Sunday, 28 October 2012

Well, Of Course, Politicians AND Celebrities Are Both Above The Law

Savile montageNOTHING SURPRISES me anymore – least of all the public’s reaction to the unfolding story of Jimmy Savile’s predilection for young girls and boys, and the apparent police failure to properly investigate and prosecute him. Neither am I surprised that it is only after his death that the paedophile will be fully exposed for the abominable creature he was. But the story is not about Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE, KCSG, philanthropist and entertainer – it is about the type of liberal society we have created by pandering to celebrity culture and permitting ourselves to be beguiled by those we elect to represent us.

Unsurprisingly, the politicians were the first to pile-in upon the BBC and blame them for not identifying their employee as a paedophile; but they were then placed on the back foot when allegations emerged of a possible paedophile ring operating at the heart of Downing Street during the Thatcher era. Just two months earlier, the wife and accomplice of the Belgian paedophile and murderer Marc Dutroux had been paroled from prison, and one was forced to wonder if a British parallel might be unfolding from amongst the claims he made.

It now seems clear that such a story is about to unravel, revisiting Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne investigation and the Wrexham scandals of the Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn Hall children’s homes. The pursuing of the Savile complaints, it seems, are now beginning to identity a much wider conspiracy reaching into the heart of the Tory political establishment – just as the Leveson report is about to be published calling, on behalf of celebrities and politicians, for the British Press to be restrained and effectively muzzled!

One wonders who Leveson will expect to hold those in power to account. Certainly not the police whom have shown themselves to be woefully inadequate in the unfolding Savile affair; and certainly not the politicians after the (still on-going) expenses scandal. Perhaps he is looking to the likes of Max Clifford and Hugh Grant to oversee the Press so that they might restrain the beast to repeat only scripted releases containing fabricated news.

Max, of course, is already softening up the public to take a lenient attitude towards young male celebrities whom ‘did not ask for a birth certificate’ when young ladies visited their dressing rooms. Boys, after all, will be boys – and, in any case, so much cocaine and alcohol has passed through their veins since the event that none of them can actually remember anything of what took place.

Well, of course, Max. Everyone realises that young celebrities are a special case and cannot be expected to demonstrate any kind of moral behaviour, or be held responsible for their drug and alcohol induced actions. After all, there is no evidence to suggest that young paedophiles (like Savile was) go on to commit further offences when they are older.

It is just those pesky journalists that insist there is such a thing as moral responsibility – and a quaint British tradition that idiots like me call the Law…

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