Monday, 3 December 2012

Why It Is No Longer Fashionable To Think For Oneself

OMG Attention WhoresTHERE ARE THOSE whom think for themselves; those whom believe whatever they are told by others; and those whom could not care less – and the former inhabit an ever decreasing minority.

I personally believe that the reason for the first group’s significant erosion throughout the last ten, maybe twenty, years is as a direct result of government interference in the education system. It began when the stringent requirement to spell correctly was abandoned, and students were no longer required to expand their vocabularies by memorizing the meaning of a half-dozen new words provided to them each day. As a result, each new generation developed slang of its own, in order to express peer ideas, and the English language was subsequently corrupted. Insurance salesmen became known as ‘financial advisors,’ dustmen were termed ‘waste disposal engineers’ and everyone, it seemed, invented new terms to describe themselves in ways that gave them additional kudos. Those, like me, whom had been brought-up in the fifties and sixties, increasingly found it difficult to understand what the younger generation was talking about.