Thursday, 11 July 2013

Proof That The BBC Is Not Only Biased, It Cynically Misrepresents The Facts To Promote Its Own Leftist Agenda

I AM QUITE A FAN of BBC Dramas; but there is now no distinction between that media form and the Corporation’s biased political broadcasts. I actually missed last Sunday’s Politics Show and, instead, caught-up using the BBC’s iPlayer because the programme had been heavily promoted as providing the results of a ComRes poll, especially commissioned by the BBC, of UKIP councillors.

Of course, the great thing about iPlayer is that you can pause, rewind, and replay if a certain sequence seems odd – or if you need to confirm what someone has said – and, although it was not my intention from the outset, I nonetheless found that I was using those facilities quite frequently.

From the outset, the UKIP segment just felt ‘odd.’ For a start, here was the BBC paying several thousand pounds of license payer’s money for a ComRes poll; but its full findings were never disclosed. I had expected a piece focussing upon UKIP Councillor views about local government, for which they had been elected; but instead the programme focussed upon immigration, the death penalty, and global warming. (I wonder why?).

It did not require a special poll to discover that the majority of UKIP councillors were in favour of controlled immigration (the vast majority of the public are). It did not require a special poll to discover that most UKIP councillors are in favour of re-introducing the death penalty (most of the public are). And it did not need a special poll to discover that most UKIP councillors do not believe that global warming is caused by humankind (neither do most of the public). But, nowhere in the programme did the BBC point-out that these views were shared by the majority of the public and that, therefore, the councillors’ views fully represent the majorities they have been elected to serve.

So, what was the purpose of the programme? Well, it was not to examine UKIP councillor views. The main thrust of the piece was to paint UKIP as the far-right of the Conservative party and suggest that (despite all other polls) it draws 71% of its support from ex-conservative voters – and its evidence for that is the ComRes poll, which reveals that 71% of UKIP councillors have previously voted Conservative! (I think we can safely assume that most of the British electorate have voted Conservative at some point in their lives).

It goes without saying that the leftist BBC is against the death penalty; against immigration control; and believes whole-heartedly in global warming; but, under the terms of its broadcasters license, it has a duty to be impartial, and fair.

This broadcast was anything but – and for those that deny the BBC is politically controlled, and uses military PSYOPs techniques in order to influence the way its viewers think: take a look at this edited version of the Sunday Politics Show that I have prepared to show the methods being employed.

The BBC’s agenda is to dismiss the fact that we now have a four-party political system by mocking UKIP as a mere splinter-group of the Tory right and therefore reinforcing the LibLabCon propaganda that a vote for UKIP is wasted and will only let Labour in. Its message, to its preferred leftist voters, is that voting UKIP will be futile and that the party, in any case, is just another reincarnation of the BNP.

This is not journalism. It is pure Drama in which facts are misrepresented and subliminal imagery is employed to be reinforced by the Sunday Politics Show presenter, Andrew Neil…

BBC Sunday Politics UKIP Councillors July 2013 by Ted Pugh

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