Sunday, 28 October 2012

Well, Of Course, Politicians AND Celebrities Are Both Above The Law

Savile montageNOTHING SURPRISES me anymore – least of all the public’s reaction to the unfolding story of Jimmy Savile’s predilection for young girls and boys, and the apparent police failure to properly investigate and prosecute him. Neither am I surprised that it is only after his death that the paedophile will be fully exposed for the abominable creature he was. But the story is not about Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE, KCSG, philanthropist and entertainer – it is about the type of liberal society we have created by pandering to celebrity culture and permitting ourselves to be beguiled by those we elect to represent us.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Leveson, Plebs, Mohammed And The Euro

Difference Stupidity and GeniusIS IT JUST ME, or is humankind suddenly sinking back into the oceanic depths of ignorance that it once dragged itself from?

Since I last posted anything on this blog, Leveson seems to have decided that the whole of the British Press should be punished for the excesses of the Murdoch tabloids and be denied the freedom to be judged by a jury as to what is in the public interest and what is not; a British MP has verbally attacked the police that he supposedly supports by allegedly calling them ‘plebs’ for not opening Downing Street’s gates so that he could cycle through them; Muslims have gone on the rampage to defend their ‘prophet’ from the allusions contained in an obscure YouTube video; and European politicians claim to have resolved the Euro crisis – by agreeing to print more money!