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Religion, The Political Left, Cults, And ‘Common Purpose’

common-purpose-octupusJUST BEFORE I PACK MY BAGS and indulge myself in a hard earned rest, it occurs to me that I should take the time to throw some light upon the threat to free-thinking that religions, the political left, cults, and secret organisations (exemplified by Common Purpose) pose to democracy.

I have often bemoaned our current education system for not teaching our children how to think; but, instead, teaching our youngsters what to believe. A healthy mind, and a healthy society, is only possible if all our children are taught to be sceptical of anyone purporting to ‘know’ anything; because, whatever the material, it will inevitably be coloured by its proponent’s motives and personal beliefs.

It is interesting to consider that harm, as defined in any dictionary, is composed of three types: physical, mental, and moral – and that all three are exerted by some form of control. But it is also interesting to note that physical and mental harm is exerted by external factors, whilst moral harm is imposed upon oneself.

Physical and mental pressures, imposed by others, attempt to coerce us into adopting a different moral view – and its catalyst is trust. Those whom we trust (and in whom we believe) define our moral behaviour.

All organised religions are insidious because they begin the young’s indoctrination from birth. Being physically forced to engage in religious rituals and mentally forced into believing that a single doctrine contains the absolute truth, to which all humanity aspires, only instils fear in young individuals and encourages them to reject those beliefs when they are older. In effect, all religions are responsible for conditioning humanity to find another ‘religion’ which frees them from any feeling of guilt.

The political left, cults, and secret organisations like Common Purpose are all forms of religion that seek to exploit traditional Christian beliefs. Without being overtly religious, they seek to exploit core religious teachings that define a person’s moral behaviour – and they do that in the same way that the Christians attract followers by declaring that there is a Benign, Omnipotent God whom forgives all transgressors.

Personally, I do not agree with Brian Gerrish that Common Purpose’s intention is to ‘kill us all’ – or that its sole purpose is to instil a fascist regime that was rejected by the old USSR. Gerrish makes a sound argument that the facts support such a conclusion, and there is no doubt that the organisation bears a threat; but a closer investigation of the personalities involved, whilst being odious, lack the moral justification to undertake such acts. Those involved are morally opposed to violence (treason is no longer a hanging offense) they promote political correctness, are gay friendly, and welcome criminal immigrants.

Common Purpose does not present a physical threat to this country, that threat comes from radical Islam that uses Twitter and free blogs to twist facts and undermine our children’s trust in UK authorities with the acquiescence of David Icke. Common Purpose does not have an opaque hidden agenda, it sets out to corrupt, and is very successful at doing so (using the same military psyops techniques, widely documented on the internet, that are now employed by militant Palestinians).

Compared to the Muslim threat, Common Purpose is naively benign. The problem is that its objective of corrupting society, so that all morals are eroded, simply makes it easier for terrorists to establish well-funded cells in the UK by easily penetrating our borders, It is Common Purpose values that promoted the adoption of the Human Rights Act, the same values that attempt to lower the age of consent to facilitate paedophilia, and the same values that destroyed our border controls.

The Christian religion, the political left, and Common Purpose have all served to weaken our society by promoting a ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’ attitude, which has produced a moral nebulous in which modern career politicians were permitted to rise. Our society is morally weak, no longer able to distinguish between right and wrong, so is it any wonder that militant Islam seeks to test our resolve?

It is easy to brainwash those of limited intelligence and those whom are young. You just need to challenge their values with the aim of introducing another set of your own. It is infuriatingly difficult to brainwash anyone over fifty – because they have all been there before.

‘Are you happy?’


‘Good for you. I wish I could say the same.’


‘I just can’t help thinking that my happiness depends upon others being unhappy. There is so much suffering in the world.’

‘Mmm.’ (Feeling guilty).

‘If only everyone had our advantages. What a better world it would be!’


‘If only people weren’t so selfish…’

‘(Does he mean me?) Yes.’

‘Sad people have a right to be happy. Don’t they?’

‘Of course.’

‘So why don’t those in power help them? What is wrong with our society that allows so many to suffer while just the few are happy?’

‘(Really. I didn’t know there were so many unhappy people. Where have I been all my life?) Just selfish I suppose.’

‘Exactly. Selfish people being happy that they are better-off at someone else’s expense!’

‘(Confused) But I’m not like that.’

You don’t think you are. No. But what do you actually do to make others happy?’

‘(Still confused)’

‘You see! If you really did something useful you wouldn’t have to think about it would you?..’

Terrific pitch, huh? All charities use it with gusto. First instil guilt; then promote confusion. The mark is then putty in your hands! It is no different from the life insurance salesman’s whom engenders guilt by asking what your family would do if you were killed by a bus the next day. He won’t tell you the odds against such a dramatic event occurring, just as Common Purpose will not tell you why you should feel guilty about being happy, or the reason why a very small minority do not and why you are personally responsible.

The life insurance salesman will not tell you that you will not get your money back in your lifetime, and that you and your family will be significantly worse off, financially, as a result of taking the policy out. And Common Purpose will not tell you that you have just elected to become unhappy as a result of joining the ranks of the sad. It will not tell you that you were giving up your rights to be happy, so that it could promote a society in which everyone can do exactly as they like, at your expense, and ensure you were always sad in the future from permitting society to be turned upside-down.

You have been programmed to think that wrong is acceptable, and that success and happiness is to be despised. You are no longer a source of aspiration to those whom are confused and cannot find their way; but a victim of the fundamental greed for wealth and power that the insurance salesman, and Common Purpose, share. And, if you were in any doubt, both would have you create a list of advantages and disadvantages, set the list of advantages aside, and twist the facts to ‘reveal’ that the disadvantages could be seen as advantages too.

‘I will be worse off by £250 a year.’

‘But what is 68 pence a day when compared to your family’s security? (It is nothing. Come on, give us your cash)’

‘My children will be taught about homosexuality’

‘Of course. But should they not be given the opportunity to choose what is right, or wrong, for themselves? (Come on, give us access to your young children's minds)’

It is such an obvious ploy that it is difficult to believe that anyone would succumb to it. But they do – in their thousands (as the Insurance and Charity Industries ably testify). And the only reason that the pitch is so successful is that our education system does not train our children to THINK.

Personally, I am sick of being confronted with the same old footage of the same starving third-world children, with honey spread upon their faces to attract the flies. Sick of the professionally staged lighting and the close-ups used to obscure all the technicians behind the studio shots. And I am disgusted that so few people can tell that they are being conned. (Severely malnourished females are physically unable to give birth – so how come the ‘famine’ only affects their kids?). Apart from the fact that over 75% of whatever is donated will be absorbed by the ‘charity’s’ PR and administration costs, the only suffering here is that engineered by the charity farms that always ensure there is a photogenic reason for fools like us to donate. They do not help the situation, they promulgate it in a self-perpetuating search for ‘fairness’ from which they can personally benefit and satisfy their envy of others more fortunate than themselves.

Of course Common Purpose is a charity. It follows the same strategy, for the same self-benefit, as the majority of charities pursue. Dave Miliband: £280,000 a year.

Western society is ridden with religions and cults of different shades, all exploiting the guilt that the Roman’s Christianity implanted in us. (‘It is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter Heaven’). And the United States has its own problems too, as the new ‘Kabbalists’, Golden Dawn, and other spiders trap its celebrities like flies.

All these organisations seek recognition by the majority, and legislation to enable them to corrupt by forming various lobbying groups to promote themselves as a significant minority whom can swing democratic elections or swell a party’s funds – and idiot, unthinking politicians, naively give them their ear.

Sad, huh?..

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