Friday, 24 May 2013

‘Kill’ And ‘Hate’ Banned From The English Language – So No One Can Talk About The Koran

Lee RigbyAS A JOURNALIST I have seen some of my stories spiked, or heavily edited, because of ‘the national interest’ – and, by and large, I have always reluctantly agreed to the decision. I was once engaged in enforcing such arrangements, and working in an environment where secrecy was vital, so I am, perhaps, predisposed to allowing the government to have its way on such issues.

But not this time. The beheading of Lee Rigby, on British soil, was a direct result of the incompetence of the British Government – and now our politicians seek to spin us a tale of practising moderate Muslims and some kind of ‘Islamism’ that is opposed to Islam and the teachings of the Koran.

The Press is being muzzled; the ever compliant BBC is engaged in heavy-handed editing and the combined establishment machine has set itself against the people.

There is no ‘Islamism;’ there is just one Koran – and its adherents are taught to kill Jews, Christians, and all non-believers (no matter who or where they are).

I have some knowledge of PsyOps, conducted against the IRA during the Northern Ireland Campaign; but the British establishment are now deploying those same techniques against our country’s indigenous population.

This comment is not accepted on any news site, because it uses inflammatory words quoted directly from the Koran:-

‘We need to understand that everyone whom form their morals from the Koran have been taught to specifically hate Jews and Christians [The Cow 2.113] - and anyone else whom does not conform to their beliefs. Followers of the Koran are told to 'Kill them wherever you find them' [The Cow 2.191].

‘The religion treats all its non-believers as 'people that have passed away' [The Cow 2.134 and 2.141] and IT IS NOT TRUE that this is interpreted 'incorrectly' by a small minority; just as it is NOT TRUE that there is an Islam and Islamism distinction.

‘The current discussion is being conducted by those whom have never read the Koran, and those that have (and intentionally lie about its contents).

‘The argument goes that Christians and Jews are taught an 'eye for an eye' and that the Koran is no different; but the difference is that the Old Testament teaching is about justice and that the Koran is an incitement to violence and religious hatred.

There is no such person as a ‘moderate Muslim’ – only those whom are forced, by their communities, to follow the faith and are morally too weak to resist their leaders.

The Koran teaches its followers to build mosques as safe-havens and to kill all others outside that do not follow its teachings. Moreover, should those unbelievers fight them into their religious buildings: they are taught to kill them there as well.

Koraners [I have made the word up to denote those whom follow the Koran’s teachings in full] have no intention of integrating into any ‘foreign’ society. Their intention is to build mosques, claim the soil, and slowly but surely, undermine any existing culture to impose their own.

The original Muslims that arrived in Britain fled Koraner regions to be free; but rather than protect them from persecution, the LibLabCon – so intent upon their Common Purpose to give equal rights to all and line their already heavy pockets – permitted those from whom they fled to establish mosques in this country and draw the persecuted back into the fold.

This was not just a betrayal of Britain’s indigenous residents and their established religions, it was a betrayal of those whom had fled persecution and whom our common laws were designed to protect.

LibLabCon invited the Devil to make his home here, and the Devil accepted their request.

There is only one solution, and the Government must take it now.

British forces must be recalled from all overseas operations; we must stop the stupidity of discussing Syrian armament; withdraw from the EU and the Human Rights Act; and internment must be introduced as a priority with the objective of removing all Koraners from British soil. The Security Services and Special Branch must be given free reign to act in the Nation’s interest – and we must all give them and the Police our full support.

We must forget all about religious freedom when its teachings incite violence – and the Koran must be treated like any other offensive material – and proscribed in all our state-run schools and institutions.

This is not racism – it might be ‘religiousism’ if you like; but the Koran’s leading chapters are a cancer that have created a religion unlike any other. The fact is: Islam is an evil cult, and the sooner the general public are educated to this fact, and permitted to debate the issue freely, the safer we all will be.

All societies, and every human being, has a right to live and exist peacefully. But no culture has a right to impose its views upon another by violence. Any host culture must be respected, in its own lands, but those whom wish to force others to live their lives in ways to which their majorities are opposed must be rejected and returned to their own countries where they can live without interference.

That the British Government has not always been aware of Islam’s objectives is a blatant lie, which is completely exposed in the videos at the end of this post.

Every society has a right to protect itself – by any means at its disposal.

It is time for the British public to be permitted to discuss the elephant in the room – and high time for the British Government to act before there is more innocent suffering and bloodshed on our streets

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