Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Just Another Enquiry To Provide More Obstacles To Uncovering The Truth

LevesonI HOPE THAT LEVESON is taking the time to fully consider what his proposals might mean for society if he supports placing further restrictions upon the British Press. To give him a clue, he might like to trawl the internet in the wake of the media being unable to present verified facts regarding known, live, powerful individuals engaged in paedophilia – and then consider if the Press is not already unduly hampered enough by the reprehensible costs that libel actions incur – even when the defendant is proved innocent.

Any further legislation would ensure, as is happening now, that the inability to print properly verified facts will lead to the innocent being pilloried alongside the guilty as amateur bloggers turn pure speculation and personal bigotry into ‘facts’ to raise their own blog’s ‘celebrity status’ and feed the public’s paranoia at being denied the truth to which everyone, in a free society, is entitled.

The Hacked Off Campaign would have us believe that regulation is good, and that the public have nothing to fear. They point out, erroneously, that the Savile revelations were broken by the state regulated ITV; but the fact is that it was the spunky freelance journalist Miles Goslett who broke the story way back in February with the support of the Oldie magazine. We can thank Leveson for the fact that it never appeared in the mainstream until ITV decided to repeat the facts he had gathered.

Of course the public demanded to know more; but what has the current situation been able to give them? The names and details of those brave victims whom have been prepared to go on the record and detail their harrowing stories – but no information of the known live perpetrators for fear of an injunction that would prevent those victims’ stories from being told!

The political establishment, and their celebrity colleagues, would have us believe that journalistic dark arts have no place in a civilised society where the freedom and privacy of individuals is paramount. And yet they feel it necessary to impose nationwide CCTV and facilitate eavesdropping by the police, local councils, and government departments in an effort to reduce crime. Simply put, it is sometimes necessary to employ such tactics to get at the truth, because the ungodly have the annoying habit of lying and trying to cover their tracks. But the celebrities, the politicians, and the police would also have us believe that there is no ungodliness in their ranks – and that they can always be trusted to tell the truth.

Well, the truth is that they cannot. Power can never be trusted, and we need a Free Press to hold all with power to account. If anything, the Savile scandal has made the public sit-up and realise that deception and conspiracy is endemic in our society – and it all began when celebrities and politicians stopped answering direct questions put to them by journalists on the public’s behalf. It began with the first PR release that was not checked by the reporter that wrote it up, and it was fuelled by lazy editors and newspaper barons with their own political axes to grind.

Now we have a situation where the public is being forced to gather warped information from the internet, totally undermining any idea that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and despoiling the reputations of those whom are without any blame. More to the point, names that should be there are omitted because those that pretend to know are too lazy to get off their arses and establish the pertinent facts – because it is far easier to repeat what has been incorrectly repeated elsewhere. And the worst of it is that the innocent whom are libelled have no redress, because the libel laws are useless against those that do not have a proverbial pot to piss in.

Leveson? Just another enquiry to provide more obstacles to uncovering the truth – and conceal corruption in the establishment’s ranks…

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