Tuesday, 25 June 2013

BOHICA: Unstable Operatives, Untrained Handlers, And The Curse Of Political Control

FOLLOWING THE PUBLIC OUTRAGE generated by last night’s C4 Dispatches (Monday 24 June), it is notable that the Guardian and the Mirror are leading with the accusation that the Metropolitan Police conducted a ‘smear campaign’ against the Stephen Lawrence family, in 1993; but that each is being careful to ensure that the phrase is contained within apostrophes.

It is also notable that the Prime Minister (David Cameron) and the Home Secretary (Teresa May) have not taken the time to notice the distinction, before instructing Ellison’s Operation Herne to investigate the allegation relating to Police activities that were supposedly conducted twenty-years ago.

The source of the accusation, one Peter Francis, has reportedly acted as a confidential Guardian source since 2011, and has also contributed to a book that, it just so happens, was written by the C4 Dispatches presenter – and is due to be published by Faber & Faber on 4th July, this year.

We can all expect it to do well after all this free publicity; and all the selective politician and media quotes, which will find their way onto its back-cover…