Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thatcher Dies And The Devil Makes Itself Visible

Celebrating Thatcher DeathI WAS NOT going to comment on the death of Margaret Thatcher. I remember what it was like to live under Labour with our streets reeking of city centre and household waste spawning thousands of baby rats, whilst our dead went unburied. But I also remember Thatcher’s ill conceived poll-tax; and her decision to prevent local councils from spending the proceeds from forced council house sales to rebuild their stock of community housing.

Thatcher would have been a great prime minister, had she not got those key policies so badly wrong.

TemperanceFranklin D. Roosevelt once said: ‘I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made,’ and, yesterday, I could not help thinking that Baroness Thatcher might have wished to have spoken those words. Within minutes of the Associated Press reporting her death, the Twitter-sphere was flooded with the likes of George Galloway leading a chorus of celebration from the fascist left. (We do well to remember that fascism was born of the political left, and not of the political right. Hitler was a socialist and card carrying member of the German Workers’ Party).

Lord Sugar, who was one of the first to pay tribute to Lady Thatcher on Twitter, had it absolutely right when he commented:-

Some of the despicable scum tweeting foul mouth comments on my Baroness Thatcher tweet, were still drinking milk from a teat in the 80’s.

The DevilOne has only to look at the afternoon’s photographic coverage of the celebrations to see that the vast majority fitted the Lord’s description.

I wrote previously of an attempt by the political left to divide public opinion upon ageist lines, and yesterday’s Press coverage provides a fascinating insight to where that attempt originates. The organised spontaneity is documented as originating from those just waking-up and dragging themselves out of their cesspits to brave the midday sun (having nothing else better to do).

It is a sad reflection upon our latter-day politicians that none have had Thatcher’s strength to rid our society of the Temperance opposed Devil that is still permitted to suckle at its breasts.

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