Friday, 23 November 2012

The Truth About ‘Tara Andrea Davison’– Or ‘Send Three-And-Four-Pence, We Are Going To A Dance’

Blair letterPERHAPS ‘DANCE’ is the most appropriate word to be used here, because there is a Poe-like ‘red-death’ ballet [purely for entertainment] being conducted by the likes of David Icke and his fellow conspirators as they seek to promote manufactured evidence of widespread establishment paedophilia using Twitter and the Web to undermine the fabric of our nation and the public’s trust in its establishments and Free Press – whose reports their statements endlessly twist to their own lascivious advantage.

Speculation is one thing, and that will always give rise to conspiracy theories to be discussed in an adult manner; but fabricating ‘evidence’ in order to mislead others – and have the Press and Police Authorities waste precious time investigating them is quite another. Not only does it produce a thick fog which investigators must try to penetrate, it ultimately makes it less likely that real perpetrators could ever be convicted; because a full jury could not be formed from those not having read the subversive material.

It also commits precious resources, Press, and Police personnel to undertaking lengthy enquiries, which could be much better employed in the UK’s war against terror.

Icke chooses his words carefully, and only libels the dead. He leaves it to his followers to connect the dots and pronounce that which he will not say. And there is no evidence to suggest that he is in anyway connected to the numerous free BlogSpot and WordPress blogs that publish the same embroidered material, in different forms, to apparently confirm each other’s lies and promote their ranking in Google’s search engines.

So how did they set about subverting the establishment and the public’s belief, creating an environment in which terrorism can prosper as the authorities and the public drop their guards and precious resources are diverted?

Well, first they needed some proven facts connected to the same geographical area in which they wished to promote their lie – and the best source of that is the Press. In this instance, the subversives wanted to connect the well-worn Hollie Greig speculation (notice the icke and paltelegraph links) with Duncroft, MI5, and No 10 to give it more life – and they found the perfect opportunity in a piece published on July 26 by the Daily Post. It concerned a woman who claimed she worked for the security services, and reported how she had been sentenced to jail for two and a half years for a series of frauds. But what made the report so special was the fact that the sixty-one year old woman, one Andrea Davison, had made it known that she would not attend her court hearing and, true to her statement, had apparently fled North Wales for Ecuador seeking political asylum.

The next thing they needed to do was publish an embroidered account of the original story, purporting to have established more facts. In this case it was BeforeItsNews that published this on 26 August. What that article said, in full, is no longer available, but the judgement for its being removed is still there (scroll down) that shows how the planted material was then eagerly taken-up by the Palestinian Telegraph. (Of course there is no real conspiracy here!)

So their backers paid their costs, and they buried the details in their site’s archive so others would have to dig hard to find it. But they continued to promote the lies elsewhere – always keeping one step ahead of the litigant by changing things slightly so the libelled Andrea Davison cannot re-sue by changing the original photo that they stole from another site to give the article a look of truth.

It seems that someone felt like expressing their hatred at having been discovered, and decided to libel their accuser again on one of their linked sites (paragraph begins: Peter Lillie); but we are digressing…

A September teaser could be useful of course, and Ecuador could be a good theme for it, so they decided to establish a soft LivingEcuador site with a tease comment at the bottom of the static home page that links to this. It successfully established a ‘real’ Andrea Davison associated with Julian Assange and provided Google with further links to promote their new heroine’s ratings.

Now the stage was set…

On the 13th September they began fleshing out the Andrea Davison character on their linked google-law BlogSpot blog (Oh goodness, there is that photograph again).

Then they helped their fictitious character’s ranking even more on OccupyTheBanks with the help of a little key word spam, and, as they employed more blogs to give her character more detail, she soared in the Google rankings until the original Daily Post article was increasingly pushed down the search results list.

Eventually, having finally settled on a further, apparently, stolen photo  (from the MySpace account named ‘Arms To Iraq’) to give the fictitious Andrea Davison another face, they finally manufactured a detailed article bringing all the threads together as the No.1 Google result – and commanding all the high slots following it.

Now, if I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say that David Icke and his brigade are funded by Palestinian terrorists, and that he is fronting a concerted subversive attack, using the Internet as a readily available vehicle, upon the United Kingdom’s institutions and its residents. An attack that is specifically aimed at undermining our society and destroying our Nation’s reputation abroad – to say nothing of diverting Police resources at this critical time and undermining the public’s trust in the authorities, MI5, the Press, and No. 10.

It is perhaps a good thing I am not, or I am sure David Icke would sue me.

Make up your own mind by searching for Andrea Davison on Google, and following all the links in this post…


  1. Ted here is a link to the libel action Davison v Google

  2. The Palestine Telegraph appologised to Andrea Davison see link