simple truth is that Politics is nothing more than a civilised method of controlling society by the application of fear. Individuals do not choose to support a party because they believe its election will bring about some kind of perfect society in which everyone will be free to determine their own fate; they vote for the party whom they trust to defend their personal interests. In effect, they reject the other parties because they fear they will be worse off if they provide any of them with the power to control their lives.

Everyone debates the effect that promised policies might have if they are introduced by a newly elected government; but, alone in the polling booth, self interest always comes first; and the reason why so many have chosen not to vote, in many years, is because there has not been a party brave enough to tell the truth and defend them…

Friday, 2 May 2014

Another Week Of Utter Desperation By LibLabCon

ConJobSO HERE WE ARE, less than three weeks away from the European Elections; and the only party debating the issues that confront us is: UKIP.

Today, the Conservatives resorted to subliminal advertising to persuade the grey-haired majority to vote for them by employing a carefully designed poster triangulating the Union flag with an aged, arthritic right-hand delivering its ballot vote, to ensure the poster’s bold text message was hypnotically linked and embedded in the viewer’s subconscious.

When lies fail: only chicanery is a viable option…

Friday, 25 April 2014

UKIP To Form New British Government in 2015?

Party LeadersANYONE READING THE NEWS this week will be hard put to dismiss this post’s title as suggesting the impossible. Neither, I would suggest, is such an outcome either improbable – or even unlikely.

Unless LibLabCon can put their heads in gear and start talking about alternatives to the solutions proposed by UKIP, we of the swivel-eyed loons’ brigade may not be rioting in 2015; but popping champagne corks and celebrating instead.

Ed Miliband has been exceptionally quiet for the past several days conferring with his new political guru, David Axelrod (acknowledged as the force behind Obama’s Presidential success in the USA); but it seems that the new Labour strategist can only suggest that Miliband do a Cameron – and steal UKIP’s clothes.

Monday, 7 April 2014

The Eleventh Hour And How LibLabCon Lie Whilst Telling The Absolute Truth

WHAT A WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE by Nick Clegg in his confrontation with that stupid conspiracy theorist, Nigel Farage. And what superbly unbiased chairmanship of the debate by the BBC’s renowned arbitrator of free speech, David Dimbleby, who persistently ensured that Farage’s repeated attempts to interrupt and shout down his opponent were prevented.

Time after time, like some pathetic reincarnation of W.G.Grace, Farage furiously bowled lie after lie at the Deputy Prime Minister, only to see them all easily dismissed by a simple defensive stroke from the batsman’s orchestrating hands.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Who’s The Sucker? Clegg or Farage?

Clegg and FarageJUDGING BY THE COMMENTS, it seems that Nigel Farage is being tipped to ‘wipe the floor’ with Nick Clegg, when they both go head-to-head in a live debate over Britain leaving the European Union; but it seems that the National Press are not prepared to publish the strategy, agreed by all three major parties, that lies behind the Lib Dems leader’s Trojan horse.

The Deputy Prime Minister made this dramatic offer on his weekly LBC radio phone-in show, broadcast yesterday:-

‘If Nigel Farage is either listening or looking at this programme, I hope he would take up my challenge to debate once and for all, publicly, should we be in the European Union - which I believe means that we have more people in work, we keep ourselves safer because we can go after cross border crimes and terrorism, it means we can look after the environment in a way that we can't on our own – or do we want what Ukip want, which is to pull ourselves out of the European Union and so jeopardise millions of jobs in this country?

‘That's the choice, let's have the debate out in the open and I'm very happy and very keen to debate that with Nigel Farage directly.’

Readers should study the devious Clegg’s words very carefully indeed…