Wednesday, 25 December 2013

First The Press, Then The Internet – As Politicians Choose This Christmas To Exert Their Control

Thanks daveWE ARE ALL BEING ROASTED like turkeys, this Christmas, as politicians extend their control over what words we can use to incorporate those that we are permitted to read. It began with their alliance to muzzle the British Press with draconian libel laws; continued with their attempts at imposing a politically controlled regulatory body endowed by Royal Charter, and has now been extended to block citizen’s access to Websites that do not conform to their narrow political motives.

The looming battle for May’s Council and European Elections, and the subsequent struggle to regain power in 2015 has forced the quisling politicians to play their only remaining Ace: Censorship (with a capital C) that is not based upon content – but upon individual words, like ‘gambling,’ which, as the illustration shows, resulted in the UK’s Health Lottery, and the government’s Gambling Commission website being blocked by my own ISP, TalkTalk.

David Cameron’s Censorship filter does not only monitor what you are viewing in your browser – it also scans, and modifies, what you receive in your emails as well!..

I gain no satisfaction from having pointed-out the direction in which our traitorous politicians were travelling or the absolute necessity for fellow journalists to protect their email in Leveson’s wake. The signs have been clear for some time, and mine has not the been the only voice.

Any IT professional will immediately confirm that there is no such thing as an ‘intelligent’ filter or an ‘intelligent’ computer. They are programmed using binary code that can only distinguish between opposites (‘on’ or ‘off’ – or ‘true’ and ‘false’). There are no grey areas in programming – and it is therefore impossible to distinguish the context in which any single word is used. To do that, it would require programming every sentence, and every paragraph, that an individual word might be used in – and provide all those strings as data for a software routine to compare against in order to decide if the site was to be blocked or not.

It is an impossible task: and the politicians are well aware of that fact. Just as is anyone whom has been forced to modify their comments upon an online piece to ensure it is accepted by the soulless moderator that our online national newspapers have been forced to use.

I was unable to provide this link in the RT comment section because it contained ‘offensive language’ (the offending word being ‘porn’)…

This is such an insidious development, and it promotes the belief that the ‘War on Terror’ is being cynically used by the politicians as a cover for using the immense power of the ISPs to suppress free speech for their own selfish ends. This is not a carefully targeted monitoring operation by the security forces, to which no sane person can possible object; but the full-scale interception of all email communications as a means of identifying, and blocking, any internet site for daring to utter a specific word that the politicians have categorised as identifying an enemy of its corrupt regime.

SNAFU? FUBAR? BOHICA? No. Not this time: WYSIWYG! It is no coincidence that the restrictions are being imposed this Christmas, just as we approach the New Year

The indigent English race is being systematically replaced and destroyed; our right to bear arms has been taken from us; we are imprisoned for using our native words; and the politicians feast upon our anguish whilst ridiculing our objections and dismissing any prospect of our being able to unleash our noble dogs of war.

Now that the filter is in place: any word can be added – at any time – without recourse to Parliament or any democratic debate.

Be prepared for the ‘teething problems’ argument until the system fully embeds itself and its subsequent actions go unnoticed.

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  1. you know TalkTalk had this filters for years right its not new and other ISPs are different when it comes to filtering (not everything = government censorship)