Monday, 22 April 2013

If You Did Not Think The BBC Was Politically Controlled, Now Is The Time To WAKE UP!

LibLabConJUST WHEN I THOUGHT that the LibLabCon pact of career politicians had exhausted all their arguments in trying to defeat UKIP’s rise, the BBC published this: BBC News - Polls: No indication of huge Romanian-Bulgarian influx, and almost immediately the headline and its link was being re-tweeted into the #UKIP space by their opponents. One even had the audacity to suggest: ‘In your face UKIP!’

Such is the intelligence of UKIP detractors that they read only headlines, and do not know that headlines are crafted to attract readers to an article. They do not purport to be an accurate summary of the text! Irony, it seems, is totally lost upon those having less intelligence than even the cretinous politicians they support.

But, of course, the BBC was not attempting to be ironic (just crafting a suitable defence should their own spin be spotted for what it really was). In perhaps the worst example of responsible Data Journalism that I have ever seen, the BBC article spoke only in percentages – and did not once attempt to interpolate those figures into real numbers.

The article stands as a perfect example of political spin, in which the objective is to produce a single figure percentage as a conclusion – and give the impression that it is such an insignificant number that it can safely be ignored.

Thank goodness for real journalists. Today, the Daily Express, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Telegraph took those figures and revealed just what they meant in real numbers: that 350,000 Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants are already committed to entering the country (to say nothing of those whom are still considering their options). We can expect still more when the first wave text home to say how easy it was to cross our borders…

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