Friday, 30 November 2012

All My Worst Fears. Will The Last Journo Standing Please Turn Out The Lights?..

LevesonBRITAIN’S FREE PRESS IS DEAD. Anyone who thinks that Leveson’s ‘statutory underpinning,’ or the profession’s response to his proposal will serve the Public Interest should read the small print in his report. In the name of transparency: all whistle-blowers will be outed, and the ability to speak ‘Off The Record’ will no longer exist.

No more Chatham House. And no more ability to protect an informant’s identity. Leveson proposes formal ‘contracts’ between journalists and their sources to keep their identity secret – so that the authorities can demand to see whom has said what – and the source is obliged to hold a formal document that can be discovered by any physical search.

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Truth About ‘Tara Andrea Davison’– Or ‘Send Three-And-Four-Pence, We Are Going To A Dance’

Blair letterPERHAPS ‘DANCE’ is the most appropriate word to be used here, because there is a Poe-like ‘red-death’ ballet [purely for entertainment] being conducted by the likes of David Icke and his fellow conspirators as they seek to promote manufactured evidence of widespread establishment paedophilia using Twitter and the Web to undermine the fabric of our nation and the public’s trust in its establishments and Free Press – whose reports their statements endlessly twist to their own lascivious advantage.

Speculation is one thing, and that will always give rise to conspiracy theories to be discussed in an adult manner; but fabricating ‘evidence’ in order to mislead others – and have the Press and Police Authorities waste precious time investigating them is quite another. Not only does it produce a thick fog which investigators must try to penetrate, it ultimately makes it less likely that real perpetrators could ever be convicted; because a full jury could not be formed from those not having read the subversive material.

It also commits precious resources, Press, and Police personnel to undertaking lengthy enquiries, which could be much better employed in the UK’s war against terror.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rumour, Credibility, Corroboration, And Proof

Crowd SourcedTHERE IS MUCH MORE to responsible investigative journalism than the public might realise. In particular, the Leveson revelations regarding the inappropriate use of communication intercepts by Murdoch’s Red Tops and the questionable employment of private detectives by newspapers and national broadcasters to pursue a story have made it seem that journalism is all about muck-raking.

But it most definitely is not.

The Press has a duty to expose corruption wherever it exists, and it also has a responsibility to ensure that the powerless are heard and given the same opportunity as the powerful to present their case. It is the duty of the Press to uncover the truth that others wish to suppress.

Friday, 9 November 2012

‘Will You Be Speaking To These People?..’

Phillip SchofieldWHAT THE HELL-KIND OF CLOSED QUESTION IS THAT? And what the hell-kind of producer permits any kind of on camera interview to be conducted in which its audience is denied the right of knowing full details of what is being discussed?

My last post disparaged infantile speculation about establishment paedophilia on the internet; but here is a national broadcast organisation, on live TV, associating itself with pixelated gossip and downright lies.

Schofield did not present the PM with an open question, inviting him to comment upon internet speculation. He presented his list of public suspects as if they were all guilty and demanded to know if Cameron would be ‘talking to them.’

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Just Another Enquiry To Provide More Obstacles To Uncovering The Truth

LevesonI HOPE THAT LEVESON is taking the time to fully consider what his proposals might mean for society if he supports placing further restrictions upon the British Press. To give him a clue, he might like to trawl the internet in the wake of the media being unable to present verified facts regarding known, live, powerful individuals engaged in paedophilia – and then consider if the Press is not already unduly hampered enough by the reprehensible costs that libel actions incur – even when the defendant is proved innocent.

Any further legislation would ensure, as is happening now, that the inability to print properly verified facts will lead to the innocent being pilloried alongside the guilty as amateur bloggers turn pure speculation and personal bigotry into ‘facts’ to raise their own blog’s ‘celebrity status’ and feed the public’s paranoia at being denied the truth to which everyone, in a free society, is entitled.