Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Tory Party’s Gay Wing Attack Upon UKIP Is Not A Pretty Sight

gay-prideTHE 2011 UK CENSUS revealed that approximately 4% of Britons identify themselves as gay or lesbian, so it was interesting to monitor Twitter’s #UKIP hash tag over the weekend as Tory Central Office launched its long expected personal attacks (upon just four UKIP candidates, out of the 1,727 whom are standing in this Thursday’s local elections) in a concentrated effort to neuter the anti-EU party’s popularity rise.

In the vanguard, of course, was Pink News, Europe’s gay news service, which describes itself as non-political; BUT:-

Monday, 22 April 2013

If You Did Not Think The BBC Was Politically Controlled, Now Is The Time To WAKE UP!

LibLabConJUST WHEN I THOUGHT that the LibLabCon pact of career politicians had exhausted all their arguments in trying to defeat UKIP’s rise, the BBC published this: BBC News - Polls: No indication of huge Romanian-Bulgarian influx, and almost immediately the headline and its link was being re-tweeted into the #UKIP space by their opponents. One even had the audacity to suggest: ‘In your face UKIP!’

Such is the intelligence of UKIP detractors that they read only headlines, and do not know that headlines are crafted to attract readers to an article. They do not purport to be an accurate summary of the text! Irony, it seems, is totally lost upon those having less intelligence than even the cretinous politicians they support.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Why Juvenile Fascists, Anarchists, Europhiles, And Far-Left Propagandists Have Joined Forces To Repel The Advance Of UKIP

LibDem FuneralTHE CONTINUING RISE in support for the Nigel Farage led United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and the recent death of Baroness Thatcher, has thrown into stark contrast the political demarcation lines that the Europhile governments of the past thirty years have been unable to reconcile. The ridiculous idea that the political right, and the political left, can both be accommodated in some kind of utopian middle-ground in which there is no disagreement fails to recognise the universal and historical truth that humanity advances in steps of left and right – and grows morbidly obese, diseased, and dies, when it rests upon its laurels.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thatcher Dies And The Devil Makes Itself Visible

Celebrating Thatcher DeathI WAS NOT going to comment on the death of Margaret Thatcher. I remember what it was like to live under Labour with our streets reeking of city centre and household waste spawning thousands of baby rats, whilst our dead went unburied. But I also remember Thatcher’s ill conceived poll-tax; and her decision to prevent local councils from spending the proceeds from forced council house sales to rebuild their stock of community housing.

Thatcher would have been a great prime minister, had she not got those key policies so badly wrong.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The March Of The Grey-Haired Majority

Farage AudienceWHILE THE EU sets aside two-million Euros for paying faceless euro-trolls to infiltrate online debating forums and influence their discussions, Nigel Farage has this week taken to the streets and halls of numerous British towns to debate with their citizens directly.

With almost 33 million over 40s predicted by 2015, from a population of 64.8 million, it is difficult to understand why the infantile Twitter trolls have latched upon this particular demographic’s representation in Farage’s packed audiences. Is it perhaps an attempt to paint the grey-haired majority as mere imbeciles with less wisdom and worldly understanding than that exhibited by the young, drug-consuming, celebrity-worshipping, chavs that the LibLabCons have nurtured to eagerly elect anyone whom will promise to defend their right to a life of irresponsibility and debauchery?

It certainly seems an attempt to divide opinion along ageist lines (perhaps because the racist slur has been unable to find any traction).