Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Tory Party’s Gay Wing Attack Upon UKIP Is Not A Pretty Sight

gay-prideTHE 2011 UK CENSUS revealed that approximately 4% of Britons identify themselves as gay or lesbian, so it was interesting to monitor Twitter’s #UKIP hash tag over the weekend as Tory Central Office launched its long expected personal attacks (upon just four UKIP candidates, out of the 1,727 whom are standing in this Thursday’s local elections) in a concentrated effort to neuter the anti-EU party’s popularity rise.

In the vanguard, of course, was Pink News, Europe’s gay news service, which describes itself as non-political; BUT:-

‘… we are unsurprisingly, pro-LGBT. This is reflected [sic] the tone that we use to describe homophobic politicians and the reasons we may appear to write positively about a pro-gay political figure.

‘PinkNews.co.uk will not endorse any political party at elections. However, we may endorse individual candidates regardless of party based on their stance on gay rights issues. Importantly, articles that express these endorsements will be separated from our main news area, and will be pre-fixed with “comment” clearly defining it as commentary and not pure facts.

‘PinkNews.co.uk has occasionally backed candidates in internal political party elections. In 2005, we said that David Cameron would make the most pro-LGBT leader of the Conservative party. After a poll of our readers, PinkNews.co.uk endorsed Ed Miliband to be leader of the Labour party.’

Britain’s gay lobby is particularly interesting, because it reveals just how easy it is to control our current crop of career politicians, whom are only interested in securing enough votes to retain their unworthy positions. As the above Editorial Policy clearly shows, PinkNews divides society into homophobes and gays. Indeed, anyone following that #UKIP hash tag over the weekend would have thought that gays constituted around seventy-per cent of the UK population, based upon the number of tweets emanating from their supporters; but they do not. Instead, the gays, like other lobbyists, utilise social networks and the media to spread that impression – and hence give their demands more weight. Consequently, 4% of British society – committed to a lifestyle that is directly opposed to a future for humankind – are accorded equal power in deciding the future of 96% of the population that are in favour of promoting life, and thus feel obliged to give the gays a home.

The gay lobby is the first to accuse others of being intolerant and prejudiced of their ‘libertarian’ lifestyle, quickly assuming the role of underdog to attract majority support; but, as their weekend tweets reveal, it is they whom are forced to resort to the vernacular, and simple lies, to defend their right to bugger the human race and prevent it from reproducing.

Marriage of Devil and the FoolAs the Tarot’s Secret Doctrine reveals, it is the marriage between the vain homosexual Fool and the sadistic Devil that threatens evolution, and it is that same marriage that forces an equinox division to have the Emperor marry the High Priestess. The union of the Fool and the Devil is the marriage of darkness that reflects the uncivilised animal behaviour which homosexuals point to as proof that their personal predilections are shared by other creatures – and therefore must be considered ‘normal’ as a result.

That some animals exhibit homosexual behaviour, of course, is true; but it is also to be noted that such nature is almost exclusively exhibited by immature males. Moreover, the fact that such animal behaviour is not shared by the majority of humankind is one of the qualities that separate its Kingdom from that of the beasts. Animals also scratch, claw, bite, and use their teeth to tear others limb from limb – whereas 96% of the British population do not.

Democracy should be about shared values and objectives to which the populace can give its assent; but the modern political classes have chosen to adopt micro economics as their debating ground and judge all decisions in financial terms – which is not what they are actually elected for. Politicians do not need to be economists, city bankers, or high flying business executives in order to represent the electorate. They just need to be honest, patriotic individuals who listen to their constituents and always put the majority’s view first. It is the non-political Civil Service that is charged with understanding foreign affairs, national security, and micro and macro economics to advise politicians on the best course of action to implement the ideas for which they have been elected. Then it is up to Parliament to decide which objectives are implemented, and which are not.

Unfortunately, modern politics has degenerated into childish point-scoring, by those whom have never grown-up, using unproven mathematical measures and statistics to price an opponent’s policies rather than discuss the benefits, or drawbacks, of such ideas.

There is, the Conservatives postulate, a £120 billion ‘black hole’ in UKIP’s manifesto; but they fail to point out that their own policies are placing an additional £320 billion burden upon the national debt each year (so UKIP’s raw policies are infinitely better in any case). Moreover, none of the LibLabCon parties have a detailed manifesto and, if previous years are anything to go by, none will produce a detailed, costed, plan for government by 2015. As in previous years, their manifestos will consist only of ‘promise cards,’ worth far less than the cardboard used to produce them (because none of their costed plans have ever, ever, born fruit).

Promises, however, are what politics is all about. All politicians promise to represent the majority that elected them – and do what they said they would (even if that means they are defeated in Parliament). Democracy is based upon honour and the old-fashioned concept of keeping one’s word, which is now such an anathema in power’s corridors.

If 96% of the British population are homophobes, then the other 4% should man-up and respect that view; because it is they whom have chosen to live in a democracy where majority opinion must always come first. If they do not like it, they can easily choose to move somewhere better suited to their beliefs.

Marriage of Temperance and the HierophantGiving in to gay rights and supporting the view that humanity’s seed is just another bodily secretion that is best disposed of in the same orifice as reserved for defecation is symptomatic of a previously healthy society under attack by the forces of corruption that have been allowed to invade it; and the LibLabCon leaders will be cursed for their weakness and treason as they are lowered into their graves. The marriage of Temperance and the Hierophant brings tolerance; but not at the expense of the majority whom bear Creation’s light.

The unholy alliance between the Fool and the Devil is what has driven all mankind’s wars and corrupted our peace-time institutions. The vain and self-opinionated narcissists always try to impose their will upon contented majority cultures by infiltrating and undermining their institutions as a means of gaining power – but history reveals that the tolerant majority always comes to its senses and, in the end, survives.

If the Fool and the Devil could learn to be as tolerant of others as Temperance and the Hierophant are of them, there would be no need for prejudice, wars or division; but peace and understanding are not objectives in which the former share. As PinkNews makes clear in its Editorial Policy, gays are encouraged to vote for gay candidates and those whom will support their right to weaken and corrupt the society that tolerates them, and encourage our children to do the same. They are not persuaded to vote from patriotism, or for what is best for the country at large; just for those whom will provide them with more youngsters to share in their retarded sexual pleasures.

My last post was unapologetically ‘racist,’ and this one is unashamedly ‘homophobic’ to complete the pair. It may no longer be fashionable to speak one’s mind for fear of upsetting the feelings of others; but the sooner we all resort to speaking the truth, no matter how unpalatable it may be for some, the sooner our society can shake off the bonds with which the career politicians and their PC brigade have enslaved us during the past thirty years.

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