Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Leveson, Plebs, Mohammed And The Euro

Difference Stupidity and GeniusIS IT JUST ME, or is humankind suddenly sinking back into the oceanic depths of ignorance that it once dragged itself from?

Since I last posted anything on this blog, Leveson seems to have decided that the whole of the British Press should be punished for the excesses of the Murdoch tabloids and be denied the freedom to be judged by a jury as to what is in the public interest and what is not; a British MP has verbally attacked the police that he supposedly supports by allegedly calling them ‘plebs’ for not opening Downing Street’s gates so that he could cycle through them; Muslims have gone on the rampage to defend their ‘prophet’ from the allusions contained in an obscure YouTube video; and European politicians claim to have resolved the Euro crisis – by agreeing to print more money!

Despite his previous statements to the contrary, it now seems that Leveson favours a regulated Press. Presumably that means defining, in Law, what ‘public interest’ means to ensure that those whom wield influence or power can no longer be criticised or held to account. I have posted previously about how politicians escape Justice because most of the Press is too frightened by the prospect of a law suit to print the truth; but it seems that Leveson is about to prescribe ‘unlawful’ to replace ‘extremely expensive’ to protect the liars that infest society and the politicians that we elect.

The Andrew Mitchell affair is nothing more than descriptive of the state in which the British find themselves after being beguiled by the politicians that represent them. Denied the truth by the machinations of political agents representing prospective candidates, the public dutifully elect those that the party political machines tell them to vote for. Candidates no longer win elections upon merit – they win upon the strength of their political campaigns. And that means the successful manipulation of facts to achieve power. Politicians no longer speak from conviction – they speak what they are told to by the party machine that tells them what will get them elected.

The Truth has never before faced such a crisis. It has become fashionable to spin the facts – just as the ‘moderate’ Muslims seek to inform us that their belligerent faith ‘does not promote violence,’ and our political leaders nod in infantile agreement for fear of losing votes from that part of the immigrant community that have no respect for our values or commitment to free speech, and whose only ambition is to undermine our society from within…

‘So when the [four] sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them; surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.’

Lies, lies, and even more damned lies – just as you would expect of the Devil.

So perhaps Revelation is right when John wrote, some five hundred years before Mohammed got around to plagiarising the Old and New Testaments, that the Devil will seek to eat civilisation’s child before it is finally defeated. But the way things are going at the moment it looks as though the fledgling child of humanity is quite prepared to ‘turn the other cheek’ and serve itself up upon a platter.

Certainly Germany’s decision to further support the Euro will only provide another good meal for the monster as the crumbling economies of the likes of Spain and Greece sink slowly beneath the waves from their debt burdens – providing the Devil with still more ignorant recruits.

The solution, of course, is education; but we are not talking here about the simple assimilation of dubious facts that lazy teachers see as their only duty to implant in our children’s minds. The solution resides in teaching our children how to think for themselves – and not take anything anyone says as fact until they are satisfied it is true (including what they are told by their teachers and parents).

Slim chance of that happening if Leveson has his way though. If the Press are not to be allowed to discover the truth using any means that is reasonable in the public interest, just where are we, our children, or our teachers, going to go to discover the facts?..

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