Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Why Juvenile Fascists, Anarchists, Europhiles, And Far-Left Propagandists Have Joined Forces To Repel The Advance Of UKIP

LibDem FuneralTHE CONTINUING RISE in support for the Nigel Farage led United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and the recent death of Baroness Thatcher, has thrown into stark contrast the political demarcation lines that the Europhile governments of the past thirty years have been unable to reconcile. The ridiculous idea that the political right, and the political left, can both be accommodated in some kind of utopian middle-ground in which there is no disagreement fails to recognise the universal and historical truth that humanity advances in steps of left and right – and grows morbidly obese, diseased, and dies, when it rests upon its laurels.

Tony Blair has been in the news this week, criticising Ed Miliband’s failure to put forward any alternative policies to those offered by the Coalition; but, in that speech, Blair said something that requires much closer examination.

Tony Blair is quoted as saying:-

"What I watch for in political leaders is: do you have the courage to stand up to the party base and say in the end if I'm elected I represent all the people not just the people who voted for me? If I'm elected prime minister, I'm here to represent the whole country, not just the party."


It is, of course, typical Blair spin – promoting himself to become the champion of all, under a first-past-the-post electoral system designed only to accommodate two possible outcomes. But his remark also goes to the heart of the reason why so many have become disenfranchised by the modern political classes. It is an admission that the objective of modern politicians is to become elected – not to implement the wishes of those whom grant them their power.

I leave it for others to point-out that a Prime Minister must have regard for minority views if he, or she, is to successfully implement a political manifesto; but that is for a constituted Parliament to achieve; not a single leader. In a democracy, the opposition parties are granted the power to defeat a winning party’s manifesto by arguing against its validity and voting its components down. It is not for Prime Ministers to discard their election pledges because they think they have better ideas, or fear that they will be unable to implement them. They are elected to fight tooth and nail to represent the majority’s mandate for which they campaigned, and it is for the opposition to modify those aims, as best they can, to protect the interests of those whom elected them to office.

The problem with British Democracy is that it relies upon honesty and conviction, and those traits are not present in those whom we have elected. Moreover, subsequent elections, and subsequent political decisions to ignore voters’ wishes, as Blair admits to in his quote, have resulted in the ballot boxes being used only by political activists while the disillusioned majority stay at home. Consequently, the modern political parties have ensured that only those wishing to benefit from their charades are encouraged to vote.

Peanuts RacistOf course, the reason why UKIP has come under blistering attack from the other political parties is not because of its immigration and anti EU policies that the three main parties have been inordinately quick to copy; but because of one particular ambition that its opponents are careful not to mention. It is the UKIP promise to introduce binding referenda that would forever remove the ability of politicians to act in the undemocratic and god-like way that Blair and his counterparts espouse.

In effect, just as UKIP’s policy of leaving the EU Political Union divests their MEPs of their power and monetary reward (which has been redirected to promote UKIP), their electoral platform is also designed to ensure that ALL representatives are stripped of the financial and narcissistic incentives that have undermined democracy in this country.

You will not see the other parties, nor the Guardianistas, mentioning that in their vitriolic #UKIP Tweets or on their Facebook pages; but it is that promise which forms the reason for all their attacks. UKIP’s rise threatens to take away the powers for which they have disingenuously worked so hard over the past thirty years.

I fear that Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, tomorrow, will be marred by the juvenile fascists and anarchists that rule the Labour Party’s far left and whom have been allowed to so successfully install themselves into our political quangos and charitable organisations while our politicians, of all colours, have sought only to secure their own positions and financial rewards. As UKIP continues to rise in the polls following this May’s local elections, the left will increasingly take to the streets to vent their anger as Cameron is forced into changing tack yet again by his backbenchers.

The timing could not be better for UKIP. This May’s local elections; next year’s council and MEP elections – and then the general election in 2015. But will the Europhile conspirators throw a spanner in the works by calling a general election before UKIP is in the financial position to be able to contest all UK seats?

Perhaps we can expect a snap general election after the EU campaigns when UKIP’s fighting chest is temporarily exhausted.

If the political class is to retain power it must defeat UKIP at all costs, so expect every dirty political manoeuvre to be launched against them by ALL the other parties. Expect many ‘resignations’ of apparent supporters from UKIP ranks whom have already infiltrated the organisation to make political capital from ‘rejecting its values’ in the Press – and expect the majority of all national newspapers to carry those Press Releases as the political establishment fights for its very survival.

If binding referenda are ever introduced into our political system, career politicians will be consigned to political history and British Democracy will once again be the envy of the civilised world – and Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, and all other mercenary graduates of the political ‘sciences’ cannot allow that to happen – at any cost.

History will not regard this series of elections as a political struggle over dogma: it will surely be regarded as THE STRUGGLE for British Democracy itself…

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