Wednesday, 25 December 2013

First The Press, Then The Internet – As Politicians Choose This Christmas To Exert Their Control

Thanks daveWE ARE ALL BEING ROASTED like turkeys, this Christmas, as politicians extend their control over what words we can use to incorporate those that we are permitted to read. It began with their alliance to muzzle the British Press with draconian libel laws; continued with their attempts at imposing a politically controlled regulatory body endowed by Royal Charter, and has now been extended to block citizen’s access to Websites that do not conform to their narrow political motives.

The looming battle for May’s Council and European Elections, and the subsequent struggle to regain power in 2015 has forced the quisling politicians to play their only remaining Ace: Censorship (with a capital C) that is not based upon content – but upon individual words, like ‘gambling,’ which, as the illustration shows, resulted in the UK’s Health Lottery, and the government’s Gambling Commission website being blocked by my own ISP, TalkTalk.

David Cameron’s Censorship filter does not only monitor what you are viewing in your browser – it also scans, and modifies, what you receive in your emails as well!..

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Broken Politics + Broken Society = Civil War

Cameron treatyWE LIVE IN DANGEROUS TIMES, when politicians have chosen to place their own welfare and financial greed above those of the electorate whom they serve.

Once there was a clear dividing line between democratic and dictatorial Nation states; but in 2013, that is no longer the case. Few would dispute that there is now a seemingly unstoppable, worldwide trend towards governments that impose their own will upon their citizens, rather than ensuring that the majority’s wishes are observed. Individual freedoms are eroded in order that a privileged minority might seize and retain power to satisfy their own narcissism and inflated concepts of themselves; citizens rightly feel disenfranchised; silent majorities hamper resentment; leaders impose restrictions upon others voicing their views – and society becomes a pressure cooker whose only remaining expression resides in violence and civil war.